Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android and iPhone

Call forwarding is a feature that helps many busy individuals these days. Call forwarding apps can redirect the inbound calls on your phone to another specific number. In general, you can forward calls based on different rules. For instance, you can forward calls when you are on another call when your phone is switched off, etc. Such a feature becomes incredibly handy if you don’t want to miss any call you get. Well, the purpose of this article is to expose the most efficient call forwarding apps for Android or iPhone.

We have divided this article into two main parts for the convenience of our readers.

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Part 1: Call forwarding apps for iPhone

As mentioned before, the first part of this article is dedicated to explaining the call forwarding apps for iPhones. So, this section is just for those who have iPhones and wonder the best call forwarding apps.

1) Line 2

If you own an iPhone with iOS 5.1 or newer, Line 2 is a superb call forwarding app. This specific call forwarding app costs $9.99 per month. Apart from working as an excellent call forwarding app, it can perform a variety of other functions as well. For instance, it can block or restrict the numbers you need. Apart from that, it gives you the opportunity of creating groups depending on your preference. You can create groups for friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. and call them easily whenever you need.

2) Call Forwarding Lite

Call Forwarding Lite comes as a free app for iPhones that lets you forward calls easily. In addition to the availability of a large range of features, it allows you to turn them on and off. That means you can switch the features on only when it is necessary for you. For instance, you can forward a call in the absence of a signal. Later on, when there is a signal, you can turn off the feature and receive the calls. Also, it can forward the calls if you don’t pick up the phone (suppose that you are in a meeting). After the meeting is over, you can turn off the same feature back to receive calls on your mobile. Such scheduling becomes incredibly effective for those who live busy lifestyles.

3) Call Forward

Call Forward, just like the name suggests, is a handy call forwarding app that comes with an affordable price. It comes with a price of $0.99. This special software is developed to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This app has better compatibility compared to other call forwarding apps for iPhone. That means this app is compatible with all the iOS devices that run on iOS 3.0 or newer. Is your line busy or you are you in a situation where you cannot answer the phone? If so, this would be a perfect choice to consider. In addition to that, this app lets you generate the forwarding codes. These codes can be used to forward specific calls that come from certain numbers.

4) Divert Calls

If your preference is to find free call forwarding apps for iPhone, you shouldn’t miss Divert Calls. This special app is developed to work perfectly with the iPhones that run on iOS 5 or newer versions. Besides, this app makes forwarding calls pretty easy thanks to its user-friendly features. You can define which calls to be forwarded at what time if you use this app. Also, the conditions of call forwarding can be customized using this app. You can either decide the call to be forwarded when you are busy or when you are not reachable. Such an approach would make sure that you don’t miss any of the calls on your device.

5) Voipfone Mobile

This is another free but powerful call forwarding app for your iPhone. This unique call forwarding app makes things convenient for you. Are you used to travel a lot and need a smart way to keep your calls managed well? If yes, Voipfone Mobile can be an exceptionally handy choice. The settings of this app would be conveniently saved on your mobile. As a result, you don’t want to set it up frequently. You can set the call forwarding based on a specific schedule so your life would be very convenient.

Voipfone Mobile call forwarding apps

6) GV Connect

GV Connect is another superb choice for those who wonder about excellent call forwarding apps for iPhone. This app has a range of features that helps you in many ways. You can change the call forwarding settings of the app very conveniently. You can forward calls from specific numbers if you need. Also, you can add or remove numbers to the forwarding list conveniently. The main purpose of GV Connect is to save your precious time and make your life more convenient. All in all, this respective app lets you enjoy a handy call forwarding functionalities.

GV Connect call forwarding apps

Well, that is our list of best call forwarding apps for iPhone. We expect you to go through the functionalities of these apps and select the best of them. None of the above apps come with viruses or other malware. So, you can use them safely on your iOS device.

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Part 2: Call forwarding apps for Android devices

If you are an Android user and looking for a good call forwarding app, here’s a list of options. The call forwarding apps for Android we present here in this section are praised by many users across the globe. More importantly, these apps are associated with many interesting features. Well, let’s take a look at the list now so you can pick the best one of call forwarding apps for Android that matches your purpose.

1) Forward my Calls

Forward my Calls is a call forwarding app for Android that has been around for a long period. This app is initially developed to be compatible with Android 4.0. However, this app still has enough features to serve the purposes of modern-day requirements. This app has a nice, simple interface and it lets you access all the features conveniently. After launching the app, you will have to provide the mobile carrier as the first step. Then, you will be able to proceed with the settings and start using the app. The calls you receive can be forwarded through “Forward my Calls” in many ways.

You can use;

  • Forward the calls manually
  • Forward the calls when you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection
  • And forward the calls when your battery is almost empty

By default, manual call forwarding feature is enabled on the app. You can enter the number to which the calls will be forwarded. The option that forwards your calls then the battery is low is a pretty handy option. If you’re on the go, the battery’s low and you don’t need to miss any call; this is handy. All in all, this is a really useful call forwarding app.

2) Automatic Call Forwarding

This is another handy call forwarding app that is developed for Android users who wants to manage calls efficiently. However, this call forwarding app for Android is specifically developed for newer versions of the iPhones. This software too comes with manual and automatic call forwarding features. You can use these features to decide when to forward which calls at what time. The interface of “Automatic Call Forwarding” app looks somewhat complicated at a glance for a novice. However, once you get used to the software, it is a very convenient software with a lot of features. When you launch the app initially, you will have to enter some SIM-related data. Many of the users aren’t familiar with this type of information. For instance, you will have to enter the deactivation number, Activate prefix, etc. However, the good news is that most of the carriers work fine with this app’s default settings. As a whole, this app works fine and serves the purpose of forwarding calls to a specific number. As we believe, this is a superb app that would be ideal for busy individuals.

3) Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding should be another “to-go” app if you are an Android user with the need of call forwarding. It lets you forward the apps in a convenient way, so you don’t need to worry much. With this tool, you can forward calls in the way you like. For instance, it lets you forward the calls when you are busy, at the meeting, out of reach, etc. Also, it lets you forward the calls that are received when you are on another call.

call forwarding apps

However, this app doesn’t have the ability to forward the calls when you don’t have Wi-Fi. But remember that you can forward the calls when there is no signal. In addition to forwarding calls, you can use this app to forward even the SMS. If your intention is to use multiple phones at once, you should find this app pretty handy. Since it forwards calls and text messages, it is really useful. One slight disadvantage associated with Call Forwarding is that it has plenty of large banner ads. Sometimes, it covers a large portion of the display screen. However, you can easily get rid of those apps if you go for the paid version of this app. To do that, you should purchase it for $4.99.

4) Remote Call Divert

Remote Call Divert is surely among the top contenders of the best call forwarding apps for Android. This specific app has a range of superb characteristics to stand out of the rest. This app is unique as it allows you to activate call forwarding feature through a text message. This feature can become incredibly handy if you have left your phone somewhere but still needs the calls. However, to do that, the password of the Remote Call Divert must be activated.

Remote Call Divert call forwarding apps

Setting up the app is pretty simple compared to many other apps. To activate the app remotely, you can send a text message (which is password protected).

However, this app is still not tested with some of the major carriers in the US. But you should give it a try; perhaps it might work on your carrier. You can first try the free version, and if it works, you can go for a subscription.

5) SMS Call Forward / Divert

This is another app that allows you to forward both SMS can calls to another number. The forwarding of calls can be activated simply through a text message. In fact, this tool has more features compared to all the other apps mentioned in this section. Apart from forwarding calls, you can change the settings of the forwarding app as you wish. You can activate the following features using a text message.

  • To acquire the GPS status of the phone
  • Acquire the last known location
  • Ring the phone remotely
  • Turn on and off mobile data
  • Turn on and off Wi-Fi connection
  • See the battery status

Well, those are the best call forwarding apps for Android and iPhone you can consider if you are a smartphone user. Good luck!



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