Methods to Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android

Methods to Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android

It is an easy thing to switch to use a new phone, such as an Android phone. However, you have to transfer all the contacts from your old phone to a new Android phone, which is not easy going. What’s worse, if your two phones are of the different operating systems, the task will be tough. Here is to show you how to transfer contacts from Lumia to Android in two methods. The first method is done through a Google account.

Firstly, you need to export contacts from your Lumia phone to Outlook account, then download the contacts in the form of .CSV file; secondly, please upload the .CSV file to your Google contacts. After that your contacts are saved in your Gmail account, you need to sign in to your Google account in Android phone to sync all contacts to your new phone.

You can also try the second method, which is done through a third party tool. Here is to introduce you dr.fone to have a try, which will make the process more simpler. In the following article, you can learn detailed steps about the program and steps to complete the task.

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Steps to Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android through Google Account

If you want to transfer contacts through your Google account, you will need time, energy and power, a Lumia device and a good internet connection. Here are steps for you to complete the task:

Part 1: Sync Contacts from Nokia Lumia to Outlook Account

Step 1: Firstly, please turn to your Nokia Lumia phone and go to the “People” app. Then turn to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Settings” icon.


Step 2: In the new screen, click on “Accounts” and then choose “add an account” in bottom of the screen.


Step 3: You can see a new screen with many accounts to add. Here please click on “Microsoft account” and then enter into your Outlook account password to sign in.


Just wait for a few seconds; all contacts in your Lumia phone will be synced with your Outlook account automatically.

Step 4: Now, you need to go to web browser and input Then just sign in your Outlook account with your Microsoft account that is the same as you just used in Lumia. This step is used to get these contacts on your PC or laptop.


Step 5. After logging in your Outlook account, in the home screen, please click on “People” to bring up the new screen.


Step 6: Your Outlook account will then bring up your address book automatically. You can see all contacts that you ever saved in Lumia now.


Step 7: Now turn to upper of the screen and click on “Manage”. Then click on “Export to and other services”. You will then be required to choose a location to save the exported .CSV file. Just enter the location you need, a .CSV file will be downloaded the desired location then.


Part 2: Import Outlook contacts to Android Phone

After uploading your Lumia contacts to Outlook account, you now need to import these contacts to your Android phone. Here are steps:

Step 1: Firstly, please bring up your browser and input Then you need to enter into your Gmail account that you used earlier.

Step 2: In the new screen, click on Gmail and then choose Contacts.


Step 3: Turn to the top of the screen and click on “More”, which is next to Add contact, to bring up the menu bar, and then choose “Import”.


Step 4: Now please click on “Choose File” and open up the .CSV file you just stored. Then click on “Open” to bring up the file.


Step 5: Now, your contacts have been saved to your Gmail account automatically. What you need to do is signing in your Android phone by using the same Gmail account.

Steps to Transfer Contacts from Lumia to Android Through dr.fone Android Transfer

As you can find, it is quite time-consuming to transfer contacts through Google account. Through the first method, you have an upload Lumia contacts to your Outlook and then download contacts from Outlook to Android. During the process, you have to input many times of username and password. To make the transfer easy-handling, I introduce you the professional third-party tool, which is called dr.fone -Android Phone Manager.

With the help of dr.fone Transfer, you can find it quite easy to transfer files, even contacts from Nokia Lumia to Android phone. Through the method, you only need to connect your two devices to PC and follow the tutorial to complete the task in clicks. You can now download a free trial version of the program here to have a try before purchase it.

dr.fone Android Transfer is such a professional program that not only enables you to transfer contacts, but also many other files such as videos, photos, music, etc. in one click! What’s more, the program is very safe that you don’t need to worry about data loss! Just follow the following steps to complete the transfer!

Step 1: To start with, please install the program on your computer and launch it by double clicking. Then you need to connect the Android phone to computer via USB cables.


Step 2: The program will start to detect your devices automatically and display them in the starting window of the program.

Step 3: In the starting window, please turn to the left side column and click to bring up the menu window, and then choose Contacts.

Step 4: Now you can see a new screen, please choose “Import”, and then choose “Import contacts from computer”, and then “from Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013”. Later, just choose “Import” and wait for a few seconds.

Congratulations! The program will start to transfer contacts for you automatically. What’s more, the transferred files will be converted into compatible format automatically. You can then check all-important contacts on your new Android phone and share information with friends! Don’t you think the program very useful? Don’t hesitate to have a try now!

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