How to Unlock Galaxy S3 (Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300, I9305)

How to Unlock Galaxy S3 (Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300, I9305)

For a lot of us, we go through the embarrassing phase of forgetting our phones newly set lock screen password. Some very tech savvy individuals are able to sort it out themselves, while most aren’t able to. The truth is, it’s one of the most common issues and when it happens to someone from an older generation who recently decided to take a step in the smartphone direction, it can put them down when they have to go back to the phone shop and ask for help. With that in mind, if this has happened to you before or even worse, it happens to you on a regular basis, then worry no more! We have a few different solutions for you to unlock Galaxy S3 without having to pay for it to be fixed for you!

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Unlocking Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Using Dr.Fone

dr.fone’s – Android Unlock feature allows for you to unlock Galaxy S3 and sort out the issue yourself. There are 4 different type of lock screens that are available on the Samsung Galaxy S3, and dr.fone is able to unlock every single one of them. Some benefits of using dr.fone for all of your Android lock screen removal needs are:

  • You are able to remove any type of lock screen (either pattern, PIN, password, or fingerprint, lock screens)
  • While using dr.fone to remove your lock screen, there will be absolutely no data loss on your phone. The only thing that will be affected is the removal of your lock screen which you can add back at your earliest convenience.
  • dr.fone is a user-friendly program and regardless of how much you know about technology, whether it be a little or a lot, you are able to use the program with ease.
  • Your carrier is not a problem. Whether you’re with T-Mobile or Verizon, any carrier is compatible with dr.fone.
  • The program currently works for the Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung Galaxy Note series, and the Samsung Galaxy Tablet series. There are more compatible devices being added every time that the software is updated. It also fixes your problem on ‘how to unlock LG phone‘.

It’s important to note that if you aren’t able to unlock Galaxy S3 using dr.fone, there is a 30-day money back guarantee! Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it not working as you are able to get your money back, however, the proof will more than likely be requested in such case.

How to Unlock Galaxy S3 Using dr.fone – Unlock

We’ve discussed some of the features of dr.fone and why it’s your perfect choice when you are in need of having your Android device unlocked due to a glitch, so let’s look at the in-depth steps for using dr.fone to unlock your phone without any issues.

Before we get into the in-depth steps, if you haven’t already done so then go ahead and download dr.fone, then install it accordingly. After installing the program, open it up and wait for it to fully load. Once it has fully loaded, you’re ready to go.

Step #1 – After making sure that the program is installed properly and you have loaded it up, select the “Screen Unlock” option.


Step #2 – A display will appear making you aware of the process that is about to begin, click on the “Start” option.

Note: As mentioned in the program, this method currently only supports Samsung & LG devices.

The next few steps require close attention as it may take a couple of tries to get right.
Step #3 – You will be required to put your phone into “Download mode”, and to do so you must start by turning your Samsung device off.

Step #4 – After it has powered down, press and hold the “volume down” button, the “Home” button, and the “Power” button, all at the same time.

Step #5 – A warning message will appear, at which point you must press the “volume up” button and click on the “Start” option on the Dr.Fone program.

Step #6 – The process may take a few minutes as it must download the recovery packages, so it depends on your download speed.

Step #7 – After the recovery packages have been downloaded, the recovery process will begin which just like the download, can take some time depending on a few different factors.

Once the final step has been completed, dr.fone will notify you and you will be able to use your phone just as before. As a precaution, turn your Android device off and back on, where you will then be able to add back your lock screen if you feel necessary.

Are you finding difficulties with these steps about how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 and you feel as though you need additional help? Don’t worry about it. If you need any additional help or would like to see the process done from a visual perspective, check out the video tutorial that we have put up for you to see.

More about dr.fone

Customer Support.

As with any product, we offer a team of Customer Support Representatives that you are able to contact if you run into any issues with the product. While in our eyes Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android is a fairly easy piece of software to use, regardless of your level of technical knowledge you may still run into some issues or may be unsure how to use certain features. In this case, we’d suggest taking a look at some of our other tutorials to check whether or not there is already help available and save yourself some time by not having to wait on our response, however, if you need any help we are here to help!

Data Loss.

While in this particular process we have never found that losing data has been an issue, in many of the other features offered by Dr.Fone there is the risk of losing data.

All in All.

Most of us use our phones regularly, whether it’s to keep in touch with relatives or order food, the bottom line is that we use them fairly often. If we run into a problem, which in this case is being unable to unlock our Samsung Galaxy S3, then we need it dealt with as fast as possible. As you can tell from above, Dr.Fone’s process is fairly simple and if done correctly should not take very long at all. That is why dr.fone is the best choice for you, and why if you need a fast Galaxy S3 to unlock, it should be your first choice.

Apple Devices

While this particular process is not available for Apple devices and you are only able to unlock Galaxy S3, there are various other features that are available with Dr.Fone if you currently use an Apple device, so don’t worry! From data management tools to selectively restoring your data, you have all of these tools at your fingertips.

Data Management

As a side note, knowing how to unlock Galaxy S3 is important, but it’s also important that you properly manage your smartphone’s data. Dr.Fone offers a variety of data related tools so that you are able to easily backup or restore any data that you have lost, which is very important. A lot of smartphone users update various applications as well as their phones operating system regularly, and when updating anything you run the risk of data corrupting and therefore losing the data. For this precise reason, it’s important that you remember to back up your phone’s data on a regular basis.

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