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How to Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Android Phone Freely

When switching from Windows phone to Android device, the first thing you need to do is transferring important files, such as contacts, video, music, messages from your Windows phone to Android smartphone. However, you should know that the process might be quite time-consuming and complicated as you ever experienced. In this article, I will show you how to transfer data from Windows phone to Android phone in four methods. Please just choose the one you need to have a try.

Method 1: Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Android In Just One Click

dr.fone – Phone Transfer newly supported transfer photos, music, videos from/to Windows Phone Now!

  • Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone & Android Device (Sync with OneDrive on your Lumia Phone first)
  • Transfer Photos, Music, Videos  from Lumia Windows Phone to Android Phone
  • Fully compatible with all major providers, such as  Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile.
  • Support perfectly for iPhone/iPad/iPod, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Google, ZTE, Huawei, Motorola, and more smartphones & tablets.
  • Transfer data between any two phones directly without data loss.

Two simple steps to transfer data from Windows phone to Android phone

First, download and launch dr.fone

When you start dr.fone on your computer, please tick the “Phone Transfer” option in the primary windows.

Second, connect both Windows & Android phones for data transfer

After connecting both your phones to the computer, dr.fone will recognize your smartphones, make sure your Windows phone should be placed on the left side. Then tick photos, videos, music, and the “Start Transfer” button to start to transfer data from Windows phone to Android phone.

Method 2: Transfer Files from One Windows Phone to Android Device via Computer

For many people, who need to transfer files from one phone, such as Windows phone, to Android, the first method they might think of is using a computer. Through this method, the only thing you need to do is connect your two devices to the computer or your laptop via USB cables. Once your devices are recognized, you can open the folders of the two devices and copy-paste the files you need manually.


In fact, it is the simplest way to transfer files between two phones through a computer or laptop directly. You just need to connect devices to computers well and even no Internet connection is needed. You can also view the files before you choose the ones you need.


When conducting this method to transfer files, the biggest problem is that the files and folders you have chosen will be transferred in the existing format. That’s to say, your photos, videos, music, and other files cannot be recognized in your Android phone due to the incompatible format, and thus cannot be opened after the transferring. Also, you should know that since every handset store contacts in different formats, the contacts you transferred from Windows phone couldn’t be opened in Android phones successfully. Similarly, text messages cannot be transferred due to the incompatible format.

Besides, here is everything about Yourphone.exe on Windows 10 for your reference.

Method 3: Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Android Through Microsoft’s OneDrive app

Although the operating system of Windows phone is not as popular as Android phone, you should see that some of Microsoft’s app, such as OneDrive app, is quite useful when you need to transfer files from your Windows phone to Android phone. In addition, the OneDrive app is very useful that works well with Windows, Android, and also iOS devices.


Here I will show you how to transfer files from your Windows phone to Android device with the help of OneDrive app. To start with, please download the app on both your Windows device and Android phone. You will then be required to sign in your Microsoft account, just do as required.


After signing in with your Microsoft username and password, you will see home page of your OneDrive app and also all existing files you ever stored in your OneDrive.


Now, please just open the OneDrive app on your Windows device that you want to transfer files, and then click the icon “Upload” in the bottom of the screen.

By clicking the “Upload” icon, you will then bring up two options, which are “Upload photos and videos” and “Upload files” respectively. You can now choose “Upload files” to upload commonly used files including audio, document and other supported files. You can also click “Upload photos and videos” to transfer photos and videos from your local device.


Since the program will show you all folders and sub-folders that stored in your Windows device, you can open the folders one by one and choose the ones you need manually.

After choosing the files you need, you just need to click on the button “Upload”. The program will then upload these files to your OneDrive server automatically.



Similarly, you can upload all files that you want to transfer to your OneDrive account. After uploading all files you need, please turn to your Android phone and launch the OneDrive app. You can then see all files in the app, just choose the ones you want to transfer to your Android phone and download them at one time.


If you are travel lovers who always travel in many countries and switch phones frequently, you can use this method to sync files. You just need to upload important files to your OneDrive in one phone and retrieve these files from OneDrive server on another phone anytime and anywhere. Please remember to take your Windows, Android, and iOS handset that supports the OneDrive program.


When compared with the first method, you can find it more convenient with the help of OneDrive. Through the OneDrive, you can transfer files such as documents, contacts and other files without a computer or laptop. What’s more, you can complete the task whenever and wherever you are – even on your way home! In addition, you can preview the files with the help of OneDrive app and can be downloaded in a compatible format.


The biggest problem of using OneDrive is that you have to get an active internet connection to both your two phones so that you can get access to files saved in OneDrive server. Also, you need to wait for a long time for the transfer according to the speed of your network. What’s more, you cannot transfer text messages and contacts between two phones through OneDrive.

Method 4: Transfer contacts from Windows device to Android with ease

Since the use of OneDrive doesn’t support transfer of contacts, you need other method to transfer contacts. Here is the ever best way to transfer contacts from your Windows phone to Android phone with ease.

To start with, you need to sync contacts in your Windows phone to Outlook and then sign in Outlook account in PC or tablet. Then, in the drop-down menu, please click “People”.


You will then bring up a new screen, here please click on “Manage” in the upper right, and choose “Export for Outlook and other service” in the drop-down menu.


After clicking on the button, Outlook will download contacts on your Android phone automatically in the form of .CSV file.


Then please open your Gmail account and click on “Contacts” in the drop-down menu.


You will then see a new screen with several options, please choose “Import” here.


Seconds later, you will see a new pop-up window, please click on the option “Choose File” and then upload the Outlook contacts that downloaded earlier. Then click on the left option “Import”.


Congratulations! You now just need to wait for a few seconds, Gmail will sync all contacts and merge them to your existing contacts on Google automatically. After the task, you can open your Android phone and sync Google’s contacts in click.

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