How to Sync Contacts from Windows Phone to LG Phone

To experience different features, many Nokia Lumia phone users, such as Windows phone users, may want to switch to new phones. Due to the own charm of Samsung LG device – steady comeback and fashion design – many people just want to switch from Windows phone to LG. Then, the problem comes: how to transfer files from Windows phone to LG device?

As we all know, although it is easy to transfer files between two phones of the same OS, it is a big work to conduct such transfer if the two phones work on different OS. Here, Windows phone runs on Windows 8 OS while LG runs on Android OS, you need to find a good way to transfer files, especially contacts if you need to do so. Here you can learn how to complete the task step by step.

Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to LG with Free

Contacts, different from other types of files, are more difficult to transfer between phones of the different OS. However, you can still transfer contacts without help from a third party tool. To transfer contacts with free, you need help from Outlook.

Step 1: Now, please turn to your Windows phone and then locate Settings, then choose email+accounts option. If you have already added an Outlook account to your device, you can skip to step 4.

Step 2: Please now turn to add account option. You will then see a new screen, which shows you several options. Please choose Outlook here.


Step 3: Please just sign in your Outlook account with username and password.


Step 4: Now, please turn to official website and log on to your Outlook account with the credentials you just used for your Windows phone. Then just go to top left corner of the main menu and choose People after logging into the account.


Step 5: You can see a new tab now, please choose “All” to select all contacts to transfer. Then please turn to Manage and choose “Export of and other services” among all options. Your contacts will be opened in the form of .CSV, please just save the file on your computer.


At last, you just need to transfer the .CSV file to your Android phone via a USB cable, your LG phone will open the file automatically and add them to your LG phone. If you failed to transfer .CSV file contacts to new LG phone, you can turn to dr.fone – Transfer (Android) for help which can easily import contacts from CSV file to LG phone with just one click. Learn more about it now.

Here are some disadvantages of the method:

1. Outlook account is required to sync contacts to your LG phone.
2. You need to spend a lot of time to complete the task.
3. Although you can get the contact and names, you will lose all the pictures under each contact.

What’s your LG model?

Developed for a long time, LG becomes very famous in the world and has a big customer base in USA. For many users, the unique style, design and innovation become very attractive. In addition to LG phone, the LG Company also manufactures Google’s Nexus phones and achieves great success. In the following passages, you can see the top 10 LG phones presently in the USA:

  1. LG G4
  2. LG G Flex 2
  3. LG Spirit
  4. LG G3
  5. LG V10
  6. LG Volt
  7. LG G3 stylus
  8. LG Tribute
  9. LG optimus L90
  10. LG G3 Vigor

The above 10 LG models are rated highly among all LG phones in the USA in market, which own to their style, design, camera, innovation and sharper display quality. As you can see most of these LG models are high end and sold in high price. Which LG phone will you choose when you want to switch to a new phone?

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