Have Better Understanding of Siri on Your iPhone: Locate, Activate, Edit & Secure Siri

Many iPhone users find it confused that they can not find an app regarding Siri. So they have no clue where to start and where they can locate Siri at all.These are just some common problems for new Siri users. For whose who have basic knowledge about Siri, it may still be a problem for them to edit command and lock Siri with a code. However, you don’t have to worry about these problems now. This article is born to solve these kinds of problems and you will have a better understanding of Siri when you finish reading it.

Part 1. How to locate Siri on your iPhone?

Well, the answer is actually quite simple and direct:

  • 1. Long press the Home button down in the middle of your iPhone to initiate Siri. (or you can try to hold your iPhone up to the side of your ear to open Siri if you have authorize the ‘Raise to Speak’ feature of the device.
  • 2. When you open Siri successfully, there will be two beeps to alert you that Siri is awake and is waiting for your commands.
  • 3. At this moment, give Siri a command or require Siri to run an errand for you. For instance, you can ask Siri to play a song or send out messages for you. Siri is smart enough to know the exact time point you finish talking. Or you can choose to let go of the mouth icon to make Siri realize that you have done talking.
  • 4. It is possible that when you ask Siri to send out an email or a messages, Siri will show a manuscript about the message or the email to you before sending. In order to send it, you need to say send or hit the send button directly.

Part 2. How to activate and deactivate Siri on your iPhone

What does Siri require:
  • 1. An iPhone 4s or later product.
  • 2. Internet connection (3G or up is the best choice)
The steps of setting up Siri:

Step 1. Open Settings. Then go with General. At last click Siri. Slide the control bar to status ON and once you are sure above your movements, click “Enable Siri”.
Step 2. At this point, you need to check the settings below are correct. Select the dialect you want and input your voice inclination along with your contacts files. By doing that, Siri will be able to recognize your voice and begin to link every source it has. For instance, it can locate wife or other contacts in your contact book automatically. Then, you have to activate ‘Raise to Speak’. This movement indicates that you have enabled Siri successfully. Also, you can hold iPhone up to your ear even though when you are making a phone call.


Part 3. The process of compiling Siri command on your iPhone

Though Siri has possessed powerful voice recognition technique, it is still not perfectly understandable in some aspects. You may find Siri goes wrong sometimes. For example, it may have troubles understanding the things you said or commit some errors when spelling the names or words. In cases like these, most of the time you need to give it another shot or even change the way of the command you input to refill Siri. You can take the following guidance as a reference to edit Siri command on your iPhone:

Step 1. Wake Siri first and then ask Siri the question you are interested in or command it to run some easy task for you.Then hold the talking button as you speak.
Step 2. When you finish asking your question to Siri, you will see the contents of your command in the talking dialogue. There is also a “tap to edit” button for you to manually edit your command in case of errors. So you are able to change the contents of your command as you wish.
Step 3. When you done making the adjustments, Siri will respond to your changes and correct itself in order to reach the ultimate accuracy.
Step 4. Make sure if the final command is changed based on your need.

However, if Siri often misunderstand the name of contacts and organization you said, you can do some adjustments about it to set it right. You can solve this kind of problem by adding phonetic spelling so that you don’t have to ask Siri repeatedly.


Part 4. The process of securing Siri

Which level of security do you want with your telephone? It is totally up to you. Some users prefer to use a password to prevent strangers have access to their iPhone while others would rather to have easy access to their own iPhone without inputting the complicated passwords.

Surprisingly, it is a default setting that Siri is capable of getting pass the password you set up.

This default setting means that even a stranger would approach your iPhone without efforts. He can make phone calls, send out emails or messages and even have access to your personal data with your iPhone. There is even no need for the stranger to type in the security password at all. This is quite a dangerous situation for iPhone users who value the safety of their personal information.

So is there anything you can do to stop the potential danger? We can tell you the answer is yes.You can follow the instructions below to prevent Siri getting pass the password:

Step 1. Go to Setting on your iPhone. Click the button General. Then go with the optional ID & Passcode.
Step 2. Type in your password if you have set one to protect your iPhone previously when it is not used. At this moment, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Switch the Allow access to Siri option to the OFF status.



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