Some Nice Applications for Mirroring Android Phone

There are a lot of advantages if you mirror your Android phone with another device. For example, if you mirror it to another mobile phone, it is convenient for you to share data files between these two phones. If you mirror it to a device with a bigger screen such as the computer or the tablet, you can get a better user experience when you want to play games or watch videos. And for business or educational purposes, to mirror your Android phone can also be of help.

There are a lot of different applications for mirroring your Android phones. And I am going to introduce some to you in the following passages.

Application 1 for Mirroring Android Phone: Screen stream mirroring

Price: Free version or Paid version for $5.40
Devices: PC, Smart TV
Download address:

1. You can use it to mirror your Android phone to any device like the computer and the tablet
2. It can not only mirror your Android phone, but it can also help you record the screen for playback.
3. With the shared screen, you can see the media player, web browser, and more. You can also send some broadcasts to the Internet.
4. If you mirror the phone to a big screen, you can do your presentation.

1. It may be kind of troublesome to set it up.
2. It will always ask you to update the ROM.
3. The un-rooted devices running with the Android 5.0 or later may need to download something more.



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Application 2 for Mirroring Android Phone: Pushbullet

Price: Free
Devices: Computer
Download address:

1. The functions are various of this application.
2. It can help you send messages faster than other tools.
3. It can make it easier to share media files between two devices.

1. You can not add a friend with this application.
2. You can only use one account on this application.
3. The talkback will be disabled when you are mirroring your phone.



Application 3 for Mirroring Android Phone: HowLoud PRO

Price: Free
Download address:

1. It is easy to use especially for the teachers and parents with young kids.
2. You can control the volume with it.
3. You can connect your two devices wirelessly with this application.

1. It requires your phone running with the Android 2.2 or later.
2. If you want to get the PRO version, you may have to pay for it.


Application 4 for Mirroring Android Phone: Cubetto

Price: $21.73
Download address:

1. The functions of this application are various and useful.
2. Its interface is user-friendly with multi-language including French, Russian, Chinese, English, Spanish, and German.

1. The payment is too high.
2. The functions are a bit of hard to understand.


Application 5 for Mirroring Android Phone: Unified Remote

Price: Free version or Paid version for $3.99
Devices: Windows, Mac, Linux
Download address:

1. It is easy to download, install and set up.
2. You can set a password protection.
3. You can turn it to the dark themes when you need.

1. You can not use it to mirror the Android devices. Instead, you can mirror the iOS devices to Windows, Mac, or Linux.
2. Some functions are not available for all devices.


Application 6 for Mirroring Android Phone: Roku

Price: Free
Devices: ROKU player, ROKU TV,You can also Use Plex on Roku
Download address:

1. It is very user-friendly.
2. You can use it without the remote.
3. It enables you to share the media files easier.
4. You can use the ROKU Search when you mirror your phone.

1. You can only mirror your phone to the ROKU player or ROKU TV.

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