LG G5 Root | How to Root LG G5, G4, G3 Easily

LG G5 Root | How to Root LG G5, G4, G3 Easily

The majority of Android users who choose not to root their device is preventing themselves from gaining access to so many other possibilities. You see, anyone who doesn’t have a great understanding of how the Android platform works won’t know that when using your device, you won’t have access to absolutely everything. To us, this isn’t right. We believe that any device which you own; you should have full access to use. With this in mind, our focus for this article is going to be how you can root LG G5 as well as the LG G4 and LG G3 with the professional LG G5 Root tool.

The Perfect LG G5 Root Tool for You

Once you’ve heard about rooting and what it can do for you, you’ll be faced with a hard decision. Picking the tool to use to root LG G5, G4, G3. There are so many options out there although realistically, there is one option which gets the job done efficiently. This program is dr.fone – Root, a program which will undoubtedly exceed all of your expectations.

Why Root LG G5, G4, G3?

There are many reasons for LG G5 root, some of which I have listed below:

  • To get rid of any pre-installed software and applications which otherwise would be irremovable.
  • If you are someone who avidly plays games on their LG device, root it allows you to installed cracked versions of these games.
  • When rooting your device, you are able to make changes to it which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Because of this, you can make the necessary changes to allow for better user experience.

The possibilities with rooting your device are endless, and these are just some of the main reasons as to why you should root it.

Backup Before You LG G5 Root

This is one step that a lot of people forget to do. When you root your device, you are altering the hard-coded software which keeps your device running. Because of that, there is a chance of data corruption. To prevent losing any of your valuable data it’s important that you take a few moments to take a backup of the device. If you need a 1-click LG backup and restore tool, click it and you will find the easiest solution for you.

Using dr.fone to Root LG G4, G5, G3

The process which we are about to explain to you will help you to not only root your device but provide you with complete control over what you can do with it.

By following each of these steps exactly as we describe, at the end of the process, you will have a fully rooted device.

Step #1 – To kick off this process, make sure that you have downloaded the dr.fone program and that it has been installed accordingly. If you haven’t installed this program properly, then the process will not work.

Step #2 – Once the program is open and you’re prepared to get started, Click on “Root” function and connect your LG device with a USB cable and give your computer a few moments to detect the connection.

Root LG G5

Step #3 – A notification box will then display on your screen. It’s important that you read this warning box to ensure that you fully understand what is going on.

Step #5 – Now just wait for the process to complete itself, and you’ll have successfully performed the LG G5 Root process.

As you can see for yourself, it’s really not that difficult to root LG G4, G5, G3. There are many methods out there which can make the process overly complicated, but why go through the stress and hassle of those methods when you can use the “Root” process which is offered by dr.fone? There’s no reason to not give it a shot!

What Else dr.fone Has to Offer

Besides the fact that you can use dr.fone to root LG G4, G3, G5, the program itself can be used for so many other reasons. Below is a list of some of the features which make dr.fone a unique program in its own way.

  • Phone to Phone Transfer. Recently purchased a new phone? If that’s the case, the chances are that you’ll be looking into transferring the data from your old phone to LG G5, G4, G3, onto your new phone. With dr.fone-Switch, simply connect both your devices to your computer and follow the steps provided, and you’ll have the data on your new phone in just a matter of minutes.
  • iTunes to Android. Due to competitive market reasons, you aren’t able to transfer content from your iTunes library onto an Android device. This can be frustrating if you have made the move from iOS to Android. Fortunately, dr.fone-Android Transfer allows you to transfer any media from iTunes library onto your Android device, and deals with any compatibility issues which arise, for you.
  • Backup and Restore. Backing up your mobile phone is important, especially before the LG G5 root process. With dr.fone- Android Backup&Restore, you can take a backup of all the data which is currently stored on your device and if need be, you can also restore any of the backups which you have taken.

dr.fone is one of the best programs which Wondershare has to offer and by not giving it a try, you’re missing out!

To Conclude…

Rooting your Android device has virtually no downside to doing so although in some cases, it may void your device’s warranty. That being said, LG G5 Root allows you to gain full access to the potential features which your phone can provide you. If you haven’t already gone through the root LG G5, G4, G3 process, follow the steps above and regain control over your device.



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