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How to Transfer Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8 Plus, S9 Plus

WhatsApp has turned out to be one of the greatest widespread message applications in the world. Many of us will not find it pleasant while transferring WhatsApp chat history or messages from any model of the iPhone to the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge since they might involve various steps and bit confusing. So don’t worry. Luckily it is pretty cool to do it with dr.fone Toolkit since they have made your jobs easy and handy. They help you in transferring your WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge & export iTunes playlist to another device very safely.

With the help of the Dr.Fone software, you would be able to effortlessly transfer all the WhatsApp backup data from your old iPhone to new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, such as the chat history, videos, photos, and any attachments.

dr.fone – Restore Social App now maintains to transfer, backup and restore WhatsApp information on iOS gadgets or exchange WhatsApp data from iOS gadget to another iOS gadget or to an Android gadget. Clients can now easily transfer, or take back up and even restore the iPhone WhatsApp messages and any of the WhatsApp attachments, send out them to the PC and connect the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge again to the Computer and do the desired action with no trouble.

All you have to do is installing the Dr.Fone software and here we would like to share two easy options to transfer the data. To make it clear follow the below steps to transfer the data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

You have two ways to transfer the WhatsApp messages, one by connecting both the gadgets to the computer at the same time or initially you can back up your data from iPhone to computer, and then finally restore them to Galaxy S7 Edge later. Here we have the step by step methods about both the process on how to transfer the Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Transmitting conversations, pictures, video recording, etc. and even attachments can also be done here. Just follow these simple steps:

Process 1: Connecting both the iPhone & Galaxy S7 Edge at the same time and transferring the WhatsApp Messages

Step 1: Before starting up the process via Dr.Fone, you are requested to download and install the Dr.Fone for iOS Software. Once you have downloaded then you are asked to launch the Dr.Fone on your computer. When you open the app,  enter “WhatsApp Transfer” feature you will have a “Whatsapp” tab just click on to that. Then you will be landed to a page with many options, what you have to do is just select the Transfer, “Transfer WhatsApp messages” option that is available in the tool list.

Step 2: Once you have done with the selecting step then try to connect your iOS devices or your Android device to the computer you can even connect both the iOS as well as android device with the help of two USB cables at the same time. Since your job is made simpler when both the gadgets are connected at the same time. Once connected your mobile from will get noticed by them, thereafter you will set to see a window as follows. As soon as you are down with this step, you will get to see a screen with two mobile diagrams and from where to where your data are getting transferred. The Source name you will receive as your old iPhone name and destination will be your New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Note: In this step you will be able to do with both iOS device/any model iPhone or iPad to another iOS device/any model iPhone or iPad device and to iOS device/any model iPhone or iPad device to an Android device.

Step 3: Proceeding to the next step, you will need to click on “Transfer” to start your WhatsApp message transfer mode. As the transfer process here will be deleting the existing WhatsApp messages from the destination device, in this stage you will receive a pop up for confirming where to proceed with this action In case if you wish to proceed then you click on “Yes” to confirm this action in case if you still wish to move forward. Post your confirmation the transfer process actually starts.

Note: You will receive an indication (red line) while this process is started, “the Whatsapp chat history on your device will be wiped out“. This is for your notice. Not only these messages will be getting noticed, Dr.fone will also be able to see all the steps process displayed to you. This is an added advantage since you can identify what action in running currently.

Step 4: When the transfer process is going on, you are not supposed to do anything. All you have to do is just simply keep the mobile connected well and then wait for the end. Once the transfer is completed, you will be receiving a pop-up or window stating that the Transfer is completed. This step is easily visible because you will be able to see a Progress Bar that will be appeared. Pause and select “OK” till everything is set done.

When you are finished with all your transfers then finally you can disconnect your device and you will be able view the moved data on your new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or S8 Plus device.

Process 2: Backup your WhatsApp Messages from iPhone and then restore the same to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Let us go in step by step, initially by taking the Backup for messages from the iPhone.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and wait until your device gets recognized. At the time your device will also get recognized and you will find an option called “Backup WhatsApp messages” then you need to select that option. Once you have picked up that option, then the backup process will get started.

The program will complete the process spontaneously.  When the backup is completed, you will be able to see a window saying that your Backup is completed. Also with that, you will have a “View it” tab. Here you are able to view the data that has been backup.

Step 2: After you have viewed the files, you will be able to export the data selectively, suppose if there is more than one backup file listed. You can choose the particular file that you want to view. Dr.Fone has made the software in such a way your steps are made easier without facing any difficulties.

Step 3: You will be able to see all the details. Select the required one that you want to export to the computer or restore to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. You can even export the files to the computer or restore the files to Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 Edge.

Now that backup will be stored on the computer. Here we go with the steps on how we can restore the required files to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Step 4: Connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device to your computer. Once your mobile is recognized and the Dr.Fone software app window is open, you can choose the “Restore to device”. You will be able to see a window saying Select your device backup file to view or restore.

Note: When you restore the files your content or files or information on the device will be deleted. You will have a notice from the Dr.Fone that is a red line indication stating that “The Whatsapp content on your device will be wiped out”.

Step 5: In case you want to restore the whole set of Back up file, then you need to select the backup file and click “Next” to directly restore it to your Android device else you also have options to restore the file one by one that is particularly required by you. For that, you need to select view the backup file and choose the files that you desired to restore to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Those selected files alone get restored in such case.

When the required files have been restored to the destination, you will receive a message that the files have been restored. You can check whether all the desired files like your Whatsapp chat history, messages, images, and the videos sent by your loved ones are available in the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or S8 Plus. Then remove the device safely from your computer.

Hope dr.fone – Restore Social App has made your troubles into easy methods. Dr.Fone makes your WhatsApp Messages transferred safely from iPhone to new Galaxy S7 Edge. So nowadays transferring you are all your contacts, content and data from your earlier iPhone to your new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is made handy by Dr.Fone that too you can do this modestly, securely and hastily.

Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS is a brilliant and innovative software package which can transfer data from one device to another, recover deleted messages, videos, images and even contacts from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad suppose you have deleted it unintentionally or if your OS software has been corrupted. In case of any queries or if you have any further question you can write to us. We are much delighted to answer you quickly.

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