Better Choice to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone 6 | iPhone 6S | iPhone 7 (Plus)

It was like all over a night, everyone in the street became an iPhone 6S (iPhone 6S Plus) users, and even those people haven’t got one yet have planned to purchase one in the further. What will happen to their old Android phone? Even if you can change an operating system easily, those data saved on your old Android phone are something you cannot possible to dump easily. For example, you are ready for jogging, you pick up your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6s Plus and then suddenly realize that the music you used to listen is still on your old Android. At last, you have to jog with your old Android. You may wonder, what for all the trouble to earn yourself a new phone if you couldn’t enjoy it.

So you need to work out a good way to transfer data from Android phone to new iPhone 6S Plus | iPhone 6 Plus. Data like music can be tricky. They may all well organize at your old phone but no longer the same after being transfer; you know how to find your favorites. Pop music for jogging while classic music for relaxing. All your recorded habits might be lost after being transferred to another device.

Let’s see how Apple suggests its users solve this problem.

Part 1: Method Provided by Apple to Sync music from Android to iPhone 6 Plus

Apple solution 1: install the music app on your phone.

Well, this is simple enough solution; all you need to do is to install a streaming music app on your new iPhone 6, which, of course, you need to have an account for this app. And then you just need to sign in this account, the app itself will record all the music you like.

But this solution might meet one problem, if the app you used to install at your old Android didn’t have an available version for iPhone, there will be no way you can sign in it on your iPhone. Maybe we need to find a more comprehensive solution.

So, check the second solution provided by Apple: transfer music through Android File Transfer

This solution is like transfer music follow the turn of Android>iTunes>computer>iPhone.
Don’t give up so early; it is not as difficult as it looks like.

Note: you have to use Mac, if you were Windows users, this method may not be helpful.

Step 1: Use USB cable to connect your Android to your Mac. Then you need to install Android File Transfer on your Mac. After that, find the folder on your Android which saves music. And pay attention that your Mac may fail to recognize your Android device.

Step 2: Select the music you would like to transfer, drag them to a new folder you create on Mac for saving coming music files.

Step 3: Open your iTunes and then put the drag in the music on your Mac to it.

Step 4: Now, open your iPhone, find the Music option, where you can choose to sync entire library or you may like just sync the selected music.
Step 5: After making your choice, wait a while and you will find music you like on your new iPhone.

Note: set up iTunes to sync automatically over WiFi, this will save you a lot of trouble to have music on both your iPhone and Mac.

This solution seems fix the problem of some Mac users. But the whole process might be challenging for some people who cannot handle computer and smart phone properly. Some people had tried this way, but found a lot of errors might pop out during the process which is very annoying. Don’t forget those Windows users who also need a solution for data transferring.

If you met any problem and want some help, also feel free to contact Apple Support, they will be happy to help. Just click Here to know more about How to Move Content from Your Android Phone to iPhone 6/6s Plus provided by Apple.

Part 2: Better Choice to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone 6/6S (Plus) via Third-Party Tool

Now, we should show our better choice to solve this problem. This method is workable for both Mac and Windows users.

It is quite simple, all you need is software named dr.fone – Switch. This software is like the top expert at data transfer. It can transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, calendar, photos, music, video, and apps between different platforms like iOS, Android and Symbian.

No complicated process, within 3 steps and less than 10 minutes, all your problems are gone forever.

Especial good news for iPhone XR/XS (Max) users, it is fully compatible with iOS 13 and support iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max.

Please follow the steps below and you will see how easy it is to handle the dr.fone-Switch.

Step 1: download and launch this software on your computer (both Windows and Mac can work)

You can choose to download a free version or to purchase one with more functions. Anyway, the free version is just as outstanding as the need to pay version.

After launching it on your computer, let’s take Windows computer as an example. You can see its interface since we need to transfer data between two smartphones, you should choose the “Switch” mode. There are other modes like Backup&Restore, Transfer, and Erase.

Step 2: Connect your Android device & iPhone 6 / 6 Plus to the computer

You will need two USB cables to connect both your Android and iPhone 6 to the computer. The software may need some time to detect your devices, it is necessary to perfectly transfer data between these two devices. After that, both devices will be shown at the interface. At the middle part, there is a column named Select Content to Copy where you can choose the type of data you would like to transfer. For example, Mark the little box in front of Music means you have chosen Music to transfer to your target phone.

android to iPhone 6 music transfer

Step 3: Transfer Music from Android to iPhone 6/6S Plus

Since you already pick up the data you want to transfer, there is one more thing to check before clicking the Start Transfer button. You can see the option under the picture of iPhone, it says Clear data before copy, which means if you clicked this option, data save on your iPhone will be deleted before new data from Android coming in. So, think twice before clicking this option.

If you think everything is fine now, just click Start Transfer to finish the last part of the whole process, and then wait for the music transferred to your iPhone.

sync music from android to iphone 6

The steps for dr.fone – Switch is just like it, don’t worry you cannot handle it. The dr.fone-Switch is a defiantly better choice for everyone to transfer data. Why not try it now?


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