Something that You Need to Know about Samsung Reset Code

You may wonder what is a Samsung Reset Code, which is also called the Master Reset Code. As a Samsung phone user, it is, in fact, of importance for you to know something about the terms. And here in this article, I am going to walk through that. Please just read this article.

Q 1. About Samsung Reset Code?

The Samsung Reset Code or you can call it the Master Reset Code, is a code for erasing all the data files on the Samsung phone by restoring it to the factory defaults. That is to say, you can use the code on the Samsung phone only, instead of any phone from other brands. And the code is made up of several Arabic numerals, the asterisks (*) and the hash signs (#). Now the Samsung Reset Code is widely used on all the newly released Samsung phones. As for the old models of Samsung phones, you can also use the previous code for factory settings.

Now for below 3 kinds of the Samsung Reset Code available, and you can see them as follows:

Code 1. *2767*3855# for newly released Samsung phones
Code 2. *2767*2878# for newly released Samsung phones
Code 3. #*7728# for existing Samsung phones

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Q 2. Why do we use the Samsung Reset Code?

As is introduced in the passages above, it is easy to find out the answer. Once you input Samsung Reset Code on the Samsung phone, it will start to erase all the data files on it to get to the factory defaults. And if you input the Samsung Reset Code in the inverted order, you will see nothing happening or a message of warning before the factory settings.

It is of importance that all the Samsung phone users pay serious attention to the Samsung Reset Code. Because if you don’t know the results of inputting the Samsung Reset Code, you may lose the personal data on your Samsung phone by accident. It is necessary that you not try the code on your Samsung phone just for fun. Just use this code when there is indeed a need for erasing all the data files on your Samsung phone, for example, you want to sell it to another person. And make sure that there is a backup for the data files ready to be deleted just in case.

Q 3. Using Samsung Reset Code?

It is easy to use the Samsung Reset Code on your Samsung phone. Just follow the tutorial below:
Step 1. Turn on the Samsung phone and go to the home page of it.
Step 2. Go to the page of the dialing keyboard.
Step 3. Then input the Samsung Reset Code with the dialing keyboard on your Samsung phone. Remember to choose the right code for the Samsung device according to the information in Q 1.
Step 4. Usually, the reset process will immediately after you input the right Samsung Reset Code for your Samsung phone. If it is not the case, you can click on the “Call” icon to start the process.

Q 4. Other things on Samsung Hard Reset Code

Although it is easy to reset your Samsung with the Samsung Reset Code, it is kind of inconvenient because the reset process will start without any prompt such as a confirmation message. So you need to pay attention to the last word of the Samsung Reset Code. If you don’t really want to reset your Samsung phone, please don’t try the code.

And another weak point of resetting the Samsung phone in this way is that you can only do it when your Samsung phone is at work, for example, if your phone is locked. In this case, you need to know some other things about the Samsung Hard Reset Code.

There are some different codes for resetting, which is more difficult to use. So it is advisable that you don’t use the codes until you are professional. You can see them in the below passages. Via the links given, you can go to the websites to see more detailed info about codes.

# 1. A list of Samsung Secrets Codes

The article you will see after clicking on the link above is authored by some XDA-Developers, whose articles are reliable and useful. You can also get more information from the website if you know how to search for articles on the website. There are tutorials about Android phones and tablets, useful tips and so on.

# 2. Secret Codes list of the Samsung phones

The article you will see after clicking on the link above will offer a list of helpful secret codes to help you with the improvement of the performance. And there are also comments from the users, from which you can choose the suitable codes for your phone with ease.

# 3. Some other codes for mobile phones

The article you will see after clicking on the link above is useful for many Android phone users including Samsung phones. All the codes introduced in the article you will see is reliable and simple. But please pay attention to the usage and effect of each code, in case you may damage some important data files on your phone.

The Reset Code is a simple tool for erasing the data files. But as I said in the former passages, make sure you have a complete backup file for all the data files on your phone, in case that you delete some important data files after your phone has gone back to the factory defaults.

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