Easy Way to Transfer Music/Photos from PC to HTC 10, HTC ONE M9

Every time we get a new phone we wonder how to import our favorite songs or photos to it with ease so that we can freely enjoy them while using the new device. To kill two birds with one stone, awesome! If you are faced with such a situation, then this article is what you are looking for. In fact, it is quite easy to transfer music and photos from your computer to your HTC 10, HTC One M9 if you have stored the items on your PC in advance. I bet you cannot wait no more to see how to do it, then let’s get started now!

  • At the very beginning, you need to get your HTC 10 connected with the computer via a USB cable.
  • Once the connection is set up successfully, it may inform you to install the HTC Sync Manager on your PC.
  • After installing the app, run it on your computer if it doesn’t run itself automatically.
  • In the Music tab of the Sync manager, you can add your favorite songs here.
  • To import photos, you can do the same process in the Gallery tab as well.
  • Make sure the connection between your phone and computer is stable while loading the items you would like to transfer to your HTC 10.
  • When the loading process is done, choose the music and photo you want to move and press the phone icon next to the name of the media to add to your phone. Please note that it means to move the media onto your device when the phone icon turns blue. So make sure the phone icons of the songs and photos you want to turn blue before you move to the next step.
  • To check how the loading process is going, you can turn to the bottom right of the app. After it comes to an end, you can enjoy your favorite songs and photos on your HTC 10.

See, it is not that difficult to transfer your favorite music and photos from your computer to your HTC 10, right? Now, you can plug in your earphones and enjoy your favorites songs on your phone while browsing through your favorite photos.

So stop thinking about how to achieve it, just do it by following the steps mention above. Besides, on top of the HTC Sync Manager, there is another wonderful third-party program that empower you to do the data transfer more easier – MobileGo for Android. With the help of the program, you can easily transfer any data no matter whether it is on your computer or the other devices to your HTC 10 in just 1-Clicks.

The Key Features of MobileGo

MobileGo is a multi-file manager that makes it super simple for you to manage files on your phone in one convenient location. You can download anything from your phone including music, photos, and videos by pressing just one button. It also lets you import files as well as export. You need to put something on your phone rather than take it off? MobileGo has you covered. Use MobileGo to remove duplicate contacts, move files to your new device, remove unwanted apps, back up and restore your data, and even send messages using your desktop computer. All of this and more is possible thanks to MobileGo.


Download MobileGo (Windows Version)
Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

1. Transferring Music from PC to HTC 10 using MobileGo

Using Wondershare MobileGo gives you a great way to manage the music on your phone. If you have an Android phone then you can transfer music to and from your computer. You can also import playlists from iTunes, set your ringtone to your favorite song, get rid of unwanted music and even download new music from websites. We’ll tell you how you can transfer music from your computer to your HTC 10 with simple step-by-step instructions.

Wondershare MobileGo lets you do more than just manage your iTunes or Android music collection. It also lets you download MP3 files or download music from a website.

Start by launching Wondershare MobileGo on your computer and connecting your HTC 10 to the computer using either your WiFi connection or a USB cable.

How to Convert and Transfer Music from your Computer to your HTC 10

1. Just click on “Music” in the left-hand column

2. Click the triangle under “Add>Add file” or “Add Folder” when the new music management window opens up


3. Clicking this opens up your file browser. Find the file or folder you want to import using the browser. You can even listen to the files before importing them with the help of the built-in player. From this window you can also create new playlists, folders, or albums when you right click “Music” to save imported songs. If the files are not in a compatible format then Wondershare MobileGo will ask you if you would like to convert them to an MP3 file. The app will guide you through the conversion process.

2. How to Transfer Photos from your PC to HTC 10 using MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo makes it easy to transfer photos to and from your HTC, take a screenshot, and also remove any unwanted photos to free up space for apps or more photos. Give it a go yourself by following the tutorial below.

Transferring Photos from Computer to Android

1. Click “Photos” in the left hand column. Then select to import from either the Camera or the Library. All your photos, except for the ones you take yourself, will be in the Library.

2. When you open up either the camera or the library click on the triangle under either “Add>add File” or “Add Folder”.


3. This opens up the file browser on your computer. From here you can find the folder where your photos are. Just select the photos you want to transfer and then click “Open” to start the transferral process.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)
Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

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