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Huawei to iOS 13: How to Sync Huawei Ascend/Honor/Mate Data with iPhone

As iOS 13 comes out, the new iPhone, maybe the name of iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro Max, is awaiting its release day. Are you ready to get it? Or you may want to buy an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro upgraded to iOS 13. But, what do you do with your Huawei Ascend/Honor/Mate phone? You may find it kind of difficult to transfer the data stored on Huawei’s phone to your new iOS 13 devices.

I believe it is not too hard to change a phone but if you have a handy application to help you. It is known that Huawei phones run Android Operation System, which is quite different from iOS 13/12. And not only Huawei run Android, but also a lot of others like Sony, LG. And it is never too easy to transfer data between Android and iOS 13 / 12.

Huawei indeed developed software called HiSuite to back up and restore data so that we can get the data transferred actually. But it asked us to finish it with two actions, which are really troublesome. And sometimes, it can cause data loss during transmission. In this case, dr.fone – Switch & dr.fone – Backup&Restore(Android)  may suit you down to the ground. It is compatible with devices with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. And all the data are transferable including contacts, call logs, messages, photos, audios, videos, and apps. And it is very easy for users even the novices.

Now, here goes a brief tutorial about how to transfer data from Huawei to iOS devices:

Part 1. Backup Huawei Ascend/Honor/Mate phone data and then Restore to iOS 10 or iOS 11

First, you need to download and install dr.fone, and then run it to get yourself face to face with the primary window.

1. Back Up Huawei Phone Data

Tap on “Backup&Restore“, and connect your old Huawei phone to your computer. Then you will see a box with a list of data, check the one you want to back up, and click on “Backup”.

2.Restore to iOS device

After it finishes backing up, simply eject your old Huawei phone and plug in the new iOS device one. Then tap on “Backup&Restore” on the primary window. On the left box, you can see a few backup files with names of devices and backup dates. Choose the one you want to restore, and on the middlebox choose the data. Click on “Restore to Device” to get them.

Tip: dr.fone is also able to restore backup files created by other applications, for example, iTunes, iCloud.

Part 2. 1-Click Huawei to iOS 11 Data Transfer

First, connect both of your Huawei & iOS 11 phones to your computer, and wait for them being detected. Then on the primary window, tap on “Switch” so that you will see both of them displayed on the primary window. Remember to keep your old phone on the left and your new phone on the right. Or you can click on “Flip” to adjust them.

Huawei Ascend/Honor/Mate to iOS Devices

Then, choose the data that you want to transfer, and click on “Start Transfer“.

Quite easy, isn’t it? You can also download the free trial version of dr.fone – Switch to have a try if you are interested in it.


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