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Method to Transfer Photos from Samsung Note 5 / Note 4 / Note 8 to PC

In the past, we use a camera to take photos to record every precious moment of our life. With technology develops, the nowadays-smart phone, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5/8/9, cannot only use to contact friends but also as a camera to take photos! However, due to the limitation of the storage size of the Galaxy Note 4/5, we need to back up photos to leave more space for other files. Well, transfer the photos to your PC as backup becomes a very useful method.

You can benefit a lot to transfer Samsung Galaxy Note 9 / 8 / 5 / 4 / Edge photos to PC. On one hand, since photos are so important and precious, you can not only backup photos to avoid losing them; on the other hand, a lot of storage space can be freed up so that you can add more new information. Due to the benefits above, it is a good choice to transfer your precious photos to PC.

To complete the transfer, you can find many methods through the Internet. In the following passages, I will introduce you some of the best transfer tools for you with detailed steps to handle them. You can choose any one according to your preference.

1. dr.fone – Best Tool to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 5|8|4 to PC

When it comes to transferring Samsung Note 9 / 8 / 5 / 4 photos to PC, definitely dr.fone Transfer for Android is the best one for you. Since photos shot by Samsung Note are always in large size to ensure high-resolution, you need a professional tool to save your time. In the site now, you can download the free trial version of both Windows version and Mac version. Here I will take Windows version as an example to show you steps to handle the program. You can follow similar steps and the wizard if you are Mac user.

Advanced Features of dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

  • You can manage your smartphone of both Android and iOS quite conveniently and directly;
  • It is easy to manage all contents on your Samsung Note 4/5/8/9/10 with the toolkit;
  • Even delete files by mistake; you can recover them in several clicks to avoid losing them.

Here is to show you steps to handle the program. At the very beginning, please download the Windows version of dr.fone and install it on your computer by following the wizard. Then please turn to the steps below to continue.

Step 1: Set Up your Samsung Note 4/Note 5/Note 8/Note 9 / Note 10

Firstly, you need to connect your Samsung Note 4/5/8/9 to the computer. You can do the connection either through USB cable or Wi-Fi with the Windows version. The program can start to detect your device immediately and display it in the starting window.

Step 2: Select Photos and Transfer them with Ease

Now please turn to the left side column of the window and click on Photos to bring up all photos that saved on your Samsung device. Here you can check them with the built-in player and select the ones you want to transfer to computer. Just select them and click on Export. Then you need to locate a place on your computer to save exported photos. The program will start to transfer files at a fast speed to save your time. After the task, you can check these photos and make any edition on your computer!

Note: To ensure success of the task, you should connect your Samsung device to computer stably during the whole process.

2. Samsung Kies to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 9/8/7/5/4/Edge to PC

As the official Samsung Manager tool, Samsung Kies is another useful tool for you to transfer photos to PC with reliability. The tool is very helpful to transfer various kinds of files such as photos, videos, music, documents and contacts with ease. Here is to show you how to transfer photos to computer with Samsung Kies step by step.

At the very beginning, please download the latest version of Samsung Kies and install it on your computer by following the wizard.

Step 1: Firstly, please connect your Samsung Note 4/5/8 to computer via a USB cable. The tool will detect your device automatically and display it in the window of the program.

Transfer Pictures from Samsung Note 5 / Note 4 / Note 7 to PC

Step 2: Now, you can click on Photos in the left side column to bring up all photos saved on your Samsung phone. You can now scan and select the ones you need to transfer and then click on Save to continue. After the step, you can check exported photos on your computer with a larger screen and even make any edition easier than ever.

Transfer Photos from Samsung Note 5 / Note 4 / Note 7 to PC

3. Email to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/9/8/7/5/4 to PC

In addition to turning to professional transfer tools, you can even transfer photos with the help of email. However, due to limitations of email, you can only transfer photos within a certain size at a time and a lot of time will be wasted, especially when you have huge numbers of photos to transfer. If only several photos need to be transferred, you can turn to email for help. Here are the steps for you to follow.

Step 1: Firstly, please turn to your Samsung Note 4/5/8/9/10 and open gallery. Then please click on the album to bring up all photos saved on your device.

Step 2: Now, please find the photos you want to transfer and click on them. You will then see several options, please tap on Email or Gmail. Then just click on Send to continue. Also, you can add some messages to contain more information you want to send.

As you can see in the article, every method has its advantages and disadvantages. However, since you can only transfer several photos at a time with email, you’d better turn to the former 2 methods if you want to transfer huge numbers of photos to save your time.

If you want transfer many photos to your computer at a time, we strongly recommend you the first 2 methods – through dr.fone – Android Transfer or Samsung Kies to complete the task in shorter time.

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