Six Great Android WiFi Manager to Make Full Use of WiFi on Android

Six Great Android WiFi Manager to Make Full Use of WiFi on Android

WiFi is everywhere around us nowadays. No matter you are at home, at the workplace or outdoor playing, you are always surrounded by WiFi signals. You need an electronic device such as a laptop, tablet or phone with available wireless to connect to the existing WiFi. You may also choose a WiFi Sniffer. WiFi enables you to get into the Internet at a faster speed and save you a certain amount of battery as well compared with normal Mobile Network. It is such an indispensable technique in our daily life that we will really bother and upset when we have trouble connecting WiFi. In the following article, we will answer the most common WiFi issues and offer some solutions accordingly.

  • Part 1: Issues and Solutions about WiFi on Android Device
  • Part 2: Five Best Android WiFi Manager
  • Part 3: MobileGo for Android – A Great Desktop Android WiFi Manager on PC

Part 1: Issues and Solutions about WiFi on Android Device

Question 1: There is no WiFi network to connect

Solution: There may be two reasons:

To start with, you have to note that the configuration is set by default to search the “access point” instead of “Ad-Hoc” network.

In order to connect to Ad-Hoc WiFi, you can patch the file wpa_supplicant. But this movement is only operable on rooted phones. Therefore, remember to back up your wpa_supplicant file before taking this measure.

Then, you can consider adding the network manually. Some networks are not set to show to the public due to safety reasons. Click Settings, then go with WiFi Settings to add network. Make sure the information is typed correctly.

FYI: Here are Best dialer apps for Android, Spy App for Android, Bluetooth Manager for Android and Couple Tracker Apps for Android;

Question 2: The WiFi connection keeps interrupted

Solution: Open Advanced WiFi settings. Tick the choice “Keep WiFi on during sleep” and make sure the Always option is highlighted. Android devices will disconnect to WiFi when it gets into the sleep mode to keep battery usage time longer. However, you can exchange a consistent WiFi connection with shorter battery usage.

Note: Some third-party WiFi manager apps are set the default to save the battery time. So check to make sure they are appropriately set up.

By the way, click here to know more about Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter.

Question 3: I can’t connect to the Internet even the WiFi connection is intact.

Solution: Go and check if your router is working and broadcasting the network first. Sometimes, it is due to the disability of the router. You can use a different router to check out. In some other cases, the problem may come from IP address, DNS, or gateway issues. To correct this problem, you can reset the DNS, IP address, the gateway by yourself.

Question 4: The phone asks me to fill in the IP address

Solution: You can restart the wireless router to fix the issue sometimes. But if the situation consistently shows up, then you need to get the IP address range that enables the router to broadcast. Getting the range helps you to connect the static IP address automatically when connecting the network.

Note: You can use a third-party Android WiFi manager to manage your WiFi connection professionally.

Question 5: I can’t connect the WiFi since I updated the OS to Android 4.3

Solution: It is common to have some troubles when you update the OS. You can try to reboot the system into Recovery mode and wipe out the cache. As for the Recovery steps, you can Google it for an answer. There is a lot of guidance to show you how to do it.

The issues we refer above are the most commonly asked ones about Android wireless connection. But don’t make a fuss about it when you come into WiFi connection problems. It could simply be WiFi switch turned off accidentally, or the airplane mode is on which shut down the WiFi connection automatically. If the solutions we offer above don’t work well, then you can turn to another professional tool: Android WiFi Manager App for help.

Besides, if you are iPhone users, click here to fix iPhone Won’t Connect to WiFi easily.

Part 2: Five Best Android WiFi Manager

You need a powerful Android WiFi manager app to make WiFi connection convenient and steady. A good Android WiFi manager can save you from troubles. Look at the top Android WiFi manager we recommend below and pick the suitable one for yourself:

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1. WiFi Manager

Score: 4.3/5
Price: Free

The app is good at searching and managing the networks so that you can have easy access to them.


  • 1.Search available networks near you
  • 2. Due to the graphical channel radar, it enables you to get a better quality of WiFi connection.
  • 3. Tap all the WiFi hotspots with your own icons and descriptions.
  • 4. Be able to change into the network you prefer with one click.
  • 5. Easily change between dynamic and fixed IP addresses.


  • 1. When the current network isn’t working normally, some people find the app unable to change into the available networks automatically.
  • 2. Users can’t switch between the dynamic (DHCP) and fixed IP addresses
  • 3. Some of the features are locked. You need to pay $1.75 to get the full package.

2. WiFinder

Score: 4.2/5
Price: Free

This is also a powerful Android wifi manager tool to access various WiFi networks such as Open, WEP, WPA, and WPA2. It is especially useful if you are looking for a network list containing graphics level, channel, and encryption.


  • 1. You can keep or delete networks with high frequency.
  • 2. Provide Forget feature
  • 3. Scan the network automatically.


  • 1. There are many bugs of the app. The latest version solves some of them though.
  • 2. You are not able to connect to WiFi sometimes. The app requires you to get the network through the settings menu.
  • 3. Some users are required to fill in password anyway.
  • 4. It doesn’t support all languages. Chinese and German are recently added to the approval list.

3. WiFi Hotspot & USB Tether Pro

Score: 3.6/5
Price: $14.99

This app is perfectly suitable for people who need an Internet connection wherever they are. Your phone can be turned into an Internet hotspot so that your tablet, laptop or game console can use it to go online.


  • 1. You can connect the Internet through USB cable
  • 2. Perfectly compatible with the latest 4G connection
  • 3. You don’t need to root your device.


  • 1. The app only supports certain phones. So you need to try the free Lite version first to check if it is compatible.
  • 2. The app doesn’t support most of the HTC phones.
  • 3. If a wireless carrier or Android updates Software, then the app may be not working anymore.

4. Free Zone – Free WiFi Scanner

Score: 4.2/5
Price: Free

You are able to find free WiFi hotspots with no password required using FreeZone app.


  • 1. When a free WiFi hotspot is detected, the app will notify you automatically.
  • 2. Perfectly support current 4G connections.
  • 3. From a map of nearby places showing free wireless networks.
  • 4. Easy approach to five million WiFi networks.


  • 1.Some people find it complicated to use. There is no way to cancel the hotspot sharing once you start it.

5. WiFi Overview 360

Score: 4.3/5
Price: Free/Pro

This is a fantastic Android Wifi manager app to improve and manage the wireless network you used, and you will know the details of the WLANs including name, channel number, signal strength, encryption status open or not in a minute.


  • 1. Click the “Check” and “Ch. radar” tabs to improve the quality of your hotspot.
  • 2. Add WLANs on your own
  • 3. Work well with a tablet
  • 4. Be able to run on Android 4.x.
  • 5. Corresponding drawn icons for hotspots.


  • 1. The network may be influenced if the frequency range of your network is the same as other wireless networks.
  • 2. You have to pay for the pro version if you want to wipe out the ad of the WiFi manager.

Learning about the apps above, you don’t have to use your 3G Data Network anymore and experience steady and fast WiFi connection all the time. Just try and save money with the apps! It is time for you to enjoy the benefits and get the hang of managing the Android data through WiFi.

Part 3: MobileGo for Android – A Great Desktop Android WiFi Manager on PC

MobileGo for Android is a magnificent Android manager that helps you to deal with all kinds of Android phone problems professionally and easily. You are entitled to manage your media files, apps and contacts on your Android device from your PC. All you have to do is to make the connection between your computer and your Android device with the USB cable and WiFi.

The USB connection is simple. You just need to connect the phone and computer together. While connection through WiFi requires you to install apk file on the Android phone. We will show you how to do it step by step.

Instructions about MobileGo for Android

MobileGo for Samsung Galaxy S7

1. The steps of connecting your Android device to your PC through WiFi

Step 1. Open Google Play app on your phone. Log in the Google account with your password.

Step 2. Find Wondershare MobileGo on the Google play store. Download and install the app on your phone. You can download the apk file through more ways by clicking here.

By doing the two steps above, you are prepared to manage all the files on your Android phone from PC.

2. Managing Android device through WiFi by MobileGo

You are able to deal with the data when you connect your phone to the computer through WiFi successfully.

Hit the Contacts, videos, Music, Apps, SMS Text Messages, Photos, Files tab on the left side of the program. In the appearing window, you are allowed to export, add and delete files as you wish.

In addition, you can also know more about how to change AT&T WiFi password and How to find a router IP address here.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)
Download MobileGo (Mac Version)


MobileGo WiFi

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