How to Hide the SMS Text Messages on your Mobile Phone for Safety

The act of peeping and the defending of privacy has not been stopped from the phones’ coming out, and this kind of trend is never believed to stop. The data files on our phones, like the messages and the contacts are very personal, which need our careful protection. We surely don’t want others to know the messages, which will lose our privacy and put us unsafe. Thus, in this article, I will introduce six tools to hide the SMS text messages on smartphone for you, helping you to hide your messages so that no one can see your messages freely.

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Tool 1. Block SMS And Call – Hide Many Data on your Smartphone

The Block SMS And Call is the first application that I would like to recommend. It supports Android phones. It is easy to use and can hide the data files more than the messages. It can also hide the call logs, incoming calls, missed calls, and the contacts. And it offers six different modes for your choice.

1. The “Phone on the other hand” mode can help you block the incoming calls on the blacklist. That means when your phone is in another hand, but not in your hand, you can put the numbers into the blacklist that you don’t want to get through during that time.
2. You can make a list of the contacts, so that all the calls and messages from those numbers will be stored on a secretive special place, but show up in the status bar with the fake names. Only you can understand and get access to them.

1. All the calls and messages from the numbers on the blacklist will be stored on a special place when you use the modes concerning the blacklist.
2. When you use the “All Calls” mode, you can block all the calls and messages, and store them in a special place. You can make a whitelist to allow some numbers.

It is a little troublesome to use this tool when there are so many different modes.

Tool 2. Private Space – Hide Contacts / Messages / Call Logs on your Smartphone

Private Space is an application which can give you safe and privacy. You can hide your messages, contacts, and call logs with the help of Private Space. With this application, you can rest assured and have no need to worry about the safety of your data files on your Android phone. It is easy to unclock the app’s symbol. Just input the words “##” plus your “pin secret key”. For example, you can input the “##0987”.

1. You can even hide this app itself so that no one will find that you have to hide your messages and so on.
2. You can hide your SMS and MMS, by hiding the “Messages”.


1. You can hide your call logs, and block the calls that you don’t want to get through when you hand your phone to the others.
2. You can set a special ringtone for your messages or calls, so you can recognize them without known by the others.
3. You can close the “PrivateSpace” by shaking when you are in a hurry.

You can hardly hide the texts, which may be used to track your hidden messages.

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Tool 3. Shady Contacts – Hide SMS Messages Easily

The Shady Contacts is a wonderful tool for Android users to hide the messages, contacts, and call logs. You can make some settings on the built-in mode to get a customized mode for yourself.

1. You can use it to hide messages, contacts, and messages.
2. You can disable the code protection with this application.
3. You can hide some apps, too.


1. You can choose to hide the data files on your Android phone or to make the hidden data files to reappear.
2. You can enable the auto lock function of this tool, which can help you lock your phone after a period of time that you stop using your phone.
3. The auto destroy function can help you to remove the personal data on your phone when you have to input the worry codes several times.

1. The interface is hard to understand.
2. There are some important that can not be hidden by this tool.

Tool 4. KeepSafe – Hide Messages with passwords

KeepSafe is also a tool for Android users. To hide the messages is not an easy job, but that is not what the KeepSafe thinks. This tool can protect your messages with the passwords.

1. It can store the messages on the app with password protection. No one can see them without the right password.
2. The storage space of the messages is unlimited.


1. The storage space of the messages is large and unlimited.
2. It is a free application.
3. It can hide all the texts you want.

It does not support all Android phones.

Tool 5. Vault – Hide Phone Data Effortlessly

The Vault can protect the personal data of yours, including the photos, messages, contacts and so on. It can help you to create some special contacts, and thus, you can receive the messages and calls from these contacts without reminding.


1. The messages, texts, and alerts of the special contacts will be hidden.
2. The Vault can help you protect your data files with the password.
3. This application is compatible with both the Android phones and the iPhone.

1. It will remind you of the act of trying to open the private folders.
2. The icon of this application can be hidden too.

1. The interface of this tool is kind of hard to understand.

Tool 6. Private Message Box – Hide Messages on Android phones

The Private Message Box is a tool for helping the users to hide their important messages, contacts and call logs on their Android phones.

1. It can put your messages and call logs in a safe place.
2. The messages and call logs that you don’ t want to show to the other will be sent directly to a special location.

1. You can send free messages, music, or photos to your friends if they use the Private Message Box too.
2. It offers many cute characters for you to send on the messages.
3. You can set the timer so that the hidden data files will automatically show up when the time is over.

It goes crash at times.

Tip: How to hide the message preview on the iPhone
Go to “Settings” > “Notifications”> “Messages” > “Show Preview”. And then you will find the change takes effect immediately.


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