Best Phone Transfer Apps to Sync Phone Data Seamlessly

Top 8 Phone Transfer Apps – How to Transfer Phone Data Easily

With the continuous development of communication network, smartphones become an indispensable tool in our daily life. Thanks to the various brands of mobile phones, develop new capabilities constantly to meet users’ needs, it is more and more common to see that people switch to a new phone. Some people want to try out new taste and other people have found out another brand that has more attractive and suitable features, the else just think that the phone is too old for use. However, no matter for what reason makes you decide to change the phone, the question is still existent. How can you transfer all the information from the old phone to the new one? Especially the phones may be running different operating systems. Just take it easy, here, I’d like to introduce top 8 Phone Transfer Apps to you, in the field of seamless phone data transfer. They will help you exchange data easily and simply.

  • 1. Samsung Smart Switch
  • 2. HTC Transfer Tool
  • 3. Motorola Migrate
  • 4. LG Backup
  • 5. Xperia™ Transfer Mobile
  • 6. SHAREit
  • 7. Huawei Phone Clone
  • 8. Best Phone Transfer Software – dr.fone-Switch

1. Samsung Smart Switch

As the name implies, Samsung Smart Switch is designed for the users who want to transfer information from the old mobile phone to the Samsung Galaxy phone. Many data types are supported including messages, photos, contacts, music, videos, calendar, notes and other information. All of these are different based on what types are supported in your old device.

How to transfer data from an iPhone:
Way: You can use carrier network or WiFi to create iCloud backups
Content: You can transfer browser bookmark, photos, contacts, app list, call logs, alarm, calendar events, WiFi settings and so on.

How to transfer data from an Android device:
Way: With the help of WiFi.
Tutorial: Put the Android devices together and make the distance between both devices are less than 10cm. Launch the mart Switch apps on each device, and select what contents should be transferred as you want.

OS: The source Android device should run at least Android 4.0. The new one should run Android 4.1.2 or up.

2. HTC Transfer Tool

HTC Transfer Tool is easy to think of that this kind of tool is created to transfer phone data from your old HTC phone or any other Android phone to the new HTC One. It can display settings and exchange video, calendar, photos, music, bookmarks, wallpapers, contacts and messages easily.


Which kinds of Android devices are supported:
The devices can transfer the data from: Android device runs Android 2.3 or later
The devices can transfer the data to: Only HTC phones are supported.

3. Motorola Migrate

You want to upgrade your phone from the old one to Moto G? Motorola Migrate is a powerful tool that is suitable for you. With this app’s help, you can exchange data to the new Motorola phone from a non-smartphone with Bluetooth, an Android phone and iCloud. Next, it will show you the ways.


How to transfer data from an Android device:
OS: The device should Android 2.2 or later
Supported content: IM contacts, videos, text history, photos and call history

How to transfer data from a non-smartphones:
Non smart phone: Prepare a non-smartphone with Bluetooth
Supported content: Contacts

How to transfer data from iPhone via iCloud:
Supported content: Calendar and contacts

4. LG Backup

As it is mentioned above, all of these apps are used to transfer data from one phone to another, even both of them are running different operating systems. LG Backup is also a phone data transfer that supports to exchange data from the old Android phone or tablet to the new LG G2, G3 or later. What’s more, you can use it to transfer messages, photos, calendars, bookmarks, contacts, document files, videos, voice mem and so on.


Which kinds of Android devices are supported:
The devices can transfer the data from: Android device runs Android 2.3 or later
The devices can transfer the data to: LG G2 and beyond

5. Xperia Transfer Mobile

Some people may want to switch from an old phone to Sony Xperia phone, but worry that there are some problems about data transmission. If you are confused about this situation, just take it easy, since Xperia Transfer Mobile can do all these work for you. It is use friendly that can help you to copy SMS, MMS, contacts, documents, music, calendar, notes, video and any other data from the old Windows Phones, Android smart phone, iPod touch, iPad and iPhone to the new Sony Xperia phone.


Which kinds of models are supported:
The devices can transfer the data from:
a. Android 4.0 or up. Not limited to Sony the smartphones.
b. iPod touch, iPad and iPhone should run iOS 4.0 or up.
c. Windows Phone running 8.0 and later.
The devices can transfer the data to Sony Xperia phones which are running Android 4.3 or beyond.

6. SHAREit

As it is mentioned above, all of these apps are used to transfer data from one phone to another, but they are limited to only one mobile phone maker. That is to say, if you are looking for a versatile app used to phone to phone transfer, all the above tools are not applied. Here I would like to introduce you another tool for you, which is suitable to not only one mobile phone maker. It seems to be one of the fastest methods to transfer photos, music, apps, videos, contacts and document files between iOS device, Windows PC and Android phones. With its help, it is no need to prepare USB cables to transfer data wirelessly. You only need to download and then install the application on both phones that you want to move data from/to. In the proper range, phones with SHAREit can recognize each other automatically.


8. Best Phone Transfer Software – dr.fone – Switch

In addition to methods mentioned above, there is a useful Phone Transfer software called dr.fone – Switch, which not only supports to remove data thoroughly, but also can switch data between different operating systems without any data loss. What’s more, almost more than 7,500 phones and different networks are supported, so that you can easily switch your phone data to the operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows (Lumia) and so on. With its help, no matter you’re upgrading phones or switching to a different device or changing carriers, you don’t need to leave any of your data behind with your previous provider or device.


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