Transfer Files from LG to BlackBerry (BlackBerry Priv included) Easily

It is not a difficult thing to switch from your old LG phone to the newly released Blackberry device in today’s life and you just need to purchase your desired phone to replace. However, it is not an easy thing to transfer all your important files from your LG phone to Blackberry. As you can find there are many similar tools for you to transfer files between Android phones, however, to ensure the safety of your files, you need a professional program to help you. In the article, you can learn about the best methods to complete the task. We provide you the most useful method to ensure that it is not an issue to transfer data between different platforms.

4 Issues You Should Know to Transfer Data from LG to BlackBerry (BB OS Phone)

Before you decide to transfer files between platforms, you should learn about the issues you may encounter during the process to ensure success of the task. To provide you the best solution, you’d better find the reference of the issues to provide you with the best method, but also maximize the effect after applying of the method to give you the best result. In the following passages, you can learn the common issues you may encounter to transfer data between LG and Blackberry phone and some of them may even hamper the process and make the transfer a tough thing to continue. Here are 4 typical things and commonly encountered issues for you to learn more experience about the problems you may meet in the process. Just continue to learn more.

1. Stability Issue

Before you decide to transfer data from your LG phone or other Android phones to Blackberry, you should understand that the process to transfer data is not stable at all. The uneven issues are caused since no defined process exists. In addition, when it comes to the application of the path that you follow to do the needful, you may even find yourself lost in the unstable condition. More time is needed in the process to make the process stable and provide the best possible resolution in the regard.

2. Cross Platform Related Issues

Another commonly encountered and important issue is cross platform related issues. When you transfer files from LG to Blackberry, the transferred or moved files may don’t work normally, or else some errors will be detected during the process and during you open the files. Thus, to ensure that you can play the LG files on your Blackberry device, you need to ensure that the best and the state of the art cross-platform functionality program it used to convert your LG files into Blackberry compatible ones. In the following passages, you can learn about such a professional tool to help you complete the task.

3. Software Related Issues

When transfer files from Android phone to the Blackberry phone, many users will encounter the issues of software that make the transfer never succeed. As to Blackberry as the destination device, there are many software related issues and you should ensure that the support of both your LG phone and Blackberry device is contacted so that the issue never turn to the next level which is more serious. When you are using Samsung Kies to transfer files, you may encounter the software conflict as well. To ensure that you will never face the problem any more, you are suggested to read the following passages throughout.

4. Partial Transfer Issues

When switch from one phone to another one, all users want to get the complete files. However, the partial transfer issues do happened when you transfer files from your LG phone to Blackberry. After the transfer, you may find some data values are not transferred at all while the other part are transferred in full value. Always, the issue of partial transfer turns us down especially when the transferred files are very important. In the rest part of the article, you can learn how to get the best result and where to find a professional program to complete the task.

How to Transfer All Data from LG Phone to Blackberry (BlackBerry OS 10/7/6) Device

The above-introduced issues always turn us down especially when the moved files are very important to us. Here you can learn how to transfer files from LG phone to Blackberry in the free and most convenient way with details. Just follow us to learn more.

Step 1: To start with, you should turn on the Bluetooth of both your LG phone and Blackberry. You can go to the Settings of your two devices to complete the step.


Step 2: Then you can select the files you want to transfer from your LG phone, please ensure that the relevant icon is tapped.


Step 3: On your LG phone after you select the ones you want to transfer, please tap on it to bring up a drop-down menu; here please select the one Share to transfer the files.


Step 4: Now in your Blackberry device, you can start to receive transferred files from your LG device without the hassle and problems.


Note: All these new BlackBerry phone are supported by dr.fone Switch: BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Q5, BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Porsche Design P9982, BlackBerry Z30 / Z3, BlackBerry 9720, and so on.

Transfer Data from LG to Blackberry Priv (Android Phone) with dr.fone Switch in Just One Click

As you can find, when you transfer files with the former method, you have to select and transfer your files one by one, which will cost you a lot of time and make it trouble for you. Here is to introduce you the ever best Android manager tool for you, which is called dr.fone – Switch. With help of the program, you can not only transfer files from your LG phone to Blackberry Priv without encountering the issues stated above but also manage all files on your Android phone without hassle.

What’s more, the program is embedded with many features, thus you can easily restore from backup, backup your device and erase your old phone. In one word, with the program, you can get the best result to get your files with the new phone.

Features of dr.fone – Switch

  • You can transfer files between different platforms without encountering the issues and problems in one click.
  • The program is 100% safe to provide you complete files without data loss when you transfer files from one phone to another one.
  • You can turn to the program to transfer files for your Android phone freely since the program now supports more than 6000 devices.
  • All data and private information are protected with the tool so that you will never get into trouble related to data safety and security.
  • All popular network providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are supported fully.

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