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Easy Way to Recover Data from iOS 8 via iOS 8 Data Recovery Tool

A large number of people encountered data loss since the official version of iOS 8 has been released to the public. Many people didn’t see this coming when they try to update their system to iOS 8. Or the data loss happens when they try to extricate themselves from recovery mode. But in the end, all the important data such as contacts, photos and messages are lost. The most frequent situation is the user deletes the data by accident. Whatever the reason you lost the data of your iOS 8, we can help you to recover them. In the following part of this article, we will offer you three options to achieve the aim of recovering lost data on iOS device.

At the very beginning of the recovering process, you need to download the powerful data recovery program for iOS 8 to your computer. Its name is Dr.Fone for iOS Data Recovery, regarded as the most popular data recovery program for iPhone, iPad and iPod all over the world, enables you to retrieve lost data including contacts, text messages, notes, photos, calendars and so on from your iOS 8.

What have to be pointed out are the excellent features of this program. For your information:

  • All new iOS 8 device such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 3 are fully supported;
  • You have three available methods to recover lost data from your iOS 8 device: from iOS device, iTunes and iCloud backup;
  • Before you recover the data, you are allowed to preview the data you’ve scanned.

You have three available recovery choices with Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS. With this program, you are free to recover lost data from your iOS 8 device, iTunes backup files and iCloud backup files (this feature is improving and will come into the public very soon). So pay attention to the following article, all three options will be presented with detailed steps. Choose the one that fits your needs.

Option 1: Get lost data from Ios 8 device directly

Step 1: Scan your iOS 8 device to get lost data.

To start with, use a USB cable to connect your iOS 8 device with your computer. Run this iOS 8 recovery program- Dr.Fone for iOS immediately. There is a button Start Scan in the program. Click it to allow this program scans your iOS 8 device for the missing files.

Step 2: Start to recover lost data from iOS 8

You are allowed to preview all the data that have been scanned out from Ios 8 when the scanning is over. There is a button, Only display the deleted item. Click it so that the program will sort out the files and get the deleted files showed in the main screen for you. Once you are confirmed with your choice, check the file and click the recover button. Thus, all the files you selected will be saved to your iOS device or t he computer. You can get contacts, text messages and notes recovered to your iOS 8 device directly.

Option 2: Get lost data back from iTunes

Step 1: Extract contents out of iTunes backup file to get lost iOS 8 data

There is an option Recover from iTunes Backup File in the primary window. Click it to go on. Then you will see all the backup files of your iOS 8 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are showing in the window. Just select the latest backup file which has the highest chance of containing the lost data and click on the button Start scan to export all the contents from this iTunes backup file.

Step 2: Recover lost iOS 8 data

The scanning process is very fast. Just a few seconds you are able to preview all the data in the screen. You are able to go through them one by one and select the exact file you would like to recover. Check the file you want and click the button Recover. Thus, the contacts, notes or messages you want can be recovered to your iOS 8 devices or to your computer. As to the rest kind of file, you’d better save them on your computer.

Option 3: Get lost data back from iCloud

Note: This tool have some tiny compatible issues with iOS 8 iCloud for now because of the technical difficulties. But this problem will soon be solved not long from now. If you have backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod when it is still in iOS 7, then you are free to recover the files to your device directly or to your computer according to your needs. So we will show you how to get the lost data back from iCloud in general.

Step 1: Choose and download the iCloud backup file.

Hit the button Recover from iCloud Backup File at the top of the primary window. Sign in with your iCloud account. If you are worried about the leaking of private information, then you have nothing to worry about since this program will not collect your personal information. You can choose the latest backup file you upload that may include the lost data you want and then download it. Then choose the file type to download in order to save your time.

Step 2: Start to recover your iOS 8

Hit the button Scan make this program extracting files from the iCloud backup. After a few seconds, the scanning will be over. This means you are able to preview all the files and choose what kind of file you would like to recover. Check the files and hit Recover button. You have two destination alternatives for your contacts, notes and messages. Whether recovering to the computer or to the device directly. If you want to recover the data to your iOS 8 devices, you have to use a USB cable to connect your device to the computer. Other types of files other than contacts, messages and notes can only be recovered to the computer.


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