How to Delete iPhone Apps, App Icon, App Data, Newsstand Completely

  • Part 1: How to Delete iPhone Apps Permanently
  • Part 2: How to Delete iPhone App Icons
  • Part 3: How to Delete iPhone App Data
  • Part 4: How to Delete Newsstand on Your iPhone

Part 1: How to Delete iPhone Apps Permanently

I will tell you two different ways to delete Apps on your iPhone. Trust me, both ways work well for its users.

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Solution 1. The common way will be chosen for many people to delete iPhone Apps manually

  • Step 1. Tap apps on iPhone long enough to see the all the iPhone apps wiggle
  • Step 2. There will be little “X” you can see on the upper corner of the app you have chosen. When a window shows up and asks you to confirm that if you would like to delete this app, just click Delete then you can remove this iPhone app simple.

Attention: Applying this way to delete your iPhone apps can not ensure you these apps are gone forever. They actually still exist somewhere in your iPhone which means they might be back to your phone in some way you might even not notice. My suggestion is to use some software to help you permanently delete these apps from your iPhone.

Questions people often meet when they trying to delete iPhone apps.

Question 1: My phone is iPhone 4. When I press my finger on the apps and hold long enough to see the “x” mark, to be my surprise, this mark never shows up for some of my apps. What should I do to solve this problem? Please tell me a useful and easy to handle way, Thank you very much.

Answer: First, be sure that you were not trying to delete those preinstalled apps on your iPhone, because those apps cannot be deleted even if you reset your iPhone.

As for those apps you download on your iPhone later, tap Settings > General > Restrictions so that you can wipe the option Deleting Apps to ON. After that, back to the home screen, try to tap the app you want to delete long enough to get the “X” mark, then you can click it to get rid off those apps only occupied space on your phone.

Question 2: Well things went well until I confirm to delete the message on the pop-up windows. Nothing happens after that, I think the app I’ve to choose suppose to be deleted. When I recall what I did to delete apps, I found I did absolutely stander steps, so what’s going wrong? Now the app I want to delete before turn to gray and give me no reaction when I tap it. What should I do to fix it?

Answer: When this situation happens, you should go to the App Store and then try to download the same app again. This time the program might not ask you to install this app on your iPhone, this app might just launch again. Neither way, do you need to care, just click and download this app again? After that, do the same steps you did the first time to delete the app, this time, you will successfully delete it from your iPhone.

Question 3: Recently, I found my iPhone don’t have enough space for me to download new game apps on it. So I decided to delete some of the old apps to release more space to welcome the new members. But I would rather to keep the app data in somewhere, you know, just in case I will need them in the future. Do you know any way to achieve this? I will be really appreciated if you can tell me.

Answer: I understand you that you want to keep the app data. But normally, when you deleted apps from your iPhone, the data of these apps would be gone with them. But there still one way you can apply to save the data. You can backup your iPhone to iCloud when you deleted apps. By doing this, next time you need this data, just restore them from iCloud to your iPhone. It is not difficult to do that, you could have a try.

Solution 2. Permanently delete all iPhone apps by iMyfone Umate PRO.

For those people who want to change to a new phone or plan to sell their old iPhone. It is important for them to have a real clean up of their iPhone. Not only for protecting privacy but also for those people who might bring your used phone. For example, the apps on your iPhone, when you decided to delete them, you’d better wipe off the data of those apps in a permanent way. In order to do that, why not try the amazing software named iMyfone Umate Pro. This software will help you to clean all kinds of data saved on your iPhone, and there will be no way to recover data been deleted by it.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Eraser All Data

iMyfone Umate Pro - Erase Deleted Files

Erase Private Data
  • Step 1. Set up iMyfone Umate Pro on your PC.
  • Step 2. Make the connection between the iPhone and your Windows computer. You should select from two iPhone data eraser modes.
    One is ERASE ALL DATA: all data & your setting will be permanently deleted
    Another is ERASE DELETED FILES: If you want to use this mode, you’d better apply solution one to delete apps from iPhone at first, because this mode only erases the items you deleted already on your iPhone.
  • Step 3. You are going to choose from 3 security levels to delete apps on your iPhone. I suggest you use the recommend one level.

Part 2: How to Delete iPhone App Icons

I used to double tap the home button in order to quit the app on my iPhone. But it doesn’t work right now. Would you please teach me how to delete those used App icons on the button of the phone’s screen?

Two steps to delete iPhone App icons

  • Step 1. You need to double tap the “Home” button to get the multitask view for recently used apps
  • Step 2. Flick up on the page for each app icon so the page will fly away which means the app icon disappears. Then you have learned how to quit the apps in this way.

Question: Why some of my iPhone app icons are dark? Does that mean something wrong with my iPhone or it just nothing?


  • Some apps icons look dark mostly because they are refreshing in the background. Sometimes, the network condition and other problems with the installation package will prevent the refresh process to stop or failed.
  • You properly need to reconnect your iPhone with Wi-Fi or go to the App Store to download this app again.
  • Maybe you would like to try go to Settings>General > Background App Refresh so that you can turn off the refresh app as you like.

Part 3: How to Delete iPhone App Data

Then you using Apps on your iPhone, there will keep creating data and save it on the hard disk on your iPhone. You should keep clean them from your iPhone in order to make sure your phone works at its best condition.

  • Step 1. Download & launch iFunbox on PC.
  • Step 2. Use USB cable to connect iPhone to the PC
  • Step 3. Place the apps you would like to clean its data under the User Applications. After that, click the “+” which you can find on the left side of the app and then click Library. When you finishing doing that, see through the right side window where you will see one folder named Cache, you can open and check is inside before you deleting data saved in there.

Part 4: How to Delete Newsstand on Your iPhone


Even though people know they cannot delete Newsstand from their iPhone, but they do not want to see it on their iPhone. I think it will make people feel much comfortable if we at least hide the Newsstand in somewhere, especially at the first page. This will make people have a better experience when using their phone.

  • Step 1. Select one app on iPhone and press it until you see a apps wiggle
  • Step 2. Move it to the Newsstand so you can create a folder which you can name it as you like
  • Step 3. When you finishing creating the folder, swipe those apps you will need out, so that only Newsstand leave behind. After that, move this folder to some corner of the screen where you seldom pay attention to.


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