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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Galaxy S6 & S7

As the development of modern culture and habits, people’s dependence on data storage is increasing. Text message has become an integral part in our daily life especially the mode of communication. But every day, we get too much information. In this regard, sometimes we try to filter these messages according to requirements and pick out those messages which need our attention or should be checked later on. In this flood of information, we often ignore something that deserves our attention. As a result, the important messages begin to get lost and all things begin to get mixed up. You must notice that, no matter you delete your phone messages accidentally or not, they are inevitable to do this. But suppose that, the message you deleted just now, containing important information that has not been seen. So what are you going to do? In such panicky situation, people always look for ways and want to know whether it is possible to restore them immediately or not. Otherwise, personal transactions and business may be impacted. If you’re in such situation right now and wanting to know how to recover deleted text messages on Galaxy S6 & Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, this article can help you. It introduces an efficient program for you in an easy to follow.

  • Part 1. The best program to recover deleted text messages on Galaxy S6 & S7 phone
  • Part 2. The ways on how to recover deleted text messages on Galaxy S6 & S7
  • Part 3. Some useful tips when using Samsung Galaxy S6 Text Messages Recovery

a name=”part1″>Part 1. The best program to recover deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 phone

There are many scenarios that lead to the loss of your Samsung phones messages, but three common situations stand out of the crowd. Among these, accidental deletion is the most common reason.

  • Accidental (because of hurry or carelessness operation)
  • Phone malfunction (common mobile phone bugs or some software issues)
  • Intentional (some contents have been read or are not interested for you to read)

Now, you do not need to worry about the same problem as you have faced with before. With the help of dr.fone – Android Data Recovery, all of the lost Samsung phones messages will be back immediately.
Not only text messages can be recovered, other file types such as videos, images, audio files and so on are also supported by this tool. If your Samsung mobile stays with you, we can have a try on it. Let’s begin with the process.

Part 2. The ways on how to recover deleted text messages on Galaxy S6 & Samsung S7

dr.fone – Android Recover is a powerful program that combines efficient, speed and easy functionality all in one. Are you ready to restore your text messages? Let’s have a quick look!

Step 1. Make a connect between Samsung phone and your computer

Turn on the computer and your Samsung phones. Connect your phone to PC with the help of USB cable. This tool will be detected automatically, if the “USB Debugging” is enabled on your Samsung phone. If not, you have to follow some instructions as shown in the interface of the program in order to make enable the “USB Debugging”. The 3 sample steps are shown below:

Android 2.3 or earlier versions: Go to the tab of Settings. Select Applications. Press Development. Check the USB debugging.
Android 3.0 to 4.1: Go to the tab of Settings. Press Developer Options. Check USB debugging.
Android 4.2 and later versions: Go to the tab of Settings. Press About Phone. Press Build Number until you get the notification saying that, YOU ARE UNDER DEVELOPER MODE. Go back to the tab of Settings. Press Developer Options. And then check USB Debugging.

Step 2. Start to scan the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S6

Once the USB Debugging is enabled, all you need to do is to press on the “Next” button which shows on the screen. This command will then signal the order to the program, means that it should analyze the files saved in Samsung Galaxy S6/S7.

As for the users of rooted android devices, you should allow the Superuser authorization.
Next, I will show you the detail steps one by one.

Step 3. Choose Files types and the Scan Mode

It is your time to choose which files should be scanned. Press on “Messaging” to get access to those deleted texts. Then select the right mode of scanning. There are two scanning modes available with this program. One is “Standard Mode” and the other is the “Advanced Mode”. Each of them has their specifications. With the help of “Standard Mode”, you can scan all the deleted data and restore them from your phone. On the other hand, with the help of “Advanced Mode”, you can scan your files deeply as its name suggests. However, because of the deep scanning, this method always takes a lot of time to do the process. After that, press on “Next” button to go on scanning procedure.

Step 4. Restore SMS on Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7

During the scanning process, you can press on “Pause” button at the time you see the desired text message as you want. Press on the “Recover” button below the program and select a folder to save your restored files.

In these simple steps, you can see those text messages that have deleted by accident or fail to open up just now without reading it. Pay attention to the contents so you won’t miss the best updates and events around you.

Part 3. Some useful tips when using Samsung Galaxy S6 Text Messages Recovery

The deleted files are not gone forever technically. They are still there, just waiting for the recovering. However, if you enter additional data, that is to say, the old ones will be overwritten. In such case, your data is missing forever.

dr.fone – Android Data Recovery is efficient when it comes to the issue about how to recover deleted text messages on Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. But, you must notice that, one day, if you realize that your Samsung Galaxy S7 text messages are lost suddenly, it is wise of you to stop using your device as soon as possible. Because if you enter additional data, those old files that you want to recover may be overwritten in the pool of information. To be on the safe side, you had better not do this.

Also, when you try to restore some data, you must try to think a better way to filter your messages. It all depends on you. If you find important messages are losing every now and then, it is wise of you to take some action to check out what’s wrong. This is the way to save your time rather than restoring files all the time. After Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 recovery, you may need to do Samsung Galaxy Data Transfer or Backup.

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