How to Transfer & Import MP3 to iPhone In Batch

MP3 is the most popular music formats in iPhone because the formats only take a bit of your free space on your iPhone while it usually has a fine sound quality of music. Compare and contrast AAC and MP3, the last one is better, actually, it is so difficult to find the Substantial difference of the two formats, in particular when heard with high bitrates. On the other hand, AAC had the problem that many devices can’t support the formats of AAC, but a large variety of devices support the formats of MP3 well. Another option is WAV, has indeed there is a perfect sound, as it doesn’t use any compression technology at all. In addition, the formats of WAV take more free space of your devices. Generally speaking, today, we will teach you two methods to transfer MP3 to iPhone use iTunes and then tell you some useful replace software, it must be much helpful for your daily use.

PS: here, you will figure out how to convert M4B to MP3 and Convert CDA To MP3 with ease.

Way 1. Transfer MP3 to iPhone with iTunes

1.  Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone and your computer, then open iTunes.

2. You can find your iPhone with your mouse in the main iTunes menu.


3. Right now, you can click the options “File “, then open “Add Folder to Library” or “Add Files to Library”, so you can open the folder of the MP3 files, then you can choose which you want to transfer to your iPhone.


4. If you have already synchronized your devices with iTunes on this computer before, and now it has all the same music with your iPhone, so you can choose the option “Entire Music Library” in the menu of Sync Music.

5. As a second choice, you can select the option “specific albums/music genres” of menu “Sync Music” to get synchronized to your devices, so you can manage your music library.

6. If you want to manage your music library simply, just click the button of “Apply” which in the right corner lower.


7. At last, only thing is to wait for the operation that MP3 files are transferred to your iPhone completed!

P.S. If you have only one computer, your iPhone can not be synchronized with more than one computer at a time. As a result, the MP3 files on your devices will be deleted. Take care of this message with this word below, in case you delete your MP3 files in your iPhone.


As normally, anyone does not want to delete all the music files in your iPhone. So, iTunes is not the best choice of music management software, even though you use only one computer to manage your music in your iPhone, there should be no problems occur. In the second part, I will show you a few software to replace iTunes for iPhone music transfer.

Way 2. Transfer MP3 to iPhone XS / XR / X / 8 / 7 / 6S / 6 / SE / 5S / 5 from iTunes, Computer or Other Phone with dr.fone – Transfer

dr.fone – iOS Transfer is just a simple and functional software, it used for transferring your media data, including numbers of music formats from your iPhone to your computer, also has vice-versa function. The software has a user-friendly interface and the large numbers of options, which can make this software much helpful when you want to do something of iPhone MP3 transfer. To compare with iTunes, if you had synchronized your iPhone with your computer, then you will not ever use your multimedia after synchronizing, making it easier to use and friendly. One more hand, this software can convert music files and video files automatically no matter what you want so that they can support Apple devices. In a word, like many iPhone data management software, dr.fone is a very useful alternative software. Many iTunes alternatives just here>>.

Here let me show you how to transfer Mp3 songs to iPhone 7 Plus from computer/iTunes/other devices easily by dr.fone – Transfer.

Part 1. Import Mp3 to iPhone 7 Plus/7 from the computer in batch

Step 1. Download and launch dr.fone – iOS Transfer and then connect iPhone 7 Plus to your computer via USB cable.

Step 2. On the top main menu, please tick “Music” button to enter the windows of “Music”. And then select Mp3 files from your computer you would like to transfer.

Step 3. Now, you can just drag & drop selected Mp3 songs from computer to iPhone 7 as below.

Part 2. Transfer Mp3 files from another smartphone to iPhone 7 Plus directly

Firstly, you should connect both old smartphone and your new iPhone 7 Plus to the computer. And then set old smartphone as the source device on the left. Secondly, tick “Phone to Phone Transfer” function. After that, from the pop-up window, please select iPhone 7 Plus as the target device and then click the button of “Next” to continue. Make sure you just tick “Music” option to start mp3 files transferring process.

Part 3. Sync iTunes Mp3 songs with iPhone 7 Plus

Under the Home menu, please tick “Transfer iTunes Media to Device” option. And then uncheck other file types except for Music on the pop-up window. After that, click the button of “Transfer” to start Mp3 from iTunes to iPhone 7 Plus transferring task.

Way 3. 3 of the most popular Softwares to import MP3 files to iPhone with no iTunes anymore

1. Program: MediaMonkey

Software Price: $ 49.95 (also had the free version of limited features)
Software Size: 14.5 MB
System supported: Windows
Software description:
MediaMonkey has numbers of features, which not only transfer MP3 to iPhone in an easy way and manage the audio/video files in your iPhone as you want, but also can convert the music into the formats you want, like WMA, AVI, MP4 and so on. On the other hand, the software has backup features, auto-DJ function, visualization effects function and much more functions! You can downloaded music from websites with software’s Podcatcher function and directly saved to MediaMonkey directory. It’s supported with iPhone and most of the Android devices. Besides, the software also has a free trial version with these functions.


2. Program: CopyTrans

Software Price: starting from $ 19.99
Soft Size: 8 MB
System supported: Windows
Software description:
CopyTrans is designed based on transferring media data and managing media data, including music files, contacts data, apps files, photos data and so on. For now, it has 4 features software: CopyTrans, CopyTrans with Photo, CopyTrans with Contacts and CopyTrans with Apps, with this 4 software, you can also manage your particular type data. In order to facilitate, we suggest you buy all the software just use $ 29.96. Although, concentrate on music, with this software, you can transfer MP3 files from your iPhone to your computer in an easy way, which can not being afraid of lose everything (which usually happens with iTunes), it means this software can providing more secure and more stable service for us. It did a good job with the iTunes library. At last, all iPhone models and most android devices can use it in a simple way.


3. Program: iExplorer

Software Price: starting from $ 34.99
Software Size: 10 MB
System Supported: Windows and Mac
Software Description:
To compared with iTunes, you can use iExplorer copy MP3 data from your iPhone to your computer, when you use another people’s computer to transfer your media data, it also can do a good job. You can also manage your playlists data in a few time and save them in the folders what you want, which you will use at the future, at the same time when you restore your iTunes library from your iPhone, in case something happened with your home computer. One more thing, iExplorer can delete duplicates in the library, with the method of tracking all the files in a second. Just need one-click then active the software, both Windows and Mac users can use this software. It is great choice for anyone who uses iPhone!



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