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How to Format Android Phone Entirely

Provided that you want to sell your old Android phone, remember to wipe & format all the personal data from your Android phone. And you may need to remove all the important files from your old Android phone, before you put it on the shelf. The most convenient way to format all the files from an Android phone is to format it, namely to factory it or to reset it. It is of great significance to know the detailed way to format a phone, and thus I would like to introduce two nice methods to you.

PS: here, you will learn more about the full Quick Format Vs Full Format comparison.

  • Method 1. To Format Android phone by Factory Reset
  • Method 2. To Format Android phone by dr.fone – Android Erase

Method 1. To Format Android phone by Factory Reset

The Factory reset is a simple tool for formatting a mobile phone. It enables the users to reset their phones through a few simple operations. The main principle of this tool is to delete the files available on the phones so that people can get their phones as a new phone from the factory. But before factoring, you need to encrypt your phone first. Here is a guidance for your reference.

Step 1. To encrypt your Android phone, you need to go to the “Settings” app on the screen, and then find the “Security” option from the menu. Click on the “Security” option to open it. Choose the “Encrypt device” item and turn on the switch of it.

Step 2. The whole process of encrypting will last for a long time, so please make sure that your phone has been well charged. If possible, just make it fully charged before Step 1. Once the process finishes, go to the “Security” option again to see if it is successfully encrypted.

Step 3. Now you can start to factory your mobile phone. Just go to the “Settings” app again. And then choose the “General” option and choose the “Backup and reset” item.

Step 4. On the new screen, you can see many items for your choice. Simply find and click on the “Factory data reset” items. And then, you will get a confirmation message. Read it and click on the “Reset device” button at the lower middle.

Wipe Android phones

Step 5. Now you can rest assured because the resetting process will finish in a few minutes and you will find your phone become a formatted one.

Wipe Android phone

Method 2. To Format Android phone by dr.fone – Android Erase.

Well as you can see, it is not so simple to format an Android phone with the built-in apps. So it is advisable to give it a nicer helper, like the dr.fone – Erase (Android). The dr.fone, developed by the famous Wondershare company, is a professional tool to delete the data from mobile phones and tablets. Just like its name, the dr.fone – Android Erase can permanently delete the personal data safely and efficiently, and the data deleted will be unrecoverable. What’s more, it is compatible with both the Android devices and the iOS devices, so that you can simply manage these two kinds of devices with the same method.

To make it a short story, here is a list of the main features of the dr.fone – Erase:

  • 1. Delete unwanted data for you including the contacts, messages, photos, audios, videos, and apps.
  • 2. Format the Android devices  (dr.fone – Android Erase) and iOS devices (dr.fone – iOS Erase).
  • 3. Optimize the performance of your devices.
  • 4. A time-saving tool compared to its counterparts.
  • 5. Support for both the Windows computer and the Mac computer.

Now let me show you how simple it is to format Android phone entirely with this tool.

Step 1. Download and install the dr.fone on your computer. And then connect your Android phone to your computer with a USB cable. And for the users who connect their phones to the computer for the first time, you enable the USB debugging on your phone.

Step 2. On the primary window, Click “Erase” option and you need to click the “Erase All Data” button. And then the dr.fone will ask you to input the word “delete” in order to know you really want to format your phone. And then click on the “Erase Now” button to start the erasing process.

Step 3. Then the dr.fone will start to delete all the data on your phone including the contacts, messages, photos, audios, videos, and apps.

Step 4. The whole process will finish in a short time. And after that you need to click on the “Erase All Content” or “Factory Data Reset” on your mobile phone to erase the settings.

Tips for better protection for your Android phone.

  • 1. Transfer the media files to your computer for long-time storage. The media files like the photos, audios, and videos may contain unforgettable memories of your life. So it is a pity to delete them directly. By transferring them to your computer, you can easily get access to them when you want.
  • 2. In case that you may want the personal data on your old Android phone someday, you’ d better to create a backup file for all the content. There are many ways to create a backup file. You can either back up the data on your computer or create one backup with a certain cloud application.
  • 3. If there are some files with reactivation lock on your mobile phone, you need to unlock them before transferring or backup. Simply go to the Settings > Security, and then disable the relevant option.
  • 4. The media files and the backup files on your computer may need the password protection so that people cannot see them without the correct password. After you set a password, you should take a mind note of the password. Or you can undo the password protection if you think there is no need to have that.

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