How to Do Data Transfer between Android and BlackBerry

How to Switch from Android Phone to BlackBerry Smartphone?

The science and technology have made a lot of contributions for people’s convenient life. For example, the mobile phones, at present, can be regarded as the mini and portable computers, which we can carry around and use them for work or study or just for entertainment. As we know, there are so many data files on the phone, like the text messages, contacts, calendars, photos, audio files, videos and all kinds of apps. It is said that most people can’t leave the phone for a whole day, or his life will become a mess. In fact, I totally agree with that. When we are used to the life with a phone, it is hard to stop it.

And the phones are upgrading rapidly nowadays. There are more and more phones getting released and they are of more and more powerful functions. So, it is unavoidable to switch to a new phone from an old one. In this article, I would like to share you my experience on transfer data files from the old Android phone to a new BlackBerry. Let’s see how it goes in the following passages.

Part 1. Before Android to BlackBerry data transfer you need to know

The first thing is that, the Android and the BlackBerry are running with different operation systems, and it is a bit hard to transfer data files cross-platform. Then you should know that the Bluetooth tool and is not workable. And it is hard to find a correct third-party tool to help you. So the common way is to transfer data by manual. In this way, you need to transfer the data files you want to transfer to your computer with USB cable and then, from your computer to do transfer again. But it is really boring, cumbersome and time-costing. And if you want to transfer the apps, you should just forget it. It is impossible to so cross-platform.

So how can we do this successfully? Don’t worry! Here is a good way for you. The developers of BlackBerry have realized this serious problem and gave a simpler solution. Just read on.

Part 2. A free solution to sync Android data with BlackBerry

With this method, you need to download an app first. And then, with the app, you can transfer the contacts, photos, audios, and videos between the Android phone and the BlackBerry directly without a computer. The only thing you need to do is to connect your phones to the same network. The app you need to download is the “Device Switch“. Let’s start it!

Step 1. Download and install the said app on both of your phones. You can get it from the Google Store on the Android phone. And on your BlackBerry, you can click on the BlackBerry World, and then search for the tool by inputting the name of it. While installation, you may see a message asking you to log in the BlackBerry ID account.



Step 2. And then on the BlackBerry first, launch this app. Then, read the article on the screen of this app on your phone. After you read all the passages, check the options you need and click on OK.



Step 3. After you have done with the last step, you will see the next screen, where you can choose the phone you want to transfer data files from. In this article, we need to tap on the option “Android”.


Step 4. Then turn to your Android phone. This time, you need to check the options of items you want to transfer just like the action you did on your BlackBerry. And you need to pair your two phones with a PIN number.


Step 5. After that, you will find two phones have connected to the same network, and it starts to transfer the data you chose automatically.


Step 6. The waiting time depends on the scale of the data files you chose. You can just take a break until it prompts that it has finished the transfer process. And then, click on “Finish” and check the results of transfer on your new BlackBerry phone.


Part 3. To sum up

This “Device Switch” app is safe and reliable. But the biggest weak point it that, you can not transfer all the data files you want with this app. For example, the call logs, the calendar cannot be transferred by the app. And the wireless connection is not steady enough, so it may cost you a lot of time and sometimes it may be interrupted.

To cover the shortage, I have another good tool for you, which is called the dr.fone – Switch. It is a professional tool for data transfer in just 1-Click, so you can use it to transfer data files between any phones, not just between the Android phone and the BlackBerry phone. The phones and tablets it supports are over 3000 kinds. Besides the Android phone and the BlackBerry Android phone, it is also compatible with the iPhone, Nokia and so on.

The operation of it is also easy to master. Because all you need to do is to connect your phones to the computer equipped with this application and click for several times. There are step-by-step instructions all along the operation on the screen. What’s more, the interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making itself understood.

As for the main function of this app, it is surely data transfer. The data files it can transfer are inclusive of the text messages, call logs, contacts, photos, music, videos and some other documents. And within the same operation, you can also transfer the apps.

In a word, the dr.fone – Switch is a sure card for all phones. To protect the data files on your phone, you can back up all of them with this app. And there are two different versions for Windows computer and Mac computer.

How about choosing one method to help you switch your phones?

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