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How to Transfer Data from LG to Huawei Mate 9, Mate 10/20/30 Easily

It is really simple to transfer data from LG to Huawei Mate 9 / 10 with Wondershare dr.fone for Android – Android transfer software. Before we discuss the process of Android data transfer, we must discuss a few important facts related to HTC, LG, Huawei Mate 9, and Motorola.

Huawei 9 was officially launched in November of 2016 with the Huawei Mate 9 Porsche and Huawei Mate 9 Pro designs.

Features of Huawei Mate 9 phone

Following are the features of Huawei Mate 9 phone:

  • 5.9- inch display with full HD and a resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels and pixel density of ~373 ppi
  • Kirin 960 processor/ Octa-core HiSilicon Hi3660 processor with clock speed of 2.6 GHz, Cortex- A53.
  • The phone comes in two variants: 4 GB RAM and 64/128 GB storage, or 6 GB RAM and 256 GB storage
  • Mali-T900 Graphics Processing Unit for the better gaming experience

The best part about Huawei Mate 9 is that it consists of a dual camera of 20 megapixels with OIS, f/2.0, 4x optical zoom, dual-LED flash, the autofocus for face detection. Moreover, the phone comes with the best ever operating system for Android till date. Huawei Mate 9 comes loaded beforehand with the newest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. Google had released its Android 7.0 Nougat in August 2016 and Huawei Mate 9 is the first as well as the best Android device among Android-based Smartphones of 2016.

Reasons to switch from your old LG phone to Huawei Mate 9

The users of Motorola, LG, HTC, etc. have used their phones extensively since many years and the researches shows that they are not satisfied with their current Android phones. The reason for this dissatisfaction is that their old Android OS is not up to the mark and does not really perform well. Therefore, Android users want a platform that can perform at its best and gives them great user experience. These are the major reasons of dissatisfaction for the users of Motorola, LG, and HTC, which is why they are waiting for Huawei Mate 9:

  • Poor quality of pictures from the camera
  • The Smartphone camera zooms and crashes while shooting videos
  • Unresponsive or stuttering
  • Poor life of the battery
  • Problems in auto rotation
  • The boot loop issue occurs with LG G4 as well
  • The LTE signal is poor for HTC 10
  • The Motorola phones crash games and apps

These are the major reasons the current Android users had been waiting for Huawei Mate 9 so that they can make a switch from LG to Huawei Mate 9 as soon as possible.

All of us know the importance of our contacts, apps, videos, photos, messages, and other data. We all have our reasons to feel connected to the data stored in our Smartphone. Even when we did not have Smartphones in the market, our data was important to us. Now when we have mini- computers in our hand, we cannot afford to lose our data.

Transfer your photos, contacts, videos, etc. from LG to your Huawei Mate 9 by Android Transfer

Your contacts are obviously important to you as they let you stay connected to your friends, family, and colleagues. Photos and videos may be the legacy for some of us; we always share our valuable moments with our loved ones. All these reasons are enough to be possessive about your data stored on your phone.

Moreover, when you switch from LG to Huawei Mate 9, you would obviously not like to leave your old data behind in your old Android phone or simply create new data in your Huawei Mate 9 from scratch. That is why; it is important to have Android file transfer software so you can transfer your contacts, videos, photos, messages, and other data from LG to Huawei Mate 9 properly.

Wondershare is an impressive Android data transfer software that lets you transfer your data easily in just a few steps and enhance the performance of your Android phone. Read below to understand what all you can do with dr.fone Android file transfer software:

  • You can backup your photos, videos, contacts, SMS, and other data to your PC and restore them on the phone easily
  • You can manage, import, and export your SMS and contacts, reply to your messages from your PC, delete duplicate contacts, etc.
  • With One Click Root, you can root your Huawei Android phones and tablets to have complete control of your phone or tablet.
  • You can transfer your music, contacts, photos, videos, and other data from one Android or iOS device to the other with dr.fone – Switch
  • The App Manager of Wondershare lets you uninstall, install, backup, import, or restore your Android apps in several batches.
  • You can restore or backup your Huawei phone with dr.fone – Backup&Restore(Android) in just one click
  • dr.fone – Transfer(Android) lets you synchronize your iTunes music to your Huawei Mate phone. You can also transfer music from your Huawei Mate device to iTunes.
  • The software is completely compatible with more than 6000 Android devices ranging from Android 2.2 to Android 10.0 for brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, etc.

How to transfer your data from LG to Huawei Mate 9 by dr.fone – Switch

You can follow the steps mentioned below to transfer your data from LG to Huawei Mate 9 phone:

Step 1: Install and launch dr.fone software in your PC and connect your LG phone to the computer.

Step 2: Now click ‘Switch‘ in the software window.

Step 3: Connect your LG phone and Huawei Mate 9 phone to the PC.

Step 4: Choose the source device from which you want to transfer your data, which in this case is your old LG phone. Select Huawei Mate 9 phone as the target and Click ‘Start Transfer‘.

Step 5: The dr.fone software will scan and check all transferable files. Select your desired files and continue. Android file transfer will begin.

Transfer Data from LG to Huawei Mate 9


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