where’s the ANC!? buds stay untrue advertising and marketing? – swift overview of buds live

bought them for about 4 hrs now. will be evaluating these to the buds/buds+/airpord professional(application).

im no audiophile, i dont recognize low/mids/highs. this is coming from an average purchaser. the main purpose i wanted to try out these was due to the fact of its quirky design and style and its ANC.

in shape:

– very good healthy. i experienced to swap the eartips/rubber to the larger a single for a pleasant in good shape, the place it definitely doesnt truly feel like itll at any time drop out. inserting into my ear is easier/a lot more snug. i find with buds+/application, i experienced to press a little bit really hard in the place the are living it really is a slight nudge.
– like myself, some of you could possibly have seen pictures of people carrying it and it truly is SIDEWAYS. that is the accurate way. it is not attainable to don it at ~45 diploma angle even tho the guides would seem to counsel that.. verify me erroneous, result in when i tried out to put on it a little bit straight up, it is mainly at the verge of slipping out of my ears.
– after they are in the eras, the fit is exceptional, incredibly comfortable, feels like putting on practically nothing at all right after a few minutes.
– certainly additional cozy than the buds. simply because the application has that vent in the buds, theyre not as terrible as the buds but the stay is just marginally greater imo, given that virtually not working with any seal.
– dwell > application > buds+


– as superior as the buds+ imo BUT since they dont have a seal, exterior audio def leaks in. so u require to crank the quantity up a bit a lot more to fully delight in the music minus the sounds.
– buds+ > are living > app


– to me good more than enough. i was in a position to use them for a very good 4 hours. i dont plan to use them for the marketed 6-7hrs, nor will i consider…
– stay = buds+ = app


– pretty excellent! i guess all these mics on the issue manufactured it achievable. i would practically say theyre as great as the application. marginally greater than the buds+
– application > stay > buds+


– toss up among buds+ and stay. theyre both of those quite tiny, and doesnt stick out considerably dwell stick out fewer than buds+ by like 2-3mm.
– dwell = buds+ = application actually all 3 types are great. i dont actually see difficulty with the buds sticking a little bit…


– probably it’s muscle memory, but i uncover it extra difficult to use the contact parts of the reside. from time to time they dont register most likely lead to i didnt tap really hard ample. from time to time the commands basically didnt go as a result of. there would seem to be a particular location to hit which is no bueno imo.
– i like buds+ contact area, under no circumstances skip, never ever experienced challenges.
– with the application, i gotta maintain and push the stem, by no means had any true troubles just at times i accidently pull on it…
– buds+ > application > dwell


– what anc…. so bogus, untrue advertising and marketing. probably my ears are damaged? i listen to no variance……
– app would operate massive circles all-around this detail…
– application >>>>>> buds+ > stay


obtain if u dont have the buds/buds+ and dont treatment about ANC and you dont like the in ear structure.

as for me, i will be returning these. whilst stay has its uniqueness, it cant change my buds+…

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