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Two Methods to Delete Your Setting & Personal Data on iPhone

Why Need to Delete Setting & Personal Data on your iPhone

Honestly speaking, it is not very safe to keep some personal data on your iPhone. iPhone is easily stolen or missing, there is so many software can break into your iPhone and get your data, even those deleted data might also be regained. The convenient modern society also has its bad side; it is harder and harder for people to keep their privacy. I can not imagine some bad guys get my iPhone and find my personal information. These people might use this data to do terrible things which could hurt my family, friends and my company.

How to Delete Settings and Personal Data on Your iPhone

We might don’t need to so worry but anyway it is good to learn some useful way to delete personal data on your iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/SE/6S/6S Plus6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS. Maybe you will need to use it when you decide to sell your phone to other people.

This article will introduce two methods to help you solve this problem. You can learn them separately in part one and two.

  • Part 1: Delete setting & personal data forever on your iPhone by iMyfone Umate Pro
  • Part 2: Delete setting & personal data on iPhone in a common way

Part 1: Delete setting & personal data forever on your iPhone by iMyfone Umate Pro

You want to make sure no one can recover your deleted data on your iPhone; this method is what you needed. But you will need this software to help you first, the iMyfone Umate Pro for iOS Devices will ensure you that once the data had been deleted; no data recovery software on the market can regain them. With this software, you no longer need to worry about somebody sees your privacy through data on your phone. It can also clear cache on iPad for you. Now, learn how to use this software in three simple steps.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer which already installed the iMyfone Umate Pro on it.

Step 2. After the software finishing detecting your iPhone, choose to delete settings & data and then wait to process.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Eraser All Personal Data

Step 3. The software provides three levels of data erasing for its users to choose. There are Low, Medium, High. Our recommendation is to use the default one, and then just wait for the software to finish its work.

How long it is going to take is depends on how many data you have on your iPhone. So when you have a lot of data on your phone, please be patient.

Part 2: Delete setting & personal data on iPhone in a common way

This method is better if you only need to clear your space of your iPhone and get rid of those old and useless data. If you are not very concerned that some people might recover your deleted personal data in some way, you can just use the deleting function of Apple. The Steps are as follows.

Step 1. Turn on your iPhone and press Setting at first, then find “Reset” under “General

Step 2. In order to clear your personal data on your iPhone, you should choose the “Erase All Content & Settings” among other options show up.

Step 3. When you see the red button read as “Erase iPhone” which means you can recheck your option before clicking it. Wait for a while until the process is done.

Delete iPhone Setting and Personal Data

Both methods work well when you need to delete data on your iPhone & delete Wechat account permanently. But there are still some differences between them. The first method will make sure smash all data on your iPhone and make them unrecoverable. The second method is like hardware encryption which means there are some ways to recover these data back.


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