How to Delete Songs, Playlist, Podcasts & Audiobooks on your iPhone

  • Part 1: How to Delete iPhone Music Manually
  • Part 2: Delete iPhone playlist
  • Part 3: Delete iPhone Podcasts
  • Part 4: Delete iPhone Audiobooks
  • Part 5: How to Delete Books from iBooks

Part 1: How to Delete iPhone Music Manually

  • Step 1. Check iPhone’s home screen and press Music icon to launch it.
  • Step 2. Tap Songs at the bottom and wipe them over from the right side to the left side.

Common questions and answers about how to delete music from iPhone.

Question 1: I have met a problem after upgrading my iPhone, there were more music than I used to have in my iPhone. Most of this music bear an iCloud symbol and the system keeps telling me that all these music are downloadable. But all I want to do is to delete them; will anyone tell me what to do?

Answer: In order to delete this music on your iPhone, you need to tap Settings on your iPhone first to find Music option. Then you should toggle off Show All Music. After doing that, most of this music will go. If you want to clean the music you downloaded on your iPhone, you need to open music and swipe over a song you want to delete from right to left and Delete will be clicked.

Question 2: I have to delete some music on my iPhone to get more space on it. I don’t know what I did wrong or just because I did all the operation on my phone, anyway, after connecting my iPhone to my computer, all the deleted music are back to my iPhone which really pisses me off. Please tell me a useful way to delete music and make sure they will never back to my phone.
Answer: You should know that you should not connect your iPhone with your computer after deleting songs manually from iPhone, because iTunes will sync your data to your iPhone again. To avoid this situation happen, you can try the following steps.

Step 1. Uncheck iTunes Sync Music

Use USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC. Then you need to launch iTunes and find the option to unmark the Sync Music. There will be a window pops up to remind you all the music and playlist on your iPhone will be deleted. Now you can click Remove and close the iTunes.


Step 2. Launch dr.fone on your PC

Download dr.fone – iOS Transfer on your PC. If you used Mac, you can use dr.fone – iOS Transfer (Mac). The software will detect your connected device and display it on its interface.

Step 3. Sync music to your iPhone

On the top side, you can find Music which you need to click it. Find the triangle for Add on the top. Then you should choose Add file or Add folder to move the music you need and lead them to iPhone.

Part 2: Delete iPhone playlist

Open your iPhone and tap Music>Playlist which you can find at the bottom of the phone screen. Then you can move the playlist from right to the left, after that, click Delete to clean your playlist.

Common questions and answers

Question 1: I would like to know how to delete songs from my playlist stored in my iPhone Music app.

Answer: Your problem is not different to solve. First you need to tap Music app icon on your iPhone’s screen and then tap playlist at the bottom of the screen. The playlist option will lead you to find the place saved the music you might want to delete. Select those songs and swipe them from right to left and then click Remove

Question 2: Hello, my question is that I’ve tried to delete music from playlist by moving them from right to the left side, it just failed to work. Is there any other way to delete music from my iPhone playlist?

Answer: If you want to do it in another way, I suggest you connect your iPhone to computer through USB cable first then you can delete data through your PC. You need to sync your iPhone with iTunes, and you must not choose to sync the whole music library before syncing music. Just keep the music you want and leave those you don’t want behind. After that, click Apply so you can delete the music you don’t want on your iPhone.

Part 3: Delete iPhone Podcasts


Question 1: There is too much data on my iPhone, I think delete some of the Podcasts episodes from it might help to get more space on the phone. Please tell me if there is any easy way to clean my Podcasts episodes.

Answer: First you need to launch Podcasts app on your iPhone. Then you can tap My Podcasts at the bottom of the phone’s screen. After that, find the podcast which saved the episodes you want to delete, what you need to do is swipe those need to be deleted episodes from right to left, at the end tap Delete

Question 2: I have deleted some of my podcasts both on my iPhone and iTunes. But I cannot delete the titles of these podcasts on my phone; they just exist there like I never clean them. I want to know the way to move them from my phone because I really feel annoyed by them.

Answer: This situation happens to many people, they had deleted the whole or partly podcast on their phone, but the podcast icon still remains. The Edit button on iPhone is not so easy to find, so many people said there is no delete option on the phone. In fact you just need to follow the next steps; you will get rid of those things you don’t want.

Tap the Podcast app on your iPhone to launch it, you will see the podcasts titles and Store button on the top left. Press the screen and swipe vertically from top to bottom, you will see the Edit option show up in line with Search and display view. Now you can click it to delete the data you don’t need.

Part 4: Delete iPhone Audiobooks

People might never think that it is not easy to delete audiobook on iPhone. Some people they even have tried deleting audiobooks in iTunes before syncing iPhone with iTunes which doesn’t work out at all. So, is there any way to effective way to delete audiobook on iPhone? Actually, the following steps might help you. You will find to delete audiobook on your iPhone is not that difficult as you think.

  • Step 1. Tap Settings > General > Usage so you can find the Music app in the STORAGE. (Click Show all Apps if you cannot find the Music app)
  • Step 2. Tap Music > Edit button which lays on the upper right side. Then you can select the audiobook you would like to delete


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