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Best Solutions to Transfer iPhone Photos to iPad

Worldwide, Apple has released an enormous amount of outstanding high-tech products, among which the iPhone and the iPad are the most widely welcomed devices. There are a lot of people who like to buy both of them, because their main features slightly differrent from one another. But people also want to synchronize the data between iPhone and iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPad Pro so that they can enjoy themselves at anytime they like.

However, it is really a hard nut to sync data with ease for many Apple users. Fortunately, now you will be given to know some easy solutions to the problem. And after this article you will be able to transfer pictures as well as calendar, messages, contacts, audios and videos from iPhone to iPad Pro/ iPad Air / iPad Mini effortlessly.

  • Part 1. Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPad Pro / iPad Air / iPad Mini
  • Part 2. Tips when Transferring Other Data from iPhone to iPad Pro / iPad Air / iPad Mini, Such as Contacts, Calendar, Videos, Music

Part 1. Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad Pro

The easiest way to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPad Mini is to do it with dr.fone – Switch. Also you can use other tools like Photo Stream or Wireless Transfer App.

Tool 1. 1-Click iPhone to iPad Air Data Transfer – dr.fone Switch

This is a powerful application which allows the users to transfer not only the pictures but also other data like calendar, messages, contacts, audios, videos and so on. And the interface of it is very friendly, so you can learn to operate it as soon as you start to use it. Since there are two versions of it, you need to keep your eyes open when you are downloading. And in this article, you will see the how-to steps for Windows users. As for the Mac users, you can just refer to these steps because they are so alike.

Step 1. Download iPhone to iPad Mini Data Transfer – dr.fone, and run it after installing. Then you will see the primary window pop up.

Step 2. Using two USB cables to connect both your iPhone and iPad Air or iPad Mini to the computer. When you do this, the computer will soon recognize your devices and will display them on the primary window after you choose the “Switch” mode.

Step 3. Check it to see if both the devices are in the correct positions. As is presumed, we are transferring pictures from iPhone to iPad. So you need to place your iPhone on the left and let the iPad Air or iPad Mini stay on the right.

Step 4. In the box between the two devices, choose the data you want to transfer. In this passage, I will just choose “photos”. Of course, you can choose else options like music and apps, as they are all allowed to be transferred by dr.fone. Then click on “Start Transfer”. After that, you can sit it out restfully.

Tool 2: Wireless Transfer App

Step 1. Connect both of your iPhone and iPad Air to the same stable network, and download and install the captioned app on them.

Step 2. Run the app on them.


Step 3. Click “Send” button on the iPhone since you are going to transfer data from it. Then choose the “iPod iPhone iPad” mode instead of “Computer”.

Step 4. Now you can start to choose the pictures you like, and click on “Send” to add the pictures to the iCloud.

Step 5. Turn to your iPad Air and choose the “Receive” mode. Then you can see a button saying “Refresh Device”. Click it so that the available devices will be shown.

Step 6. Under the menu “Receive from iPhone/iPad/iPod”, you will find the name of your iPhone. Tap on it. Then you need to allow the app to get access to the Authorization on your iPhone so that you can start to transfer pictures from the iCloud.


Tool 3: Photo Stream

Step 1. Before you start to transfer, you need to create your own Apple ID, and sign in the iCloud on both devices with it.

Step 2. On your iPhone, enter Settings > iCloud > Photos > check My Photo Stream.


Step 3. Then on your iPad, click Photos > Album in the lower right > find My Photo Stream. In fact, all the pictures showed there have been transferred from your iPhone to iPad Air or iPad Mini.


Part 2. Tips when Transferring Other Data from iPhone to iPad / iPad Air / iPad Pro / iPad Mini, Such as Contacts, Calendar, Videos, Music

Section 1. iPhone to iPad Contacts Transfer via iCloud

It is easy to transfer contacts with the help of a third party tool for example Gmail and iCloud. You can see the detailed steps in the following passage to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad via iCloud. Besides, the easiest way to fulfill this is using dr.fone – Switch, as you see above.

Step 1. Enter “Settings” on your iPhone and click on “iCloud”. On the new sub-menu, log in your iCloud account.


Step 2. There is a list of switches, and you need to turn on “Contacts”.


Step 31. Then click on “Merge” to enable iCloud to sync the contacts on your iPhone.

Step 4. Refresh the contacts on your iPhone, and you will find all of them have already synced to iCloud.

Step 5. On your iPad Air do as Step 1. After you log in to your iCloud, all the contacts are transferred.

Section 2. Purchased Media Data Transfer from iPhone to iPad via iTunes

Purchased audios and videos are allowed to be transferred with iTunes. But, if you want to transfer the non-purchased ones, you need to turn to dr.fone, which is most easier and simpler thanks to its powerful functions. How-to steps of iTunes are listed above:

Step 1. Download or upgrade iTunes with the latest version so that you can have a better experience.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable and run iTunes on your computer. Then click on “Select” on the option bar. On the drop-down menu, choose “Authorize Computer” and you will be asked to put in your Apple ID and click on “Authorize” to grant your iPhone the authorization.


Step 3. Choose your iPhone from the Device list on iTunes, and then right- click “iPhone” and choose “Transfer Purchases” on the pop-up. After this done, all the purchased audios and videos will be transferred from your iPhone to the computer.

Step 4. Eject your iPhone and plug in your iPad Mini. Run iTunes on it too. Click “Transfer purchased music” on iTunes and you will get them all. By the way, you can only transfer the purchased music but not any non-purchased music from iPhone to iPad Mini via iTunes.


Tips: To get all the music you want, something you copied to your devices, you need first to grant your devices the authorization earlier.

Second, you can choose “Media” and click “Music”. This will help you to transfer both the purchased and copied audio files.

Third, click on “Music Library” on the device list, and the whole music library will be shown so that you can see all the music you have on your iPhone. It allows people to choose whichever you like, that is, you can transfer them all, or just a little part of it.

Forth, click on “Transfer selected to iTunes” when you finish choosing. At this point, you transfer all the music chosen to the iTunes Library.

Fifth, eject your iPhone and make a firm connection between your iPad and the computer and tap on the name of your iPad on iTunes.

Sixth, choose “Manually Manage Music and Videos” and then click on “Apply” on iTunes.

Seventh, choose “On This Phone” on the menu bar.

Finally, on the left of the window, find out the “Music or videos” option and click it. Now you can drag and drop any audios or videos you like to transfer them from the iTunes library to the iPad.

Section 3. Files Transfer from iPhone to iPad Air via iTunes

If you want to transfer files like TXT and DOC from your iPhone to the iPad Pro / iPad Air / iPad Mini, you need to export them from your iPhone to your computer and then import them to your iPad. That is to say, you need to relay station. While there is no such annoyance if you choose dr.fone -Switch, because you can easily learn to transfer files with dr.fone – Switch in Part 1.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and run iTunes. Then on the device list, you need to choose the name of your iPhone.

Step 2. On your iPhone, find the files you want to transfer and click the “Share & Print” button on the toolbar.

Step 3. Then it will show you a new screen, on which you can see “Copy to iTunes”. Click it.

Step 4. After you do step 3, the primary window of iTunes will change. Choose the file types, and then you can simply drag and drop the files to export them from the iPhone to your computer at first.

Step 5. Connect your iPad to the computer and launch iTunes to choose your iPad. Again drag and drop the files you have just export from your iPhone. In this step, you are importing the files to your iPad.


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