How to Track Android Phone & Wipe Android Data With No Tracking App

Cannot Find Your Android Phone? How to Track and Wipe Android Phone Without Tracking Apps?

Have you ever encountered the virus attack or the theft of your Android phone? If the answer is no, then you are much luckier than me. As a long-years user of the Android phone, I have a strong wish that the developers should reinforce the security of the Android phone system. While as for the users, we need to get more knowledge so that we can protect our personal data by ourselves.

One of my Android phones has been stolen, and I never got it back although I tried all the method I could. But fortunately, the personal files on that phone was successfully deleted so that they hadn’t been abused by the others. So, what I want to tell you is that it is of signification to know the detailed ways to erase your phone when it is necessary.

You may need to erase your Android phone when:

  • 1. It is stolen. In this time, you need to do a remote operation.
  • 2. You want to put it on the shelf or to sell it. Then you can just do a simple deletion of all the files and settings.

There are plenty of feasible applications on the Internet. To choose a suitable one for your Android phone, you need to do a full prior investigation. But in this article, I would like to recommend the Android Device Manager to you.

The Android Device Manager can help the users to wipe all the personal data including the files and settings. To use this tool, you must have an account of Google. And then, you can choose to log on it on the website version or the application version. With this application, you can just rest assured when you decided to switch to another phone, and not to use the old one any longer.

To track & wipe the personal data with the remote operation

Step 1. Log in the Android Device Manager with your Android phone. You can choose either the website version or the application version. If you are sitting with a computer, it is advisable to use the former version, which is more convenient.

Step 2. Soon after that, you can get the location of your Android phone with ease. And at the same time, you can see the figure standing for the distance between you and your Android phone.


Step 3. If you find it hard to get back the phone with the information, you can choose to ring the phone, lock the phone, or simply wipe all the personal data on it.

If you have no way to get access to a computer at that time, you can use a mobile phone or a tablet to download the application version. Also, you can see the tutorial below.

Step 1. Go to the Google store, and then download the Android Device Manager on the device on your hand. And then install it.


Step 2. Launch the Android Device Manager by clicking on the icon of it. And then input the Google account together with the password so that you can successfully log in.


Step 3. Then tap on the “Location” icon on the right side to get the location of your Android phone. And then you can choose to ring, lock or wipe the phone.


To wipe the personal data from the Android phone with the USB cable

If you want to sell your Android phone or simply switch to another one, you can choose a more convenient and simple tool to help you. The dr.foneAndroid Erase & iOS Erase, as its name, is a safe and reliable application. It offers many useful features for wiping the files from the mobile phones including the Android phone between Android 2.1 and Android 9.0 and iPhone with iOS 6.1.6 or later. You can see the main functions of it as follows:

  • 1. Wipe all the files from the phone.
  • 2. Permanently delete junk files from the phone.
  • 3. Optimize the phone with ease.

The dr.fone is a widely used application, and thus you can easily find the operation tutorial here.

Something you can do after losing your Android phone

1. Call your phone

After you find that your phone is missing, you can call your number to make sure that it is lost, and to know whether you can get back it or not.


2. Track the location of your Android phone

As mentioned above, you can easily track the location of your Android phone with the Android Device Manager. Some people have successfully got their phone back with this method.

3. Wipe the personal data on your Android phone

If you find that it is almost impossible to retrieve your Android phone, you may need to decide to wipe all the personal data on your phone to prevent it from being abused.


4. Deactivate your Android phone

By deactivating your Android phone, you can keep the one who get it from using your phone. By doing this, you can tell him the phones he get will be useless to him, so that he may decide not to take other phones.


5. Inform your contacts

Tell your family and friends that your phone has lost, and tell them your new contact way.

Something you need to do to avoid losing your Android phone

1. Set password protection for your Android phone.

A password needs to be input before you get access to a password-protected phone, which makes it less possible to leak the personal information. Nowadays, there are more and more phones adopting fingerprint identification as the password to the mobile phones. It is very simple to use.

2. Create the backup files for your Android phone at regular intervals.

With the backup files, you can easily get back the important data on your Android phone, even after losing the phone.

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