Top Five Expense Manager Apps for Android to Keep Your Expense Organized

Top Five Expense Manager Apps for Android to Keep Your Expense Organized

When you are having headaches recording every financial expenditure and revenue, we seriously recommend you to use a trust worthy tool to help you sort out the complicated digitals and keep them down for further check. Thus, Android expense manager apps are perfect choices for you. They can keep every fiscal come and go clear to the smallest details so you can have better understanding of your own financial status.

Part 1:Top 5 Expense Manager Apps for Android

1. Ledgerist

Score: 4.4/5

Price: €1.59.

We’d like to present the best Android expense manager app to you. Ledgerist has been an eye-catching app since its launching day. The app is quite clean and simple to use. Even with the simplicity of the app, you can still experience the wonderful features of the app that other plain expense apps can never provide.

We would like to present you the most outstanding features among all of Ledgerist. It has the ability to call repeated transactions which really saves your precious time and lightens the work load of your expenses recording process. The app is ad-free. What’s more, you may be amazed that the app supports various currencies which really deserve trying. It allows you to set the password of your own which improves the safety of the app. At last, you can backup and recover the data to prevent from accidental events. This is an ad-free app. However, you have to pay €1.59 for the app.

2. Depoza-Expense Tracker

Score: 4.4/5

Price: Free

The app runs second on the expenses manager app list is Depoza-Expense Tracker. When you are recording personal expenditures, there is no other apps as convenient and simple as this app. You are allowed to keep track of everything so that you won’t miss any expense.

The app allows you to keep small details no matter how trivial they are into the daily, weekly or monthly overall balance. One magnificent feature of Depoza-Expense Tracker is that the data are allowed to be exported which provides you quite a lot of storage flexibility and data accessibility. In addition, the app keeps the financial transactions clearly categorized and expenditures organized. There is no ad in the app but it is still free to use.

There is another great feature we have to mention is that the updates of your transactions will be updated to debit and credit cards automatically through SMS to the app. (recently supports Raiffeisenbank, Citibank, Sperbank only, still expanding). However, the disadvantage of the app is that the interface need to be improved and you can’t set your own password.

3. Financius-Expense Manager



Financius-Expense Manager is a convenient expense manager app we would like to present now. This is an ad-free app with no charge as well. The app supports multiple currencies and you are able to deal with a couple of accounts to manage various transactions and balances. You can choose to work with the default categories or your own customized categories.

There is another unique feature of the all we would like to point out. You will get an overall report after a certain time frames which you can set by yourself. Android users can also benefit from another outstanding feature of the app. Google Drive enables you to backup the data in case of further needs. At last, payment notifications are totally one good feature you can’t miss.

4. Expense Manager

Score: 4.3/5

Price: Free

Expense Manager is also a useful expense manager app for all Android users. The app doesn’t include adds and is still free of charge. You are able to sort your expenses with customized frequency: daily, weekly or monthly. It entitles you the ultimate freedom to record the expenses. It also allows you to backup and restore the data whenever you want.

If you are trying to squeeze the budget or cut out unnecessary expenses, then Expense Manager is quite an easy and useful app for you. But when you need to get more features from an expense app, we suggest you find another one. This app is handy but limited. You can’t do repeat transactions when you are input the expenses. There is no calculator for you either.



Price: Free

Budget is the last expense manager app we present to you. You can download it with no charge from Google Play App Store. One great feature of the app is the recurring transaction. It is time-saving in the long term and you don’t have to bother forgetting about counting in any expenses. You are able to keep track of more than one account with the app. The export and import data can be saved in a CSV file as well. However, there is a shortcoming of this app. A lack of expenses subcategories keeps you from recording the data sophisticated. You also have to set a password for yourself.

Part 2: Use MobileGo to keep the expense manager apps organized

If you intend to download the Android expense manager apps on your computer, we will say that it complex the installation process if you do so. You can download and install MobileGo for Android on your computer and get the manager apps directly from Google Play App Store to make the whole procedure simple and organized.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)

How to Download, Uninstall, Install and Export Expense Manager Apps for Android?
  • Step 1. Have the MobileGo for Android installed on your computer.
  • Step 2. Use a USB cable or WiFi to connect your Android devices to the PC
  • Step 3.Lauch MobileGo for Android and click Google Play.
  • Step 4. Find Financius-Expense Manager, Depoza-Expense Tracker or other expense manager apps you like. Click Install to get them done on your Android devices directly.
  • Step 5. Click Apps on the left side of MobileGo for Android. You will see a management window on the right side. Here, you are able to install, uninstall and transfer the expense manager apps as you wish.

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