How to Solve the Issue of iPhone App Disappeared

How to Solve the Issue of iPhone App Disappeared

Did something like this ever happen to you, after waking up you found that suddenly iPhone photos disappeared from camera roll after update, contacts disappeared from iPhone, iPhone Notes disappeared or all the applications are disappeared from your iOS device? If your answer is yes, then panicking about it is very obvious. There are certain cases where this can happen because of a virus or a bug, but there are times when it happens because of a minor error, which can be rectified very easily. Before moving ahead do you know anything about the latest models of iPhone that is iPhone XS and iPhone XR? Both these models work on iOS 12 operating system. They are considered as the best devices developed by Apple.

So, read ahead to know how you can sort out the issue of iPhone app disappeared.

  • Part 1: Please ensure that they were not moved around
  • Part 2: Check whether you deleted the apps yourself or not
  • Part 3: Reboot your device
  • Part 4: Is your access to some applications restricted
  • Part 5: Use iMyFone iPhone Data Recovery to Fix the iPhone App Disappeared Issue

Part 1: Please ensure that they were not moved around

Prior to trying out any solution which is high tech, it is very significant for us to know that apps haven’t been moved around. This can happen if more than one person can have access to your iOS Smartphone. For instance, children may have moved the applications across a multitude of home screens while they were playing games on the device. This can be easily done as the only thing required to do is to drag the icon of the application and then drop it.

If that is the scenario, then we can take the assumption that the application is missing. The simplest way to look for an iPhone app disappeared; particularly in a case when you have installed a large number of applications on your device is to make use of a search of the spotlight. In order to do that, you just have to drag down on the main screen using your finger and then begin to type. The application will appear in the results of the search that you have made if the application is still on your iPhone.

Part 2: Check whether you deleted the apps yourself or not

Another possibility for the iPhone app disappeared is that you may have deleted the app from your device yourself. If such an app does not appear in the search results of the spotlight, then it may be because someone has deleted those applications themselves. There is a high possibility for this to happen as well when another individual has access to your iOS Smartphone.

There is one thing that you must keep in mind that Apple enables its users to remove the applications which are inbuilt. So, if one application or more than one applications are deleted, then that can be because they are inbuilt. The great thing is that these applications can be downloaded again by going to the app store. All you have to do is to visit the app store and re-download them in the same way as you download other apps.

Part 3: Reboot your device

If you are 100% sure that you have not deleted your applications but still iPhone app disappeared does not appear on your iPhone device, then you can try rebooting your device so that it starts functioning again. Rebooting the device can sort out many problems related to the Smartphone, and this is one of those problems. These are the steps that you are required to follow in order to reboot your device.

Step 1: Press and hold the button of power until the appearance of the slider on the screen which is on the top or side of the iPhone 8 and volume or side button in case of iPhone X.

Step 2: Touch the slider and then drag it for switching off the device. Now, keep on holding the button of power for restarting the device.

Part 4: Is your access to some applications restricted?

There is a chance that you may have turned on certain restrictions on your iOS Smartphone and that too without even knowing it. There are certain restrictions that do not allow you to have access to certain applications. These restrictions are great in case parents don’t want children to have access to certain applications but once they are turned on, they can become a cause for an iPhone app disappeared.

If you know that you have turned on the restrictions setting, which is the reason why you are not able to find your iPhone app disappeared, then you can find that out by tapping on to the “Settings” and then go to “General” and then finally “Restrictions”. If the restrictions are enabled, then you will be required to type in the password. After entering the password, go to the toggle and turn it on that is close to an application the use of which is restricted. By doing so, your app is going to appear on the device again.

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Part 5: Use iMyFone D-Back to Fix the iPhone App Disappeared Issue

This application namely, iMyFone D-Back, is an easy way to recover your lost data on iPhone. This process to recover data can be used by both experts as well as the people who don’t know anything about computing. All you have to do is to enter the details about the files that you wish to recover and then leave everything in the app to be done. So, iPhone app disappeared can also be recovered using this software.

It is not an easy job to recover lost information from the iPhone. This application can recover call history, messages, contacts, images, videos, your chats on social media apps, and other application in an easy as well as convenient way. This application is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Features of iMyFone D-Back

  • You can easily recover lost or deleted information from your iPod, iPad, and iPhone very easily just by using this software.
  • It has four different modes of recovery with a very high possibility of information to be retrieved. It can Recover the information from the iCloud backup, iTunes backup, and iPhones.
  • Offer support to 20 different types of data, which includes notes, contacts, photos, Kik, WeChat, messages, and WhatsApp.
  • It can solve various issues related to data loss in iOS Smartphones.

So, these were some of the ways through which you can solve the issue of iPhone app disappeared, iPhone text messages out of order & text messages disappeared from iPhone. If you are not able to recover the application even after using the first four ways, then you should use the fifth way as iMyFone D-Back can recover any data that has been deleted from an iPhone. Usually, it is a problem of bug because of which iPhone app disappeared. This generally happens when you update your iPhone. In such a scenario, the only thing that you can do is to wait for an update, which can solve the issue of bug. Apple has recently introduced these updates, and they are working properly. Now, update your device to the latest version and this issue will go away.

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