How to Sync Lumia Contacts with Samsung Phone

As a Nokia Lumia phone user, you may be quite familiar with the operating system of Windows 8. However, once you decide to switch to using a new Android phone, such as Samsung, you must want to transfer all-important files to the new phone, right? Among all these files, the most important and precious one is contact, through which you can connect with friends and share information easily. If you are now facing the problem of transferring & syncing contacts from Lumia to Samsung Phone, you can learn more in the article.

How to Sync Lumia Contacts with Samsung Phone

To sync all contacts from your Nokia Lumia to Samsung device, you can complete the task through Outlook account. Here I will divide the task into two parts, please follow the steps to complete each task.

  • Part I: Sync contacts from Lumia to Outlook account
  • Part II: Transfer contacts from Outlook account to Samsung device
  • Part III: Copy contacts from Lumia Phone to Samsung device

Under this part, we will introduce you a third party program MobileGo, through which you can transfer contacts from Outlook account to your Samsung phone in just one click. You can also learn more features about the program in part II.

Part I: Sync contacts from Lumia to Outlook account

Requirement: Outlook account credentials and stable Internet connectivity

Step 1. Please turn to your Nokia Lumia phone and swipe home screen. Then please go to the application list and search for Settings here. Then just tap it to enter Settings.

Step 2. Under Setting, please click to enter “email+accounts” option.


Step 3. Now, you can choose to add new account by clicking on the “add an account” option.


Step 4. You can now see a new screen, which displays various email account options and you can choose the one you need accordingly. Here we choose Outlook.


Step 5. Since you will be required to enter your Outlook credentials, please make sure that you have already had an Outlook account. Or else you can create a new account easily by accessing outlook software from PC. As you can see in the new window, just enter into the email address and password of your Outlook account.


You should know that the outlook account is quite useful and can sync with contacts of your Lumia phone automatically once you sign in. Thus, you can access these contacts from Outlook from any device easily only with Internet connection.

Part II: Transfer contacts from Outlook account to Samsung device

After uploading your contacts from Nokia Lumia to Outlook, you can easily access these contacts through Outlook. However, the more important thing you want to do maybe importing these contacts to Samsung device. To complete the task in an easy way, I recommend you try the program MobileGo, which can easily transfer contacts to your local phone in just one click. You just need to wait for a few minutes which saves you time largely.

How to Use MobileGo

To transfer contacts to your Android phone, the most useful and easy way is to use the third party program – MobileGo. The all in one program enables you to transfer almost all files between phones and supports popular OS including Windows, Android and iOS very well. Here is to show you the key features of the program:

MobileGo Key Features:

  • With help of MobileGo, you can easily manage all your media files on different devices with ease. The program meets your main demand such as export, import and download media files including photos, music and videos in just one click.
  • You can optimize and manage all files in your devices in an easy way. For example, you can switch to another device, duplicate files, manage apps, restore, backup and do many other things you may need.
  • The program is developed with advanced features which enable you to recover lost and deleted files before they are overwritten to the highest quality. In addition, you can reach the core operating system to increase device functionality.

Want to have a try? You can now download free trial version of the program here to have a try before you purchase it. Please choose either Windows version or Mac version according to your condition.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)

In the following passages, I will show you steps to export contacts from your Outlook account to Samsung device. You can follow me to have a try.

Requirement: Outlook account credentials, computer with internet connectivity, USB cable of Samsung device.

Step 1: After downloading the program from our site, please install it on your computer and launch it by double clicking. You will then bring up starting window of the program. Then please connect your Samsung device to computer via a USB cable. The MobileGo will start to detect your device immediately and display it in the starting window one recognized it. You can see status of your Samsung phone.

MobileGo for Samsung

Step 2: Now in the starting window, please turn to left side panel and click on Import under Contacts. You will then see a new menu with several options. Please choose the option from Outlook Express or from Outlook/2003/2007/2010/2013.

Sync Lumia Contacts with Samsung Phone

Step 3: You are now required to choose the contacts account to save these contacts. Just choose the account you need, the program will start to download these contacts to your device automatically.

Seconds later, you can find the downloading is completed and all added contacts appear in contact account of your device. When handling this method, you should ensure that you are using the same computer that has Outlook with same credential through which you just used your Lumia to sync the contacts.

Part III: Sync Lumia Data with Samsung device with dr.fone – Switch

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