How to Delete VPN, Password, Restrictions on Your iPhone Easily

  • Part 1: Delete VPN on Your iPhone
  • Part 2: How to Clear Up All Password on Your iPhone Completely
  • Part 3: Delete Restrictions on Your iPhone

Part 1: Delete VPN on Your iPhone

Let’s begin at the way that most widely used among iPhone users.

  • Step 1. Settings > General > VPN
  • Step 2. (For iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 or iOS 7) tap little icon beside the VPN
    (For iOS 6 or previous versions) you click the blue arrow.
  • Step 3. When you see the configuration window for VPN, click PPTP then you will the settings. Check the Delete VPN which you can find at the bottom. After you click it and you can delete VPN from your iPhone.
Note: If you had uninstalled Avast on your phone, you might have met the problem like the once turned off VPN restarts itself to run the batter down. Don’t worry, you can fix this by tapping Settings > General > Profile so that you can find the profile for Avast and delete it.

Part 2: How to Clear Up All Password on Your iPhone Completely

How to delete passcode from iPhone

  • Step 1. Settings>General>Touch ID & Passcode
  • Step 2. Enter the passcode for your iPhone

These two steps will work if you do remember the passcode. For those people, unfortunately, forget their passcode, read below to learn how to unlock iPhone if you had forgotten the passcode.

Steps to delete Saved Safari Passwords on your iPhone

  • Step 1. Check the drop-down list after tapping Settings, and then you can tap Safari to choose Auto Fill
  • Step 2. You should tap clear all at this step. And when the window pops up to let you confirm your action, just tap Clear AutoFill Data to finish it.

How to delete iPhone iCloud Account with no password

Some people will remind you that if you bought a used iPhone, you might find out that this phone already associated with the iCloud account of its former user. This will cause a lot of trouble to its current use. So what do we do to delete the iCloud Account on iPhone when you don’t know the password?

Well, you can try the common way to do it. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

But I think you should try this software named iMyfone Umate Pro which is capable of deleting all data on your iPhone in an unrecoverable way to set your iPhone as NEW. Many people also apply this software when they plan to sell their iPhone to other people in order to save troubles and keep their own privacy.

Step 1. Download and Install iMyfone Umate Pro

Like every other software, you still need to download and install it on your computer before using it to serve you. If you use a Windows computer, you should know this software is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.

Anyway, you don’t need to worry about this software doesn’t support your device. After you successfully launch it on the computer, connect your iPhone to the computer and wait for the software to display your device on its interface. The software shall take some time to detect all the data on your phone.

Step 2. Choose Eraser mode to clear up your iPhone

See the picture below; there are two modes to choose from. I suggest you choose the ERASE ALL DATA. This mode will make sure all the deleted data will forever disappear from your iPhone. Even you try to recover them by using some data recovery software. Not even possible if you use iMyfone D-Back for iOS Data Recovery.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Eraser All Data

When you have to choose the security levels, as the software recommended, you’d better choose the High level.

Step 3. Data delete from iPhone permanently

When you finished the two steps before, there are not much left to do in this step. All you need to do is no more than to click the Start button and confirm your action later. Then you will wait and check your iPhone after the software finishing its work.

By the way, here is everything about Streamlord, the best internet storage service, for you if you need it. Also, click to try the top best iOS restrictions passcode cracker.

Part 3: Delete Restrictions on Your iPhone

Question 1: I want to know how to turn off Restriction for Accessing to App Deletion. Thank you for answering my question.

Answer: iPhone set Restrictions to protect apps, so you should think carefully before you deleting Restrictions. But if you really want to remove Restriction from your iPhone, you can try tap Settings> General> Restrictions> Disable Restriction and then you will enter the password for the restriction.

Question 2: I want to know how to fix thing after losing restrictions passcode.

Answer: When you forget the restrictions passcode and you had something been restricted on your iPhone. What a wired situation. You should know how to fix this. Maybe you should start with these following steps. Know more about How to Reset Restrictions Passcode on iPhone when you forgot it.

  • Step 1. First tap Settings > iCloud. And in order to sync data to iCloud, you need to turn on Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes and other data.
  • Step 2. Keep press the power button of your iPhone until you see the red slider. Then turn off your iPhone
  • Step 3. Via USB cables you can connect your iPhone to the computer. At some time, be sure you had launch iTunes on the computer too. Now you need to hold the home button long enough to get the notion from the iTunes that it had detected a device in Recovery mode. Then you can click OK to restore your iPhone
  • Step 4. You may not see any data stored on your iPhone after restoring it. Tap Settings > iCloud on your iPhone. Log into your Google account and then sync data you had synced before during the step 1 if you still remember.


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