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How to Print WhatsApp Conversation from iTunes or iCloud Backup

There are many reasons for wanting to store your WhatsApp (a very popular mobile messenger application) conversations and print WhatsApp conversations from iTunes or iCloud backup. Some of the reasons for wanting to do so include:

  • Backing up your conversations in case your phone loses data
  • In case you lose your phone
  • You’re superstitious about losing messages which hold sentimental value to you

There are many reasons for wanting to store your messages on your computer, and there are many reasons for wanting to print off messages. Now, while it is very simple to print text from a computer, it is a very difficult task to succeed in doing when it comes to mobile phones. When we are on our computer, we type up what we need doing and simply click on the “print” button, however on our phones that button isn’t there.

Dr.Fone and Print WhatsApp Conversation on iPhone from iTunes or iCloud Backup

This is where Dr.Fone comes in. Dr.Fone is an iPhone Data Recovery program which is compatible with all iPhone models and allows for an incredibly easy backup system. Having a reliable data recovery program is essential to minimize the data that is lost when you run into issues with your iPhone. While a lot of us think “I barely use my iPhone, there’s no reason for me to back-up the data on it.”, we don’t realize how much data we’ve lost until it’s gone.

Reasons for your iPhone crashing and corrupting data:

  • Human error (such as dropping it in the bath, or dropping it outside and damaging the phone itself)
  • iPhone updates (an unfortunate yet common reason)
  • Your iPhone has fallen victim to a cyber-attack
  • Attempting to repair iPhone damage yourself

Dr.Fone – iOS Data Recovery consists of 3 iPhone data recovery methods. These 3 recovery methods consist of:

  • Scanning the Device (retrieving the data directly through the iPhone)
  • Extracting a backup through iTunes (if an iPhone backup has been obtained from iTunes in the past, Dr.Fone will locate and extract the necessary data from that backup file)
  • Downloading a backup through iCloud (if you have used iCloud to backup your iPhone’s data in the past, Dr.Fone will list those backups and extract your data from the chosen backup)

You may be thinking, what makes Dr.Fone different from other iPhone data backup programs? That’s a good question, so here are a few of the functions of the program, and the reasons for choosing it over others.

  • A very simple program making it easy for you to access the backups and get the necessary data.
  • Only you have access to the backups that are available.
  • You are able to preview the data that will be extracted before the extraction takes place, minimizing the time it takes to retrieve the data.
  • There are multiple methods available, meaning if the user is unable to use one option for whatever reason, they can check out one of the other options!

iPhones are very well known for their fragile screens, meaning that when you are walking along the street and your phone slips out of your hands, your screen ends up with a nice big crack down the center of it, and over time that crack expands and continues to grow. On the other hand, there are reasons such as iPhone updates which simply cannot be helped. When an iPhone update occurs, the iOS is replaced by another iOS, putting all of your data at risk of being lost.

2 Methods for Printing WhatsApp Messages on an iPhone from iCloud or iTunes Backup

There are many reasons for wanting to print WhatsApp conversations from iClould & iTunes backup, but more importantly, there are many ways to print them off. With Dr.Fone this task becomes even easier. There are 2 different ways that you can print off your WhatsApp Messages using the Dr.Fone software.

1- Retrieve Your WhatsApp Chats from Your iTunes Backup Files

Step #1 – Run the Dr.Fone software on your computer. There is no need to connect your iPhone with this method as all the files you need are already on your computer.

Step #2 – After launching the program, Click on “Recover“, switch from “Recover from iOS Device” to “Recover from iTunes Backup File“.

Step #3 – Choose whichever backup files is most recent, or whichever backup contains the file you are looking to print, and click on the “Start Scan” button. Depending on how many conversations, or how much data, there are in the backup, it could take a few minutes for the scan to complete so feel free to step away from your computer.

Step #4 – Once the scan has completed, direct yourself to the “WhatsApp” section under the heading “Messages & Call Log” and select the conversations that you are looking to have printed.

Step #5 – Once you have selected all of the conversations that you want to print off, click on the “Recover to Computer” button and wait for the process to be completed. Again, this part of the process can take a few minutes, so feel free to go away and come back to it a few minutes later.

Step #6 – Once the files have been saved, they will be saved as HTML format. Open up the file, which will load in your default web browser, turn on your printer, and locate the print option on your web browser.

2- Retrieving Your WhatsApp Chats from Your iCloud Backups

Step #1 – Run the Dr.Fone software on your computer and just like the previous method, there’s no reason for your iPhone to be connected to your computer for this method to work.

Step #2 – Once the program has launched, switch “Recover from iOS device” to “Recover from iCloud Backup File“.

Step #3 – The program will list all of the available iCloud backups. Look through the backups available and select the most recent one that you wish to retrieve your WhatsApp chat messages from.

Step #4 – Once you have selected the correct backup, click the download button. After you have clicked on the download button, a message will display asking which file types you wish to download.

Note: By choosing only “Messages and Message Attachments” as the file types to download, you will be able to save a lot of download time as iCloud backups tend to be fairly large.

Step #5 – Look at the WhatsApp conversations which are displayed and select the conversations that you are wishing to print out. Once you have selected the conversations you want to print out, click on the “Recover to Computer” option.

Step #6 – Once the previous process has completed, the conversations that you have chosen will be saved in the format HTML. Locate the conversation files, and open them up in your browser.

Step #7 – Once you have opened up the HTML files, turn on your printer and you will be able to print off the conversations without any trouble.


Once you have a basic understanding of how Dr.Fone works and are able to use the majority of the functions, you will be able to take full advantage of the program and use it for:

  • Backing up all of your iPhone’s data on a regular basis.
  • Recovering any of your lost iPhone data.
  • Transferring your iPhone’s data if you get a new iPhone.

Backing up your data is important, take advantage of Dr.Fone – iOS Data Recovery ‘s features and backup your data regularly. Excepting Printing WhatsApp Conversation from iTunes or iCloud Backup, you can also Print WhatsApp Chat History from your iPhone directly by Dr.Fone.

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