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Data Transfer from iPhone to Android Phone / Android Tablet

Want to experience something new with Android phone or tablet, but worry about all kinds of important data on your old iPhone that you don’t know how to transfer to your new Android phone. Stop struggling, because now you have dr.fone – Switch to help you. Not only it can transfer the data in your iCloud but also those in your Exchange and other accounts, and, of course, your text massages, music, videos and photos to your new Android phone. Even when the data is huge dr.fone-Switch can do its work perfectly. I believe you already can not wait to know how to use dr.fone-Switch, and we will talk about this in the following part.

Part 1. Learn what kind of contacts can be transferred from iPhone to Android

Transfer Contents Abstruct
iPhone to Android device Contacts iPhone contacts from the memory card, Gmail, iCloud and any other places might stored your contacts can be synced.
SMS By using dr.fone-Switch all SMS messages in iPhone can be copied.
Video Both the paid and not paid videos are able to be moved.
Music Music, iTunes U and podcasts can be all transferred to Android.
Photos Photos from iPhone Camera Roll as well as Photo Library can be moved from your iPhone to Android.

Part 2, A plain course of how to move data from iPhone to Android phone or tablet device

Step 1. Download & install dr.fone for data transfer from iPhone to Android

Firstly of all, you should download the dr.fone & launch it on your computer. And then connect both the iPhone and Android device to computer. In addition, please make sure iTunes installed on your PC to sync data from iPhone to Android phone easily.

Step 2. Sync all data from iPhone SE/6S/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS to Android device

1. Process of moving iPhone photos to Android phone

Photos are always the first thing people want to transfer to their new mobile device. dr.fone-Switch make people able to move the photos both from the Camera Roll and the Photo Library to the new Android phone. You can learn more about it on the video tutorial about exporting iPhone photos to Android.

2. Process of syncing iPhone videos to Android

Don’t need to worry that lost your favorite videos after changed your phone. You can enjoy the new season of The Game of the Throne on your Android phone. Learn more about how to do it by clicking the video tutorial about the steps on iPhone videos transferring to Android.

3. Process of copying SMS text messages

dr.fone-Switch makes it very easy to copy SMS text messages from iPhone to Android. Want to know how to do? Click the video tutorial about the SMS text messages transfer

4. Process of exporting music

Not only those songs you paid for, even those you didn’t dr.fone-Switch can export them all to your Android phone and tablet. As for the problem of the music might equipped with incompatible formats, this tool will solve it by converting to Android compatible format. Check the video tutorial for more about how to move iPhone music to Android.

5. Process of transferring iPhone contacts to Android

The iPhone memory card, iCloud, Exchanges, Facebook, Hotmail are places stored your contacts. You may concern about the missing information or data error, but What dr.fone – Switch do is to complete comprehensive data transfer, so just click the button and let dr.fone-Switch do it for you. Check the video guide for more information about transferring iPhone contacts to Android.


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