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How to Permanently Delete Photos in your iPhone Camera Roll

I really want to clean more than 1000 photos on my iPhone that stored in the Camera Roll, it there any way to clean them part or all in one time.

There will be three ways to help you, you can choose the way you like to depend on what result you want.

If you want to delete photos in an unrecoverable way, please try method 1.

If you just need regular clean of your Camera Roll, method 2 and 3 will be good for you. But you should know that these two methods only these photos seem clean in your phone, they will be many ways to recover them, such as by iMyfone D-Back. So consider the safety issue, you should use some software like the iMyfone Umate Pro to make sure there will be no way to recover your deleted photos.

  • Method 1: Permanently Way to Delete Camera Roll Photos on Your iPhone
  • Method 2: Delete Camera Roll Photos on Your iPhone Through Computer
  • Method 3: Delete Camera Roll Photos on Your iPhone Directly

Method 1: Permanently Way to Delete Camera Roll Photos on Your iPhone

When people press the Delete button on your iPhone to clean photos on it, many of them don’t know whether these photos were deleted forever or not. These photos seem to disappear on your iPhone, but some people claim they can recover them back in many ways. So if you plan to sell your used iPhone to other people, you should be careful before selling it. Better to clean all the photos on your phone permanently.

Strongly recommend you to apply this software named iMyfone Umate Pro which helps you delete photos from your iPhone and make sure nobody can recover them in any methods. If you are interested in it, please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch iMyfone Umate Pro program on your PC or Mac.

Your computer can be Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, iMyfone Umate Pro can work perfectly with all these systems. Before you finally use this software to delete iPhone Camera Roll photos, be sure all these data are not useful for you anymore because there will be no way to get them back after deleting them. You’d better backup files to your computer with some software, like dr.fone – iOS Transfer, to help you. dr.fone can restore the backed up photos to your new iPhone when you needed. This software is also highly recording by its users.

Step 2. Make connection between iPhone and your computer.

You need to use USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. And check the primary window of iMyfone Umate Pro and then choose the “ERASE ALL DATA“.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Eraser All Data

Step 3. Delete Camera Roll photos on your iPhone permanently

You need to choose a suitable level before clicking the Start button.
Low, Medium or High level for you to select, normally the Medium is the default one which is recommended. After choosing the level, you can click the Start button and wait for the software finishing its work.

Method 2: Delete Camera Roll Photos on Your iPhone Through Computer

Delete photos on iPhone Camera Roll on your Mac

  • Step 1. Use USB cable to connect your iPhone to Mac
  • Step 2. Launch Image Capture, Preview or iPhoto, or you can use the Spotlight on the top of the interface to search the right application for you.
  • Step 3. After the software detecting your device, you can preview the photos on the interface, and then you can make your selection, pick up those photos you don’t want, mark and delete them.

Delete photos on your iPhone Camera Roll on Windows computer.

  • Step 1. Make the connection between your iPhone and computer through USB cable
  • Step 2. Click “My computer” which should regard your iPhone as the external hard drive.
  • Step 3. Open your iPhone file folder and check those photos on your iPhone. Just mark those photos you don’t want and click the Delete button to clean them.


Method 3: Delete Camera Roll Photos on Your iPhone Directly

  • Step 1. Find the Photos icon on iPhone
  • Step 2. Tick “Albums” which you can find the “Camera Roll”, click this icon and preview all your photos.
  • Step 3. Check the photos and mark those you need no more, then you can tap the trash bin on the bottom.

Note: For iPhone running iOS 6 or higher version, just tap “Settings > General > Usage”. After that, what you need to do is the same in the step 3.

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