How to Clear Up Android Browsing History

Before we knowing about how to clear up Android browsing history, let’s learn more about the smartphone. With the continuous development of communication network, smartphones become an indispensable tool in our daily life. What’s more, their screen size and bandwidth are small enough so that it’s convenient for the users to carry. And it not only provides a broad stage for the content services, such as stock, news, weather, traffic, commodity, music, pictures and so on but also supports applications which are used to shop or play games on your phone. The reason why smartphones are so popular and successful in our daily life is mainly due to its access to technology with the Internet. In this way, the users can surf the Internet and browse the web through smartphones at any time and any place, since we carry them all the time. This is a great invention that makes our life more and more colorful and convenient.

However, assuming that, someone asks you to lend your mobile phone to it, or you are aware of that someone accidentally or intentionally browses your Internet history, you just can’t wait to delete it.

In order to solve this problem, this article is written to tell you how to clear history from Android phones no matter what kind of web browser you are using. It is wise of you to follow the instructions mentioned below step by step since they are easy and user-friendly to be understood. Once you want to delete browsing history, you can refer to this article for help.

Part 1. How to clear browsing history of Google Chrome which is applied to Android

Google Chrome is a common kind of browsers in our daily life, it can meet almost all your requirements while you surf the Internet and sometimes you need to clear the browsing history. Here are some steps should be followed to help you achieve this goal.

Step 1. Start Google Chrome installed on the android device. Then you will see a button placed on the top right-hand corner of the screen which has 3 dots on it, to process further, click on it to open the drop-down menu.

Step 2. Then you will see the next menu come up to you on the screen. To process further, press on the button of “Privacy and Security” and then choose the tab of “Clear Private Data”. After all, these have been done, you need to decide which option associated with data clearance should be selected. Then press on “Clear Data”, while you have chosen one selection that meets your requirements most.


Step 3. Find the button called “Clear Browsing Data” and click on it.


Step 4. Now the interface will show you many options, then it is your time to decide which one should be deleted and which one should be kept. Check carefully about the items you have marked, choose the “Clear” tab to process further. If you change your mind at this moment, it doesn’t matter, you can also get them back by selecting the “Cancel” option.


Step 5. Of course, you will see a pop-up menu prompt you that clearing browsing data is on the going, please wait for a minute.


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Part 2. How to clear browsing history of Mozilla Firefox is applied to Android

In order to remove browsing history while you use Opera to surf the Internet on the android device, you should follow the instructions step by step as they are described below.

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Step 1. Start the Mozilla Firefox which is installed on the android device. You will see an O shaped button place next to a downwards arrow. To process further, open the drop-down menu, you will see the option of “Settings”, go to it and select the tab of “Privacy”. Then another menu will open up with options related to data clearance, select the ones that meet your requirement most.


Step 2. Then a screen will come up to you. Move the cursor to the “Advanced” and choose the option of “Privacy”.


Part 3. How to remove history from stock browser on Android phones.

You can find the in-built stock browser on Android 4.0 or former operating system. Here are some steps to remove history from stock browser on Android phones, you can do it as follows.

Step 1. Open the stock browser and choose the tab of “Settings”. Next, select “Privacy Settings” from the drop down menu. Then you will see the options of history clearance.


Step 2. It will display a variety of options and it is your turn to decide which one or more should be removed. To process further, it is wise of you to check the data carefully. As a result, the stock browser history on Android devices will be deleted one by one automatically according to your choice.


Part 4. How to remove search history on Android phones.

At the very beginning, open the Google search by hitting the widget. Then follow the instructions step by step as shown below.
Step 1. Click on the button which has three lines on it, just places next to the Google logo.


Step 2. Go to the option of “Settings” on the drop down menu. Then it will display various options to be selected. To process further, choose the tab of “Accounts and Privacy”.



Step 3. “Google Account History” is your next selection. Once you see a new menu to come up to you, please select the option of “Web & App Activity”.



Step 4. You will see another drop down menu. This time, move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and click on the button of “Manage Activity “.


Step 5. There is a gear shaped icon placing at the lower right corner of the screen. Click on it and a new menu called “History” is coming up to you. Choose “Remove items” to process further.



Step 6. Choose the items as you want according to the time period. If you want to remove all of the search histories, all you need to do is checking the tab of “From the beginning on time” and then press on the “Remove” button.


Part 5. Other tips to clear or clean your mobile phone:

1. As it is mentioned above, there are many ways to clear browsing history on your Android device. In addition to these methods, there is a tool called dr.fone, which not only supports to transmit data between your phone and other devices, but also can remove data thoroughly. So if you want to clear browsing history from different browsers, you can have a try on this program as well.

2. What’s more, sometimes, you find your phone becomes dirty and wants to clean it since it has been used for a long time. In this regard, I’d like to recommend a useful article to you, whose title is “The ways to clean your mobile phone“. I think you can certainly get some advice from this article, since it will show you how to clean the mobile phone, such as touch screen, screen protector, screen scratches and so on. Of course, it is wise of you to prepare some tools in advance in order to attain this goal.

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