Good Ways to Recover Your Lost iPhone Call History

Good Ways to Recover Your Lost iPhone Call History

Why Need to Recover Lost iPhone Call History

The call history in your iPhone, which records all your incoming and outgoing calls recently, can be important enough when sometimes you are not able to answer some incoming calls in time since you are very busy, you can check them through the call history on your cell phone.

But the call history is much easier to go than any other personal data in your iPhone as well because the call history will become useless eventually over time. And no one would care too much about who has called him one year ago. So it is likely that the history may be deleted unconcernedly. However, if you missed certain very important calls, for example, the calls from your boss, and you just lost all your call history coincidently and have no idea who had ever called in. It must be a nightmare for you I think. In this case, you’d find an effective way to help you recover your lost call history on iPhone.

Three Ways to Recover Lost iPhone Call History by iMyfone D-Back

Fortunately, the solutions are not just only one. To be exact, you have at least three ways to solve this problem. And right now, you just have to download an adequate tool from the Internet, iMyfone D-Back iOS Data Recovery, which has integrated all the three methods of recovering deleted call history on iPhone, and can give you a great help.

First of all, please download this iMyfone D-Back program and install it on your computer. This software can support almost all types of iPhone, which all have the same operating system-iOS. It has ability to restore the lost history call records through three different ways: directly from your iPhone, from iTunes backup, and from iCloud backup, which can ensure your call history comes back.

Way 1: Restore Lost iPhone Call History from iTunes Backup

For the first, let’s see how to restore iPhone call history log from iTunes backup. You may have made an iTunes backup before, and it will have a copy of your personal data of your iPhone. So of course, you can use the backup file to make all the records back.

Notes: be sure to turn off the automatic synchronization on your iPhone, or just not connect your iPhone to the computer. Or it will sync your data automatically and update the previous backup file.

The good thing of using iMyfone D-Back is that you can choose certain parts of the data contented in the iTunes backup files to have a recovery, other than recovering all. So you can retrieve just the call history data, and leave other data on your cell phone right now as they are.

Get in back to the point, the steps of recovery call history from iTunes backup by using iMyfone D-Back are just two:

1. Open iMyfone D-Back on your computer, turn the software into “Recover from iTunes Backup Backup” mode. To view the history data, you should extract the backup files before. The program will scan your computer and then list all existing iTunes backup files for you. Just choose one and click “Scan”, the chosen file will be extracted.

2. Wait for a minute before the extracting is done, and you can see all the details of the backup files. See the left side bar you will see all files have been classified by their types: photos, messages, WeChat and so on. Tick the checkbox before “Call History“, and all call history will be shown in the primary window. Just choose what you want and click “Recover”, and the call log will be saved to the computer then.

Way 2: Restore Lost iPhone Call Log from iPhone Directly

Although restore the lost call log from iTunes backup is very easy, but it doesn’t always work unless you can back up your data in time, or the backup file may be out of date. Why not recover the call history straightly on your iPhone? You will see iMyfone D-Back iOS Data Recovery can also do it perfectly.

The steps of this solution are also simple enough, but you should transfer the program mode into “Recover from iOS Device“. Under this mode, you should connect your iPhone to the computer as well, and follow the steps under:

1. After connecting the iPhone and computer, click the “Start” button and let the program scan your device, to find out all lost data which available to be recovered.

2. Just as the solution before, you can see all lost data classified in the primary window, just find out the “Call History”, tick it, and click the “Recover” button. Your lost call log will come back.

Way 3: Restore Lost iPhone Call Log from iCloud Backup

You can also restore the call history from your iCloud as well. That’s the third method I want to show you by using iMyfone D-Back. But it may require you have an iCloud account and have back up your data to the iCloud service before.

The steps are just like recovering call log from iTunes backup file, the only difference is that you have to connect your computer to the Internet, and log on your iCloud at first, because the iCloud backup files of the data are all saved on the remote server.

1. First of all, launch iMyfone on your computer, and choose “Recover from iCloud Backup” mode. Under this situation, you can sign in iCloud using your Apple ID straightly and safely in the primary window. Then you will see all iCloud backup files appear in the primary window.

2. Before extracting the backup file you’d download it from the remote service to your local disk. Choose one of the files and then download it. It may take a while according to the network environment.

3. When the tasks above done, the rest will be easy enough: Click the “Start” and the software will start to scan the backup file and then list all details in the window. After the scan, you can preview all lost files straightly, and choose the Call History to get all your call log back!

Just have a try!


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