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For many reasons, you need to sync your smartphone with the computer. When you need to complete the task, the first third-party tool many people may think of is MOBILedit. Indeed, MOBILedit is regarded as the Achilles of app-world because of the revolution it brought into an open system and can support almost all kinds of smartphones. However, when you decide to use the MOBILedit, you need to pay for it.

Luckily, there are many alternatives for MOBILedit now. Here I recommend you the top 5 ones, which are MyPhoneExplorer, Samsung Kies, DataPilot, AirDroid and dr.fone Transfer (Android) respectively. In the article, you can learn the pros and cons of each tool in detail. Thus you can choose the suit MOBILedit Alternative according to your condition.

1.MyPhoneExplorer – a functional alternative for MOBILedit

The first MOBILedit alternative I now recommend to you is called MyPhoneExplorer, which is quite reliable and easy-handling for all users. With the help of the program, you can connect your Android phone to computer in three different methods, which are a USB cable, Bluetooth and Wifi respectively.

Among all 5 MOBILedit alternatives, MyPhoneExplorer is a very powerful one since it not only enables you to manage all your Android SD card files with ease but also provide you the chance to sync Android phone with Thunderbird and Outlook. What’s more, transferring SMS messages from/to Android is also a piece of cake for it!


  • MyPhoneExplorer is a free using program for all users, in addition, it enables you to sync contacts with Outlook and Calendar to Google in several clicks.
  • When you are syncing files, MyPhoneExplorer can filter files for you and has good compatibility with all SMS messages.
  • Through MyPhoneExplorer, you can check all notes that are saved on your smart device.


  • The installing process will take you minutes since you will meet too many toolbars and feel confusing.
  • Although the program provides you the chance to backup & restore important files, the function is only supported for photos while no other files.

Step 1: To start with, please download MyPhoneExplorer and install it on your computer. On Android device, you also need to install MyPhoneExplorer Client app and run it.
Step 2: Now please connect your Android device to your computer either via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. And the program will detect your Android files accordingly.
Step 3: You can import, export or organize your Android data now.

2.Samsung Kies – Alternative for MOBILedit Which Specially Developed for Samsung Phone or Tablet

If you are a Samsung device user, you can stop here. I recommend you Samsung Kies now, which is specially developed for Samsung device users to sync the device to computer and supports for both Mac and Windows version. What’s more, the program works well with any Samsung models.

As a professional Android management tool, Samsung Kies can transfer files between your Samsung device and computer in an easy way. Through the program on your computer, you can directly manage your photos, videos, audio, and contacts, send/receive emails, manage SMS messages in only 1-click! What’s more, through the program you can receive and install Firmware updates and upgrade the operating system of your Samsung device too.


  • With Samsung Kies, you can share information with friends, import/export files, install/uninstall apps in several seconds.
  • The program have good compatibility with all SMS messages and filters files when synching.
  • Samsung Kies is free for users and provide you a user-friendly interface.


  • Samsung Kies can only work for Samsung users, and sometimes even failed to make the connection between the Samsung model and desktop
  • Sometimes it will take you a longer time to transfer files
  • User interface of the program is not so attractive.

Step 1: To start with, you need to download Samsung Kies app and install it on your Samsung device. Then please connect the smartphone to computer via a USB cable. If you use the Samsung Kies Air, you can do the connection via the Wi-Fi.
Step 2: Please now run the Samsung Kies application, and let it sync your Samsung device automatically. After these preparations, you can transfer files, share information or manage files conveniently.


3.DataPilot – Transfer Files in a Fast Speed with a straightforward interface

Among all MOBILedit alternatives, DataPilot is a very professional and powerful one. Why? With the help of the program, you can easily transfer your Android files between your Android device and computer in just one click. In addition, you can backup all your Android files to your computer to save important files safely. What’s more, DataPilot allows you to make an ACT interface, Outlook Express, and Palm software with ease!

Since the DataPilot works well with any Windows OS and can import/export files conveniently, you can rest your heart to turn to the program for help when you need. With an inside Phonebook Manager tab, DataPilot can recover your lost contacts from Palm Desktop, Outlook Express & Microsoft Outlook effortlessly. To make your life more conveniently, you can turn to the program for help to mark calendar affairs, or set alarm and ringtones in MP3, RTTL and MIDI formats and receive/send SMS messages from PC directly.

DataPilot is also very helpful when you need to edit photos and customize wallpaper/ringtone. The program is effective to transfer files, backup photos and make changes. To handle the program, you need to connect your Android device to computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth.


  • DataPilot fully supports 2000+ handsets.
  • Once purchased the program, you can update it free for one year.


  • When you import photos to the DataPilot, you can find all them are added with their watermark.
  • You can only synchronize one Android phone to the computer.
  • You can only download the trial version, which will expire in 7 days before you purchase it.

Step1: To start with, you need to get the program. You can now download free trial version of the program to have a try before purchase it and install it on Android phone.
Step2: Now, please connect your Android phone to computer either via an USB cable or via Bluetooth. The program will then detect your phone and display all found files in the starting window.


4.AirDroid – MOBILedit Alternative to Manage Files Wirelessly with The Innovative Tool

AirDroid is a very innovative program and enables you to sync files wirelessly. To handle the program, you only need to register on official website of the program and then manage files via a browser. With help of AirDroid, you can install apps, transfer files, share video and audio with friends and even convert computer data into Android smartphone! Different the MOBIledit alternatives introduced above, the AirDroid is developed with a rich and stylish user interface.

All major OS including Mac, Linux and Windows are supported by AirDroid so that you can complete your task such as downloading video/audio, previewing photos, downloading and installing apps, sending/receiving messages, updating contacts list directly through the web-browser. Please note that AirDroid demands Android OS that is or above 2.1.


  • AirDroid is a responsive and free program that provides you an simple & amazing user interface.
  • AirDroid is equipped with many web-based controls and tabs including File Manager and Data Counter for your use.


  • When you are transferring files from the web, the downloading and connection process will be paused once your smart phone entering the sleep mode.
  • Both your computer and Android phone need to be connected to network when handling the program to complete your task.

Step 1: To start with, you need to download AirDroid app and install it on Android phone.
Step 2: Then please install a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. You can then manage your Android files by using an Internet connection or LAN.


5. dr.fone Transfer (Android) – The Best MOBILedit Alternative to Manage Android Files Effectively

Last but not least, I recommend you the most reliable alternative for MOBILedit program – dr.fone Transfer (Android), which enables you to manage files on your Android phone such as Sony, LG, Samsung, HTC and more in an easy way. With help of the program, you can sync your Android phone to computer either via Wi-Fi or via USB cable. No matter whether you want to transfer files, share information with friends, customize device and recover photos/SMS messages/contacts/Music/Video/Audio, the task can be completed in just one click.

When handling the program, you can even answer phone calls or send messages directly from starting window of the program. You can also import contacts from Outlook Express, Windows Address Book and Windows Live Mail in an easy way. You can now have a try by downloading either Windows version or Mac version in the site now.


  • The program enables you to sync Android phone to computer fastly.
  • You can deal with your messages and phone calls directly through starting window of the program.
  • You can backup your important Android files with the program and recover lost files from the backup whenever you need.
  • It is quite easy to export your SMS messages to text files with the program.


  • It is more stable to do the connection via a USB cable than via Wi-Fi.
  • The program does not allow you to sync Photos with Outlook.

Step 1: Firstly, you can download the free trial version of dr.fone Transfer (Android) and install it on your computer. Then please run it by double-clicking to bring up the starting window.

Step 2: Secondly, you need to connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable or via Wi-Fi. The program will display all found files for you, then you can transfer/delete files such as music, app, contacts, SMS messages and more.

Step 3: You can also create backup files by clicking the button “Tools You May Like” and then restore files by clicking “Toolkit”.

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