How to Transfer Android Data to Windows Phone

There are several different operation systems available for the mobile phones, including the familiar ones like the Android, Windows, and iOS. Let’s take the Windows phone for example. The Nokia, as you may know, is going to release a model of a new phone running both the Windows operation system and the Android operation system. According to the news, there are many charming features of that Nokia phone. If you want to have one, then you may need to know something more for managing data on your new Windows phone.

In the following passages, you will see three nice ways to transfer Android data to Windows phone after you buy the said phone or other Windows phones.

  • Way 1. Transfer Android data to Windows phone with a computer
  • Way 2. Transfer Android data to Windows phone via the Cloud
  • Way 3. Transfer Android data to Windows phone directly by dr.fone – Switch

Way 1. Transfer Android data to Windows phone with a computer

The computer always works as a transit point for those who want to transfer some files between two phones. With this method, you need to have two suitable USB cables respectively for your phones. And it is better to use a Windows computer.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to your computer with a USB cable. Then open it as an external drive from “My Computer”. Then copy the files that you want to transfer to your new Windows phone, and then paste the copies on a specific folder on your computer. And then disconnect your Android phone.

Step 2. Connect your new Windows phone to your computer. Again, you need to open it as an external drive. Then open the relevant folders respectively so that you can draw and drop the files from the specific folder that you have created.


Step 3. Disconnect your Windows phones, and then check the files on it.

1. It is easy to use this way with just two USB cables.
2. It allows you to select specific files that you actually want to transfer.
1. It is a little time-consuming because you need to choose the very files one by one.
2. There are some data that can not be transferred in this way, like the messages and call logs.

Way 2. Transfer Android data to Windows phone via the Cloud

Nowadays there is a convenient tool called the Cloud, which can help the users store the data desired with ease. And often the storage space that the Cloud service is large so that you can transfer all kinds of data to it. Hereby, I would like to tell you how to use this tool to transfer Android data in the following passages.

Step 1. Download a Cloud tool on your phones. You can choose the OneDrive. And install it on your phones.

Step 2. On your Android phone, log in it with a personal account and correct password.


Step 3. On the primary interface, you can see many file types that you can sync with your OneDrive account from your Android phone. And then click on the “Upload” button on the upper right.


Step 4. Now turn to your Windows phone. Log in.


Step 5. Just browse the synced files on your OneDrive account, and choose the ones to transfer to your Windows phone.


1. You can use this method to transfer the media files like the photos, audios, videos and so on.
2. You can choose several different files at one time.
3. The data you store on the OneDrive can also serve as a backup file which can be important when you lose the data on your mobile phone.
1. You need to download the tool on both of your phones.
2. It doesn’t support the contacts, messages, and calendar.
3. There is a storage limit of the Cloud service.
4. You need a steady network to finish this operation, and it is time-consuming too.
5. It is not the simplest way because you still need to operate on both of your mobile phones.

Way 3. Transfer Android data to Windows phone directly by dr.fone – Switch

The dr.fone – Switch is a one-click tool, helping the users do the phone to phone transfer without hassle. There are many different devices supported by this tool, including the mobile phones and tablets running the operational systems of the Android, Windows, iOS and so on. And as a tool working for the computer, it offers two versions both for the Windows computer and Mac computer.

There are four functions of this tool:

  • Phone to Phone Transfer: you can transfer data between different devices as long as they are supported by this tool.
  • Back up Your Phone: you can create a backup file with this tool, so that you can restore the important files after you delete them accidentally.
  • Restore the data: you can restore the backup files created by this tool, of the iTunes or of the iCloud.
  • Erase Your Phone: you can remove all the data from your phone so that you can feel free to give it to the others.

The data transferable by this tool covers the contacts, messages, call logs, calendar, music, videos, photos, and some other documents. Let me walk you through the full process below:

Step 1. Choose the compatible version of the dr.fone for your computer. Then download and install it on your computer following the installation wizard.

Step 2. Connect both of your Android phone and your Windows phone to your computer with the USB cables. And then wait for the dr.fone to detect them. And then they will be displayed on the interface. Make sure that your Android phone be placed on the right as the source and the Windows phone on the left as the destination. Or you can click on the “Flip” button to adjust the positions.

Transfer Android Data to Windows Phone

Step 3. On the middle box, you can start to choose the files that you want to transfer from your Android phone to your Windows phone. Finally, click on the “Start Transfer” button to start transferring Android data to Windows phone.

Transfer Android Data to Windows Phone, Microsoft Lumia Phone

1.There are many functions available on this tool.
2.It is easy to use with the intuitive interface and many step-to-step tutorial online.
3.It is safe and reliable.
1. It is not free.

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