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After years of using, you must have stored in huge numbers of precious files, such as documents, contacts, photos and videos on your Windows phone, such as Nokia Lumia. Once switch to a new phone, such as iPhone, you may want to transfer these files to the new phone, right? Among all these files, the most important one is contacts, which enables you to contact and share information with friends.

Nokia Lumia is a typical kind of Windows phone that works depend on a valid Microsoft ID. The Microsoft ID is so important to Windows phone since it is used to back up all files including calendar, contacts of your Windows phone.

To start with, you need to log on to to create an Outlook account to sync contacts that you saved on your Nokia Lumia phone. Once you have created your Outlook account successfully and synced your Nokia Lumia with the Outlook account, you can start to associate your account with MS Outlook. In the following passages, you can learn more about how to associate your account with Outlook and how to import Outlook contacts to your iPhone with ease. Just follow me to have a try!

Part 1. Steps to Associate your Account with Outlook

Please follow the two steps below to complete the task and associate your account with Outlook.

Step 1: Sync contacts from your Nokia Lumia to Outlook account

1. Firstly, please turn to open your Nokia Lumia phone and then bring up Apps section on the home screen. Then please scroll through and locate the app “People” here.

2. After launching the “People” app, you can see all contacts saved in your Nokia Lumia phone. Please turn to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the icon “Setting”, which is represented as three horizontally aligned dots.


3. Now you can see a pop-up window, please tap the option “add an account”, which locates under “settings”.


4. You can see a new screen called “ADD CONTACTS” now, please click the option “add an account” here.


5. Now is the new screen “ADD AND ACCOUNT”, please choose “” among the several options.


6. In the window “OUTLOOK.COM”, you are required to connect to, just click “connect” to continue.


7. You will then be directed to the official website of Microsoft, here please enter into your correct credentials in the available fields, and then click “Sign In”.
8. Now just wait for a few seconds, all contacts in your Nokia Lumia will be pushed into your Microsoft account automatically.

Step 2: Associate Outlook ID to MS Office Outlook in your PC

1. Please turn to your PC and click on the “Start” button. Here is to take Windows 7 as an example.

2. When bringing up the Start menu, please click “All programs” and find the Microsoft Office 2013 container, then just open it.

3. Click to bring up Outlook 2003 in the container.

Note: Here I will take MS Office 2013 which is installed on Windows 7 as an example. If you are using any other version of Windows or MS Office, please choose your options accordingly.

4. When you see the application, please confirm to add an email account to MS Outlook when prompted.
5. Now you can see the new window “Add an account”, just enter the correct credentials of your account.


6. Just wait for a few seconds; the MS Office will start to associate with you account automatically.


7. You can now see the box “Add Account confirmation”, just turn to the bottom right corner and click the “Finish” button.


8. Once your account is successfully associated with Outlook, you can start to sync with your MS Office Outlook.

After finishing the steps above, you have already associate your account with Outlook. Now, it’s time to import your Nokia Lumia contacts to your new iPhone. In the following passages, you can learn how to complete the task easier with help of a third party tool.

Part 2. Steps to Import Outlook Contacts to iPhone With Ease

There are many methods in the market through which you can import Outlook contacts to your iPhone. However, you have to waste a lot of time when experience most of these methods. Here I recommend you a very easy and simplified method – you can try the program – dr.fone – Transfer (iOS). With the help of the program, you can easily transfer contacts and other files from your Nokia Lumia to iPhone in just one click and save your time largely!

Please note that dr.fone is such a useful program that enables you to manage almost all files on your iOS device in one click. In addition, you can perform many additional tasks with the Toolkit function. These additional functions include extracting audio file from a video, copying media from iTunes to your PC and converting media files to iOS-compatible format.

What’s more, with the built-in function “Contacts Manager“, Toolkit also enables you to backup all your contacts, import/export these contacts to/from Outlook and find/merge duplicate contacts with ease.

Here I will show you how to import contacts from Outlook account to iPhone with help of the program dr.fone – iOS Transfer.

1. At the very beginning, please download the program here and install it on your computer. Then please launch it by double clicking.

2. Please connect your iPhone to the PC via a USB cable. The program will start to detect your device immediately and display it in the starting window of the program.

3. Now please turn to the left side pane of the window and choose “Contacts” option here.

4. In the Contact window here, please click the button “Import” in the right panel of the window from the standard toolbar at the top side.

5. Then in the display menu, please choose Outlook 2003/2007/2007/2013/2016.

6. You will then see the pop-up window “Choose Profile“, please type a profile name you need.

7. Just wait for a few seconds now. The program will start to initiate the process of importing the contacts from your MS Office Outlook profile to your iPhone automatically.

8. Now switch to the confirmation box of “Import Contacts” and click “Import” to proceed with the import process.

Well done! Now you just need to wait for a seconds. The program will load and display all imported contacts to the Contact list of your iPhone automatically! As you may find, it is quite simple and easy-going to import contacts from Outlook account to your iPhone with help of dr.fone. And also, you can easily transfer all contacts between your Nokia Lumia and iPhone through Outlook account only with dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) at hand!

Want to have a try? Don’t hesitate anymore! Just download the free trial version here now!


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