HTC One M9 Tutorial: Be a Know-All about Your HTC Device

Despite the HTC One M9 may not have a big update compared with the former generation, it is still an amazing phone to experience the enjoyment of “DIY”. In this article, ten tips will be offered to help you gain a better control of your device. Let us wait no more and check them out one by one.

Tip 1: Easy way to manage HTC One M9 home screen widgets

Widgets are so time-saving and user-friendly that users can access and control features without navigating to phone’s setting or going into an app. To manage widgets on your home screen, you can:

  • Tap any empty space on a random home screen for a few seconds. When the Personalize page pops up, select Add apps and widgets.
  • As you want, you can add stuffs such as WiFi widgets, the Peel Smart Remote, and so on. Some commonly used widgets like Bluetooth, WiFi and Mobile Data, are usually put much further down the widgets list, thus you might have to scroll down to find them.
  • By long tapping the icon of the widget you want to add to your home screen, you can drag it up into one random home screen thumbnail shown above.

Tip 2: Customize your unique HTC home screen

Nobody likes to be the same as the others especially when it comes to the taste, and the home screen of your phone is one fantastic way to show your unique taste. So, to get rid of your HTC’s default UI, you can do something like this:

  • Run the Themes app
  • Press the “+” icon at the top right of the screen
  • Select Choose Home image, tap Gallery to choose one photo that you want to set as the theme background, or to take a new photo by tapping Camera.
  • After selecting a background, choose a filter, edit the image into a certain size, then hit Next and you will access the Create theme page. Besides, you can also tweak the HTC theme by tapping Edit or Next you just made if you feel like to do so.
  • Name the theme, tick the box with Apply this theme, and tap OK. Done!

Tip 3: Make the most of the volume rocker to open the camera

Have you ever thought about turning on your phone camera without unlocking your screen? If you want to know how to set it, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to Settings and go to Display and gestures. Opt for the Motion Launch, and tick the “Volume button. This will launch camera” box.
  • Before it works, you should still give volume rocker as shutter button in your camera app. For enabling this, launch Camera app, select three-dot image and tap the Settings.
  • Go to General Settings and choose Volume button and then click on Capture.

That’s it!

Tip 4: Glove mode make it possible to use HTC One M9 with your gloves on

When it is in winter, you may have gloves on. One annoying thing is that some devices may not work when you want to use it with gloves on, but it is not a problem for the HTC One M9 since you can simply tackle it by enabling the “Glove mode”.


Head to Settings and opt for Display and gestures, and tick the Glove mode box to activate this feature, which will make the screen all the more sensitive. However, due to its sensitivity, we suggest you switch it off if you do not need it since your device might misbehave when you carry it around.

Tip 5: Limit mobile data usage on your device

There are many apps that empower you to cap mobile data usage in the Internet, but you don’t need to download any app on HTC One M9 to achieve this goal since your phone has this feature itself. Your HTC even enables you to fix a monthly sequence for the data you use syncing with the contacts you get in touch with monthly.

  • Navigate to Settings. And choose ‘More Data usage’ and tick the box next to the selection “Limit mobile data usage”.
  • There will appear a graph with two lines, one telling the data limit you customize and the other showing when you will receive an alert while the limit is approaching. Use colored markers present on right side to drag these two lines and make them aligned with the data tariff.
  • Press Reset data usage and set date when you receive bill from the network provider on a monthly basis.

Tip 6: Check battery use on HTC One M9 phone

At present, many smart phones have their own apps for battery monitoring, so does the HTC One M9, which shows the battery usage in details. Let’s check how you can use it.

  • Open Settings -> Power (where you are allowed to turn on the Power saver. This will also activate the Extreme mode for power saving).
  • To check a graph that shows your battery depleting, you can tap History. The graph will also show you the number of days left before to recharge your device.
  • Locate Power menu, press Battery usage to check which features, apps, and services use battery the most. To know which apps use the most of battery, you can tap the Screen on or Screen off.
  • To turn a battery consuming app off, select it from the list and “Force stop” it.

Tip 7: Simple way to hide “smart folders” and bloatware

Just like the other Android phones, HTC One M9 has the annoying “smart folders” and pre-loaded apps as well, but there is a simple way to get rid of them.

  • To hide “smart folders”: generally, Downloads and Suggestions from your Sense Home Widget are named “smart folders”. In the widget, tap the dropdown menu which has Home/Work/Out, overflow menu with three-dotted image, and then the folders with Show/hide. Tick off the folders boxes that you do not want to show, and then press OK.
  • To hide bloatware: go to the app drawer, hit the three-dotted icon at the top right of the screen, Hide/unhide apps, and select all the apps that you want to hide.

Tip 8: Freely switch camera from front to rear

It seems not easy to change between the rear camera and the front one on the HTC One M9 since you have to touch the image with four-circle present below to select a different shooting mode. Actually, you can switch it quickly in this way:


To achieve this on your device, you swipe up or down when mode is landscape mode, or left or right if you are taking a selfie. Plus, you can easily switch to Panorama mode utilizing the same method if you are in landscape mode.

Tip 9: Personalize your own mute mode

The mute mode is accessed on every smart phone nowadays, but sometimes the standard form of mute mode might not cater to your special need. As follows, there are some tips to fine-tune or personalize the mute mode.

  • To mute your music, videos, or alarm, respectively, press volume button and the emerging cog icon present on “Ringtone”.
  • To mute your ringtone, just long-press the volume down button on your phone until it switches into mute mode.
  • You can also utilize sliders to change volume on the corresponding features.

Tip 10: Make your device an all-in-one TV remote

Inheriting the feature of the HTC One M8, HTC One M9 is equipped with iR blaster as well, so it could be used as an comprehensive remote for AV receivers, TVs and air conditioners at your home. The “TV” app in the HTC One M9 is called Peel Smart Remote, which has been updated into an even better version. Below are the steps to do it:

  • To begin with, you need to download, install and run Peel Smart Remote.
  • Follow the instructions and when it is completed, a screen will pop up showing you the available Live TV.
  • Besides, you can also add one more device by tapping Add device, and the steps are exactly the same as in setting up for your TV.
  • If you would like to display the remote control in notifications menu and to have “Always on” type of widget in the screen, the best way is to tap the Settings with three-dotted icon, and then scroll down to Remote Control.
  • Of course, using standard method can also add the remote control widget. Just check “Quickly add widgets to your home screens”.

Here is the end of this tutorial. Hope you have already got the clue about how to master your HTC One M9.

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