Top 5 Alternatives for SnapPea

All Android users deserve an Android management tool to easily manage all files including music, videos, movies and more on your device in clicks directly through the program. Among all Android management tools, Snappea is a commonly used one while not the best one.

Here I will introduce you the top 5 alternatives, which are AirDroid, Mobogenie, MoboRobo, Android Commander and dr.fone – Android Transfer respectively. Please continue reading to find pros and cons about each program in the following article.

1. Alternative for SnapPea – AirDroid

Different from SnapPea, AirDroid is an on-air alternative for SnapPea that enables you to manage all music, movies, videos, photos and other files directly through a web browser. The program is very professional for all Android users to manage their files with a fast speed. The program is now free using for you and is quite reliable. Thus you can get access to your Android files whenever and wherever you want.


  • AirDroid is very powerful for you to transfer all media files including music, videos, photos, movies, bookmarks, contacts, documents and audio from your Android phone to computer or other external devices more directly.
  • AirDroid does help a lot when you lost your Android device. With help of the program, you can track your Android phone and lock it remotely.
  • AirDroid enables you to wipe out all Android files and content remotely when necessary.


  • When using the AirDroid, your Android phone and computer should be connected to the Internet during the whole process.

2. SnapPea Alternative – Mobogenie

Mobogenie is another professional Android management tool with multiple features. No matter what you need to do with your Android phone and all files, you can turn to the SnapPea alternative program for help. The program can meet all your needs perfectly. Here are the pros and cons of the Mobogenie:


  • Mobogenie is developed with a resource center, which provides you huge numbers of free apps. You can download the apps you need here and install it on your computer.
  • Edit your Android contacts directly through the program on your computer. You can add new contacts, remove duplicate and useless ones in an easy way. You can also input any words you need to old contacts.
  • Mobogenie enables you to transfer videos and music to Android device or do the transfer the way back with ease.
  • Mobogenie can also clean up all messages that contain notifications and ads for you.
  • Back up all important Android files and recover deleted files when necessary.


  • Since starting window of the Mobogenie is a little sluggish, it is a little difficult for you to use the program.

3. SnapPea Alternative – MoboRobo

If you are searching for a management tool to transfer files between Android phone and your iPhone, you can turn to MoboRobo for help. As a cross-platform tool, MoboRobo not only enables you to manage video, music, apps, photos and more on your Android, but also provide you the platform to transfer files between Android and iPhone in an easy way. As well, here is the top Substitute for MoboRobo for your reference too.


  • MoboRobo enables you to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone or do the transfer the way back.
  • Equipped with a resource center, MoboRobo provides you huge numbers of wallpapers, apps, music, and ringtones.
  • With a built-in SMS manager, MoboRobo enables you to read and manage all SMS directly through the program on your computer.


  • Since MoboRobo is not a standalone program, you need to install drives to handle the program conveniently.

4. Alternative for SnapPea – Android Commander

If you are searching for an effective and simple SnapPea alternative, Android Commander is a good choice for you. Android Commander is designed for Windows user and is a prolific manager for the rooted Android devices.

The program is equipped with a variety of integrated components that have been synced together for aspects such as device information, file exploring, app signing, application management, and flashing capabilities.


  • Android Commander enables you to sync Android media files to your computer in clicks. When lost files, you can also recover them with the program.
  • With Android Commander, you can manage your media files, contacts and SMS in an easy way. You can also transfer files between SD card memory and phone memory.
  • Android Commander can detect your Android phone and display information of your Android hardware.
  • Developed with a well-built graphical interface for your review.
  • Allow the selection between system apps, Private and update as the installation mode and also during the uninstall process.


  • The limit of Android Commander is that you can only manage rooted Android phone.

5. Best SnapPea Alternative – dr.fone Transfer for Android

Last but not least, I recommend you the ever best Android manager – dr.fone – Android Transfer, which is developed with comprehensive file management features. No matter whether you are primary users or experts, you can handle the program in several clicks. Here you can download a free trial version of the program to experience the advanced program first.


  • dr.fone – Android Transfer can convert all videos and music to Android compatible formats such as MP3 and MP4 automatically.
  • You can backup your music, photos, movies, calendars, call logs, apps and more to your computer easily and recover them in the future.
  • Provide you a built-in resource center with huge numbers of music, video, and apps.
  • Through the program, you can install, uninstall, export and share apps with your friends directly.
  • With dr.fone – Android Transfer, you can transfer vCard files to your Android phone and even sync Outlook with your Android phone with ease.
  • You can receive and send messages directly through the program on your computer. You can also hang out the phone call and text when necessary.
  • It is quite easy to transfer media files, contacts and apps between two Android phones with the program.


  • You need to back up your Android files manually with the dr.fone – Android Transfer instead of backup files automatically.

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