How to Use Windows Phone for Free Phone Calls in 2018

With the development of science and technology, the phone is getting more and more intelligent. Now the phone can be used to make the ordinary phone calls, but also to make the special free phone calls with some third party apps. The main reason is the Voice over Internet Protocol technology, or you can call it VoIP for short. The VoIP can send our voice on the Internet. That is to say, if you have a steady network, you can make the free phone calls without hassle. Of course, you also need a relevant app on your phone. For the users of the Windows phone, I would like to share you some good ones.

App 1. ICQ

You can easily call your friends in the USA, with the ICQ. But if you want to call someone who is not in the USA, he should install the ICQ on his mobile phone too. Now, you can also text your friends or chat them over a video.

1.It offers an intuitive interface, so you will find it easy to use.
2.It is compatible with a lot of different mobile phones.
3.The voice transmitted by the ICQ is of high quality.
1.The interface is intuitive but kind of unshapely.

App 2. Blackberry Messenger

As its name, the BBM used to serve for the Blackberry users only, but now, you can also use it on your Windows phone.


1.The phone calls are free with this app.
2.You can also share the photos to your contacts.
1.The transmitting speed is kind of slow.

App 3. Viber

With this Viber, you can feel free to talk to your friends and family without worrying about the cost, because it is free of charge.


1.It is a freeware.
2.The Windows phones are in its supporting list.
1.You still need to purchase the credits for the unique phone number.
2.There is a little delay with this app.

App 4. Line

The Line is now growing bigger. The user group of it has reached to half of the WhatsApp.


1.You can call your friends with the Line on both phones for free.
2.The Line supports a lot of different mobile phones including the Windows phone.
1.If you call a non-Line user, he will have to pay some money.
2.There are many bugs in the Line waiting for updating.

App 5. ooVoo Video Call

The OoVoo Video Call has a cute name, and a promising user group. You can either make free phone calls, or send free messages to your contacts.


1.There is little delay on this app.
2.The quality it offers is excellent.
3.It supports many kinds of mobile phones, like the Windows phone.
4.You can also message your friends.
1.The user group is still too small.

App 6. WhatsApp

If you are thinking about choosing a tool for free phone calls, then you must have heard the name WhatsApp. It is a famous one.


1.You can make free phone calls with this app on your Windows phone without the hassle.
2.The voice transmitted by this service remains high-quality.
3.The user group of it is large. So if you choose it, you may already have a bunch of friends who are using it.
4.You can even make free phone calls cross-platform.
1.It is not totally free, just the first year. Then after that, if you want to go on using it, you need to pay 0.99 dollar per year.

App 7. Nimbuzz

The Nimbuzz enables the users to make the phone calls and also send the messages.


1.It is a multi-functional app, besides making free phone calls.
2.It is available on many mobile phones including the Windows phone.
3.You can easily share photos and videos with your friends.
1.It doesn’t support to be used for background.

App 8. Skype

The Skype may be the most popular app for free phone calls all around the world. You can easily make the free phone calls to the others as long as they have the Skype on their phone too.


1.You will have a unique phone number after you pay for the Skype credits.
2.It is available for almost all the mobile phones including the Windows phones.
1.The phone calls are free, but you need to pay for the credits.
2.This app can crash a lot.

App 9. KakaoTalk

You can see often people outside of North America use the KakaoTalk, but it is not so popular with North America.


1.You can use it on your Windows phone or the other mobile phones.
2.You can use it to call your contacts freely.
1.There are some bugs in this app, so it can go crash sometimes.

App 10. Magicjack

Magicjack is usually used in the USA. It is simple, but it does act excellently when it comes to make free phone calls.


1.It is a freeware.
2.It is simple and easy to use.
1.The quality of the voice it transmitted is not as good as the other apps above.

Now that you have learned so many apps for making free calls, it must be easy to choose one for giving it a try. With some many important personal files on your Windows phone, you may need a file manager for Windows phone too. In this case, you can use the dr.fone – Switch, which is a professional application for managing all kinds of files on the Windows mobile phone. The dr.fone – Switch is compatible with the Windows phones, Android phones, iOS devices and Symbian phones. It can help the users transfer the files between two phones, or from the mobile phone to the computer, and then you can also restore the backups of your mobile phone. Before switching to a new phone, you can use the dr.fone – Erase to erase all the personal data on your old phone. Anyway, it is a useful application. You deserve one as there are so many important files on your Windows phone.

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