How to Recover Kik Messages from iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7 Plus/6S/6/SE

How to Recover Kik Messages from iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7 Plus/6S/6/SE

Before knowing the process to recover Kik messages from iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6S Plus/6/SE, first of all, let’s discuss what Kik messages are in reality.

Kik messenger is software that has been made to be used for instantaneous messaging through mobile gadgets. But one of the main problems that users of this software faces is that how to recover Kik messages from iPhone which are old as Kik do not provide the facility to store old Kik messages, therefore, you can only retrieve a small number of Kik messages on your device. But don’t worry we are going to help you out of this situation with the help of a unique software called Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS.

Part 1 – How to recover Kik messages through Dr.Fone in your iPhone

Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS has undergone a new upgradation for iOS through which you will have the ability to create a backing of Kik communication once your phone has been returned, so in this way you will be able to reinstate the old Kik messages. With the help of the “iOS KIK Back and Restore” feature you would be able to discover the history of chat once your iPhone has been connected. But firstly you need to choose the option of backing of messages shared through Kik and keep the history of chat on behalf of your iPhone. This can be achieved in 3 easy steps with the help of Dr.Fone.

Step 1. Take a look at your files that have been backed up

For taking a look regarding the restored data, you can use the option present in the lower section “To view the preceding backup file>>” available on the main page.


Step 2. Dig out the backed up data

After completion of first step you would be capable to find all the restored files from your KIK conversations and just you need to choose the one you wish to see by choosing the “Next” Option provided.

Step 3. Recover the chats of Kik from iPhone

After the scanning of device is completed you will have the facility to view all substances in your backed up data, it includes the conversation of Kik as well as the other attachments shared through it. After checking any one of the element you can click the option of “Restore“.

Thus by following above mentioned steps you will be able to recover Kik messages from iPhone in a very simple manner.

Now in case you want to restore the messages of Kik in a selective manner without having a backed up data then it is also possible with the help of remarkable software Dr. Fone. With its help you will be able to restore the selected messages on your iPhone without requiring a back up.

Part 2 – Restore selected messages of Kik (without any requirement of backed up data) with the help of dr.fone

In first part we have seen that we have the option to recover the backed up messages and attachments of Kik on iPhone with the help of software called Dr. Fone. But in case you haven’t backed up those messages and attachments, then how you will be able to restore the conversation and attachments shared through Kik, no need to take tension Dr. Fone also provides the option to restore the data that have not been backed up with the help of dr.fone – iPhone Data Restore. By using this feature you will be able to restore the data shared through Kik even in case you haven’t backed it up.

Dr.Fone Toolkit – iPhone Information Restore features

This is the first software in the world that provides you with the facility of restoring the data of iPad and iPhone. By using this amazing feature of Dr.Fone you would be able to restore any data or conversation shared through Kik with only 1 touch. It is in sync with all the up-to-date iOS appliances. Now let’s check the method of recovering the lost data from Kik that has not been backed up with the help of Dr.Fone in 4 easy steps.

Step 1. Unite your iPhone

Dr. Fone can be perfectly used with iPad or iPhone with the help of PC. First of all you need to install this software on your Personal computer and then you need to attach your device with your computer with the help of the USB cable. Once Dr. Fone detects your device it will start to sync with it. In case you want to stop the function of automated syncing then need to open iTunes, after that select the option of Preferences and then select Devices. After that you need to choose the option of “Stop iPads, iPods and iPhones from automatic syncing”.

Step 2. Scanning if Kik data

Now after first step, select the option of “Start scanning” so that the software will start to scan the lost data on your device. The deleted data will start to display as your device will be scanned. The minute you find the lost data you want to restore then you can halt the process of scanning. Select the lost data and choose the options provided for restoring.

Step 3. Restore Kik data

After the scanning is completed, you can watch all the lost as well as present data on your device. Now you can sort out the whole data achieved, in case you are looking for a particular data then you can obtain it with the help of keyword that can be written in the right hand side box available on the top. After that you can select the messages you want to restore and press “recover” to restore the Kik data.

Recover Kik Messages from iPhone
Recover Kik Messages attatchments from iPhone

Step 4. Recover the data on your iPhone

You can select all the data that have been displayed on the screen and then you can restore it on your device or computer. In the case of text conversation you have the option of restoring it either on your device or on your computer, thus you can choose whatever alternative you want to exercise. Thus with the help of Dr.Fone, you will be able to recover Kik messages from iPhone even if you have not backed up them. Thus you can enjoy the freedom to watch old or deleted Kik chat or attachments with the help of Dr. Fone Toolkit for iOS whenever you want.

Except for Kik messages recovery, Dr.Fone can also help you recover Kik Photos from iPhone simply. In addition, to avoid Kik messages data loss, you’d better find out how to backup Kik Messages in one click by Dr.Fone too. Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS can solve all your problems with ease.

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