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How to Relocate Data from your iPhone to your Android on Windows with Ease

Just switch from your iPhone to your Android tablet or smart phone, but have no idea how to relocate all your files from an iPhone to your Android without any hassle. Then the article is just for you.

Part 1: Transfer All iPhone Files to Android Directly in 1-Click

As long as you have dr.fone Switch, you don’t need to worry about data transfer between any two different phone systems, such as iOS and Android OS. dr.fone Switch let you copy all videos, music, photos, contacts, SMS from your iPhone to an Android device easily.

  • Step 1: Download and run dr.fone on PC. And click “Switch” data transfer mode.
  • Step 2: Then make the connection between your Android and iPhone with computer via two USB cables.
  • Step 3. And then dr.fone Switch will scan all supported files in left side column of the starting window. You can choose the files you want to transfer from iPhone to Android. And click button “Start Transfer”. That’s it.
dr.fone – Switch Key Feature:
  • Transfer files including videos, music, contacts, photos and SMS messages from your iPhone device to Android device in just one click.
  • Transfer all iMessages and SMS messages from your iPhone to an Android device phone with ease.
  • Copy all contacts that stored in phone memory and other accounts such as Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo! Google and Hotmail.
  • Shift photos from your iPhone to the Android device.
  • Copy & convert videos & audio from any iPhone to Android compatible formats.
  • Support all iPhone models, and all Android tablets or smartphones.

Part 2: Copy data from an iPhone to an Android device one by one

1. Transfer iPhone Contacts to your Android through iCloud

When get a new Android phone, such as Samsung, you may want to share the good news with your friends. Thus, a very necessary thing you need to do is transfer all contacts from your iPhone to your Android device. However, since all iPhone contacts remain stored in memory card and are not accessible by inserting the SIM card of your iPhone into the Android phone.

If you ever saved your iPhone contacts on account such as Google, iCloud and more, you can complete the task with ease. Here I will consider the example of iCloud for you, please follow the steps to have a try:

  • Step 1: Firstly, please turn to your iPhone and navigate to the icon “Settings”. Please choose iCloud here and log into the iCloud account you have. You can now turn the “Contacts” feature on to sync the contacts from your iPhone to iCloud.
  • Step 2: Now, please open the browser and go to iCloud. In the new page, please click on”Contacts”. This will bring up management panel for contacts. In the new panel, please click the Show Actions part in the Menu and then opt for Export vCard …. A few seconds later, you can see all contacts that stored in your iCloud are saved on your PC in the form of vCard.
  • Step 3: After saving your contacts on computer, please link the Android phone to PC via USB cable. The program will start to detect your device immediately and show it in the starting window. Then please bring up SD card in the Android device. Now paste the vCard file you had exported, to the folder in SD card.
  • Step 4: Now, turn to your Android device and bring up the “Contacts” feature, then tap on the menu present on the left side of main button to bring up the list in the menu. Here, please tap on the option titled, Import/Export. Now choose Import option from the USB storage. The program will then start importing vCard file information into the Android phone automatically.

2. Transfer iPhone Calendars to Android device

Although iPhone and Android phone based on different OS, you can still easily sync calendars between the two phones with ease if you ever installed Google account on the two phones. Here are steps for you:

  • Step 1. Firstly, please turn to tap settings of your iPhone and then scroll down the screen to tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then please choose Google and input relative information such as email, name and password. You will then see a Description screen, you can here enter a description of the calendars.
  • Step 2. Please now click the button Next and turn on Calendars. Then please click the button Save, the program will start to sync iPhone calendars with Google automatically.
  • Step 3. Now turn to your Android hone or tablet and click on Settings and choose Account & sync. Here please choose your calendar account Google and click the button Sync Calendars.




3. Relocate iPhone SMS messages to your Android With Ease

Method 1. Transfer SMS from your iPhone to an Android device with 2 Android apps

In fact, you can transfer SMS messages from your iPhone to an Android device with help of two apps in Android. Here I will show you how to transfer SMS from the iTunes backup to your Android device step by step:

  • Step 1: Firstly, please launch your iTunes and then connect iPhone model to your computer via a USB cable. Then please turn to the control panel in the Apple iPhone device and click the button “BackUp Now”. A few seconds later, you can get all your iPhone files on your PC.

Now, please connect the Android device to PC via USB cable. You can now start to transfer these iTunes backup files to your Android device’s SD card.

  • Step 2: You now need to install the program iSMS2droid present in the Android smartphone. After launching it, please opt for Select iPhone SMS Database. In the new window, please choose the backup file in iTunes you just imported.
  • Step 3: Now you can preview these SMS messages and choose part or all them to transfer. Then change them to XML file.

Then please install the program SMS Backup & Restore in the Android device. The program will help you restore the XML files to the SMS database of your Android device.

Note: Please note that you will need to spend quite a long time to complete the task in this method. If you want to complete the transfer more conveniently, please turn to the second method to have a try.

Method 2. Transfer SMS from iPhone to Android in just one click by dr.fone Switch

If you are tired about the troublesome steps above, you can learn how to complete the task in just one click here. I recommend you try the program dr.fone – Switch, which enables you to transfer all SMS texts from your iPhone to an Android device in just 1 click.

Step 1. To start with, please install dr.fone on PC and run it to bring up the starting window. We now provide you free trial version of the program, you can download it to have a try before purchasing it. Then please connect both your Android device and iPhone to PC via two USB cables.

Step 2. After launching the starting window, please choose the mode Phone to Phone Transfer. The program will detect your two devices automatically and display them in the starting window. If you want to transfer only SMS, just keep SMS selected.

Transfer sms from iPhone to Android

Step 3. Then please click the button Start Transfer. The program will then start to transfer SMS for you automatically. Don’t you think it very conveniently?

iPhone SMS to Android

Note: In addition to transfer SMS text messages, you can also transfer other files such as photos, contacts, music, photos and videos from an iPhone to an Android device with ease.

4. Transfer iPhone Photos to Android Simply

Since Apple provided easy use of Camera Roll photo feature on iPhone, you can transfer photos to your Android device directly via USB cables. Here are steps for you to follow:

Step 1. To start with, please connect both your iPhone device and the Android phone with PC via two USB cables. Your devices will be recognized as flash disk drives immediately.

Step 2. Now, please choose the Internal Storage present in the iPhone folder. Now choose DCIM. You can then see all photos on the Apple iPhone camera roll, just choose the photos you want to transfer and then copy the photos to Android phone’s SD card.

delete ipad photos from computer

Note: When turning to the method, you can only transfer photos that are stored in your iPhone camera roll directly to Android. If you want to transfer photos that are saved in photo library, it is necessary to find some other method.

5. Transfer iPhone Music and Videos to Android

If you have stored many videos and music on the Apple iPhone, you must want to relocate part or all them to Android phone, right? If so, you can learn how to transfer music and videos from your iPhone to an Android device with iTunes. Here are steps for you to complete the task:

Step 1. Firstly, you need to launch your iTunes on PC and then enter into Store. Then please click Authorize This Computer…. You then need to input your Apple account ID and password. Just do as required.

Step 2. Now, please connect both your devices to computer via two USB cables and bring up your iTunes. Your two devices will be detected immediately and show on your PC. Now, just right-click your iPhone to bring up a pull-down list. In the list, opt for the feature, Transfer Purchased to transfer iPhone music, along with the video back to iTunes.

Step 3. Now, please turn to iTunes media folder present in your computer, which locates in: C:UsersUSER NAMEMusiciTunesiTunes Media. Here you can find videos and music that stored on your iTunes library, transfer part or all them to SD card in the Android device.


Note: However, you can only transfer videos and music that are purchased from Apple store. If you want to transfer & convert non-purchased videos and music, you will need help from dr.fone.

6. Transfer iPhone Apps to Android

Unlike music, videos, photos, and more other files, apps on the Apple iPhone exist in the form of .ipa, .pxl or .deb, while Android apps are .apk file. Thus, if you want to transfer apps from your iPhone to an Android device phone, you will find it of great difficulty. However, since many iPhone apps have their Android versions correspondingly, you can download them from Google Play Store.

You just need to launch Google Play and input the apps you want to download. Then you are free to install them on your Android device.


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