How to Backup Samsung to Cloud with Ease

Why Need to Backup Samsung to Cloud?

If you back up your mobile phone, it will be easier for you to get back the files lost or deleted. And if you store the backup files on the Cloud, you can get access to them with ease, no matter where you are. Such Cloud backup service online enable the users to restore their backup files right after them find the loss of the files. Because it is now easy to get a steady network even if you are out. The loss can be caused by wrong deletion, system problem and virus attack.

If you have a Samsung device, either a mobile phone or a portable tablet, you can create a backup file on the Cloud without hassle. All the files you on your Samsung device can be easily backed up if you read this article and do as it tells you. In the following passages, I will walk you through the whole process, including setting up a Samsung account and then backing up Samsung to Cloud.

  • Part 1. The detailed way to backup your Samsung to Cloud
  • Part 2. Five Android apps to back up Samsung Galaxy on the Cloud

Part 1. The detailed way to back up your Samsung to Cloud

If you use the Samsung device, then you may not be strange to the Samsung account, which on your Samsung device help you back up the important files on the Cloud, namely the Samsung Server, including the call logs, SMS, MMS and other settings. It is almost the same as the Gmail account for the Android device. And it is easy to use.

Step 1. First you need a Samsung account. On your Samsung device, go to the Settings > Accounts and sync > Add account.

Step 2. Choose the “Samsung account”. And then you can start to create your own Samsung account. Simply enter your email and then get it a proper password.


Step 3. Then you can log in the Samsung account that you have just created.

Step 4. Then on the screen, choose the “Samsung account” option and then tap on the “Device backup” item. And then you can choose the “Backup” command.


Step 5. Now you can see a little window pop up, on which you can start to choose the file types that you want to back up on the Cloud, including the call logs, MMS, SMS, and settings. After that click on the “OK” button.


Step 6. Then click on the “Back up now” option to start the backup process.


Step 7. If you check the “Auto backup” option, the Samsung device will back up itself every day automatically.

Part 2. Five Android apps to back up Samsung Galaxy on the Cloud

Tool 1. Titanium Backup (Root)


This is the first one that I would like to recommend to you. People think it a wonderful helper when it comes to back up their Android device. It covers almost all the Android devices in the market, from Android 1.5 to the latest Android. You can also use it to back up your Samsung device on the Cloud. There is a free version of this tool, which can help you back up the files including contacts, SMS and call logs.

Tool 2. My Backup Pro


This tool can help you back up all the files including contacts, audios, videos, photos and other documents. But sometimes it is hard to back up the SMS and contacts. Compared to the first tool, this tool enables you to use it without rooting your Android device. It supports Android devices from 1.6 to the later. If you want to back up your Samsung device on the Cloud or on the SD card, you can simply give it a try.

Tool 3. Super Backup : SMS & Contacts


As you can see, this tool can help you back up your data including the SMS and contacts. It offers an automatic backup function too. As for the Android devices supported, this tool will give you all the Android devices from 2.0.1. To back up your Samsung device on the Cloud, this tool will meet your need.

Tool 4. Helium App Sync and Backup


This tool allows you to back up the call logs, contacts, SMS, and apps on the Samsung Galaxy. And you simply have no need to root it. Besides the Samsung Galaxy, this tool also help its users to back up the Android devices from 4.0 to the latest. You can choose to store the backup files on the Cloud or on the SD card.

Tool 5. Ultimate Backup


This tool helps you back up the Android device with ease, and you can store the backup files on the local space or the Cloud, including Box , Dropbox and Google Drive. Besides, it offers a uninstaller function. It is compatible with the Android device from Android 2.2.

Have you heard about the Wondershare MobileGo? It is now a popular application for both the Windows computer and the Mac computer. And you may have got it! It is a professional tool for managing the data on the mobile phones and tablets. You can use it to manage the SMS, contacts, photos, audios, videos and apps on your device. And the devices supported by this handy tool cover the iOS device including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Android devices including mobile phones and tablets, and Symbian devices. The Wondershare MobileGo offers many useful functions, one of which being backing up your Samsung to Cloud. And it is really easy to use it. Why not give it a try?


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