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What You Can Do to Hide iPhone Photos

With the improvement of technology nowadays, you can easily keep your information on your iPhone safe and sound. In order to fulfill user’s safety needs, many software manufacturers release iPhone apps to prevent your private information from leaking.

The apps provide more security insurance to your iPhone and make sure the private information stays confidential and protected. We will offer you several methods to hide iPhone photos, either with or without the help of the iPhone apps. You can try them out and select the right one for yourself.

  • Part 1. The steps of hiding photos on iPhone manually
  • Part 2. Top 5 iPhone apps to get photos hided
  • Part 3. How to Permanently Delete Photos in your iPhone Camera Roll

Part 1. The steps of hiding photos on iPhone manually

If you want to skip the process of using an app or you are simply easy to forget the password you created for the applications, we strongly recommend you to try the following method to hide your photos on your iPhone.


Since these images are inside of Photos you’ll actually see them disappear once you confirm hiding the photos.

Part 2. Top 5 iPhone apps to get photos hided

We will introduce you some iPhone apps to hide your photos within your iPhone in the following part. The top 5 apps are very popular among the users. Pick the suitable one for you.

1) Private Photo Vault

This app is one of the most popular ones that keep your personal photos on your iPhone and iPad safe. You must have the right password to get into the Photo Vault.

There are two ways for you to lock the photos, password and dot lock are both available. The app allows you to lock the images you would like to keep. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Choose the photo you would like to hide .
Step 2: Long press the photo and the photo will go to the Private file in the Photo Vault.

Thus, when somebody else views your camera roll, he or she sees nothing because it is hidden inside the Vault.

Note: If you want to get the photos back or make it open to the public again, you can enter the password and get into the Photo Vault. Long tap the photo you would like to bring back and make it unconcealed again.
Score: 4+
Price: Free


2) My Secret Folder

This is a powerful app that enables you to secure your personal information like photos with a password. Photos, videos, note, contacts, music and movies can all be secured by it.

There is another great feature we would like to show you. If someone else tries to break in your private photos and enters the wrong password, you will be informed. The app can take a picture of the intruder and save it to your photo album automatically so that you will know when you open the album. Quite amazing, right?

Step 1: Enter the app ‘My Secret Folder’ with the password.
Step 2: Go to the photo album of your iPhone and choose the photo you would like to transfer. Click the photo so that it will be transferred to Secret Folder immediately.
Thus, the photos are protected from outsider’s viewing.
Score: 4+
Price: Free


3) Keep Safe

Keep Safe is another free app that enables iPhone users to get the photos hidden. People will not be able to access your protected without the four digit password.

There is also a feature of this app that allows you to take photos directly. Users can use the camera comes along with the app and save the picture to the app without transmission. This really saves time and efforts since you do not have to move photos from your phone to the app anymore.

Step 1: Log in the app with the password
Step 2: Choose the photos you would like to hide
Step 3: Hit the button Hide so that the photos can be protected.
Note: If you want to get the hidden photos back, hit the button Unhide down at the bottom.
Score: 4+
Price: Free


4) SpyCalc

SpyCalc can save the photos and disguise itself as a normal looking calculator. This app functions as its name suggest but it will only show the photos when you type in the right password.

When you move the photos from Photo library to the app, it will sort and manage the photos automatically so that you can search them with ease.

Step 1: Get SpyCalc downloaded on your iPhone
Step 2: Go to Settings on the SpyCalc and turn the Website bar on.
Step 3: Login your iPhone through a browser.
Step 4: Then you can click ‘Choose Files’ to upload the photo or simply drag the files to get the files into SpyCalc.
Score: 4+
Price: Free


5) Dropbox

Here is the last useful app for you to hide your photos and secure them with pass codes,Dropbox. You can follow the steps below:
Step 1: Choose the photos you are about to hide
Step 2: Transfer the chosen images from the camera roll to the app.
Step 3: Then, create a four digit password to protect the images with the help of Dropbox

Others will not be able to have access to your protected photos without the password you set up. Thus, your photos are safe under the protection.
Score: 4+
Price: Free


iPhone users feel relieved because of the methods we offer above. The apps can keep the photos hidden and prevent others to peep into your privacy or see your personal information by accident.


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