Seven Nice Windows Phone Messenger Apps

Seven Nice Windows Phone Messenger Apps

Now there are few people who send the SMS to their friends. But instead, they use the messenger apps, which can help them send more colorful text messages with expressions and pictures as well as voice messages. If you are a new user of the Windows phone, then you can easily find a suitable messenger app for your phone after this article. Let me introduce some good ones to you.

Messenger App 1. WhatsApp

Price: $0.99 per year
It is free to download the WhatsApp on your Windows phone, but you may need to pay for it so that you can use it to message your contacts. But compared to the minute payment, you can get many useful functions. There are already a butch of people choosing this app.

1. You can send messages with text, photos, voice and so on with ease.
2. It is easy to use due to the simple interface.
3. There is no ad on this app.
4. You can import the contacts from your Windows phone to your WhatsApp so that you can easily send the messages.
5. You can share the recent developments to your friends on the WhatsApp.

1. You need to pay for it.
2. You can only send some messages to the contacts who are not using the WhatsApp.
3. The other one can see your developments no matter you know them or not.

Messenger App 2. Viber

Price: Free
You can download and use the Viber free of charge. As soon as you log in this app, it will start to use your contacts. You can use this app to send messages with the text, photos, voice to your contacts who are using this app. If you have the new Viber Out component, then you can also send to your non-Viber contacts. And if you want to call someone with the Viber, you may need to pay some money.

1. This app can get easy access to your contacts on your Windows phone.
2. You can send the messages to your contacts free of charge.
3. The messages will be sent and received instantly.
4. The user group is large.

1. It is kind of hard to use compared with other apps.
2. The supported mobile phones are limited.
3. The connection of the network is not so steady.

Messenger App 3. Line

Price: Free
You will find this app is widely used in the world with over 300m clients. The Line enables its users to send the messages with the text, photos, voice and so on. And you can also make a video call with your friends. It also offers an area of exchanges between contacts. You can post your recent developments and photos on it.

1. You can send the messages with cute expressions to your friends.
2. This app is compatible with the Windows phones, iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry phones, and also the Windows computers and Mac computers.

1.Some foreign characters are not compatible.

Messenger App 4. Skype

Price: Free
The Skype is developed by the Microsoft, and it is safe and reliable. You can use it not only for sending the messages, but also making phone calls and video calls. And the messages can contain text, photos, and voice.

1. You can message your contacts, or call them with Skype.
2. The video calls are also supported.
3. It also offers the versions for the Windows computer and Mac computer.
4. The basic version is free.

1. You need to pay for it if you want some upscale functions.
2. It can cost a lot of data tariff.

Messenger App 5. Telegram

Price: Free
The Telegram is thought to be a combination of the WhatsApp and Skype, and thus you can both message your contact and call them with the Telegram. And there are some more convenient functions of the Telegram compared to the WhatsApp. As the Telegram is free, there are many people who choose this app to replace the paid apps.

1. It is a safe and efficient app.
2. The Telegram is compatible with a lot of mobile phones.
3. You can use this app to send free messages with colorful photos to your friends, and also, you can call your friends too.
4. You can also share the videos with your friends.

1. You can not send voice messages to your friends.

Messenger App 6. GroupMe

Price: Free
The GroupMe is a wonderful app according the Windows phone users online. And there is also a web version so that you can easily send the messages to your friends with the computer, which enables the users to type quickly with the keyboard.

1. It supports a lot of mobile phones including Windows phones, and you can also use it on computers.
2. It is easy to make a group call.
3. You can use the web version which is more convenient when it comes to typing.
4. You can sync with the contacts on your Windows phone.
5. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

1.The gathering way for this app is too traditional.

Messenger App 7. KIK

Price: Free
Have you heard about the KIK? It is a great app for Windows phones. It is well known because it can add companions contrasted with ease. After updated, now the KIK works well with the Windows phone.

1. It has a large user group.
2. It supports not only the Windows phones.
3. You can easily send colorful messages to your contacts.

1. The main users of this app is the young.

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